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Goldie's Gym


This is the PSPW's training facility. Any and all PSPW wrestlers are welcome to train and bring in whoever they want to spar with. Goldie runs the place and will often do interviews and training sessions with the girls. If you want to write up a training session or a gym interview, email pspwrestling@gmail.com and I'll post it up here. (Notes for using Goldie)



August 3, 2012

In the locker room area of the gym Bea Flora has just got done changing from her regular clothes into her workout clothes and ring gear underneath it, when she gets a text on her phone and she reads the message which is from Chaka T requesting that Bea meets her in the ring right away, so she grabs her towel and water bottle and goes to where the ring is and see's not only Chaka there but Miosotis as well and she asks what this is about.

Chaka informs her that she will be helping her train today by improving her in ring skills especially her endurance, Bea doesn't think that there is anything wrong with her endurance, Chaka said there isn't but there is always room for improvement, okay says Chaka so we are gonna improve you tenacity and ability to with stand pain but having Miosotis here lock you in several holds for about 5 minutes each, now you can't escape them just endure them for the entire 5 minutes without submitting or passing out to them, Bea looks confident and says she can do that and strips off her exercise pants and t-shirt leaving her in just her favorite black see through leotard and black high top sneakers and she enters the ring and get herself ready ny stretching out, Miosotis enters the ring next in just a camouflage bikini and black wrestling shoes, just before the training starts Chaka hops up to the ring and then tells Bea she can do this but will be locked in like 12 different holds and some she will have to really try hard not to give up or pass out to and then gives Bea a kiss like only she can give her and then goes and takes a seat to get ready to watch this as the first move that Miosotis puts Bea into is a front bearhug crushing Bea's 34GG breasts  into her own 36KKK breasts, Bea let out a moan big time as Miosotis was squeezing her big time but endures the entire 5 minutes, after a minute to rest Miosotis next slaps a full nelson onto Bea who again isn't allowed to fight back and has a huge grimace of pain etched on her face and even though her neck is killing her she endures the whole 5 minutes, so after another rest period Miosotis next locks a cross face chicken wing onto Bea they walk around the ring for a couple minutes and for the final couple their on the mat but Bea never gives up and goes the whole 5 minutes, Bea massages her arm and awaits the next move which turns out to be a figure four head scissors as Miosotis locks her legs around Bea's head and neck and squeezes hard as Bea moans in pain really trying hard not to submit or pass out while in the hold and goes the whole five minutes, Bea is out of breath and takes as much of the rest period she can before Miosotis next locks her in a camel clutch pulling back as hard as she could on Bea's chin and neck and while this hold caused tremendous pain for her she held out for the entire 5 minutes, after the rest period she next locks a crippler crossface onto Bea which again has her writhing in pain but she holds out for the entire 5 minute, at this point Bea is half way through the session and has endured 30 minutes, the next hold locked onto her is a Boston crab again Bea is in pain but holds out for the 5 minutes, the next hold is a over the knees backbreaker and Miosotis is applying her best pressure as well making Bea writhe in pain but she holds out for the entire 5 minutes, the next hold is a figure four leglock at one point with just a minute left to go it looked like Bea tapped the mat indicating she had given up but she said no she was just hitting the mat's because of the pain she's in but still goes the whole five minutes, there are just two more holds left to go and Miosotis uses a cobra clutch sleeper hold on Bea and rag dolls her as well but despite this she holds out for the entire five minutes which makes the final move her biggest test and judging from the look on Chaka's face it will also be the hardest Miosotis grabs Bea by the hair and shoves her face into her breasts and then takes her to the ground in breast smother, the oxygen is leaving her body as Bea starts coughing and choking and after the five minutes is up Miosotis see's that Bea is still barely conscious meaning she went the whole five minutes and also made it through the session as well but was somewhat out of it so Miosotis had to help Bea to her feet and then escorted her over to Chaka who saw Bea's condition and knew the perfect way to snap her out of it as she bit down on Bea's round lips and eventually heard a yelp from Bea that woke her up and then Chaka just tongue fucked Bea so well she was having trouble keeping her balance Chaka saw this and also saw that there was a crowd of people watching them in the gym and decided that this should be done in more private chambers and since Bea is still on shaky legs she tells Miosotis to carry her back to the Dirty Girlzzz dressing room where they will really have a session to remember as they left workout area of the gym.


July 3, 2012

Christy Hemme is walking through the locker room area of Goldie's Gym and happens to see Bea Flora there who is changing into her training clothes for a workout, Christy decides to go over to Bea to do an interview with the Polish woman, as soon as she gets close enough Christy starts her interview by asking Christy about her loss two weeks ago with Milena Velba to Francine Dee & Jewels Jade.

Bea "Look, Christy I am not in the mood for this right now so I have no comment okay try me again later when I'm finished with my workout"

Christy again asks Bea about her match two weeks ago and Bea just shoots Christy a look that would have most women backing off and leaving but not Christy she is determined to get some answers from Bea and again starts asking her questions this time about how Linsey was in action last night but she wasn't and again Bea warns Christy to stop asking her these idiotic questions before she gets her even more mad then she was before she came to Goldie's Gym for her workout, but Christy still doesn't take the hint and starts asking questions about Bea's obsession with Francine Dee and why she seems to be pursuing her and that gets Bea's blood boiling and she grabs Christy by her long red hair and tells her as she has the perky redhead on her knee's for the final time that this is what she has to say.

Bea "I will say this Milena is the one who lost that match with Jewels Jade & Francine Dee two weeks ago not me, I never submitted or orgasmed but that helpless bitch was putty in their hands literally minutes after they started to fuck her and as far as my "friend" Linsey goes yeah she's the reason I'm back here in the PSPW but to be honest with you I think she have been the one who was given time off from the way she has been getting her ass handed to her including a match that she clearly should have won last night against Rachel Aldana who's breast size is likely higher than her IQ, but I will promise you this I will be in action next Monday and the following one I will show Linsey how it's done because I will challenge Rachel to the same match that she did last night and then I will resume my focus back where it belongs but I will reveal that next Monday now back off and let me get to my workout you stupid little bitch" as she lets go of Christy's hair and goes back to putting on her workout gear but Christy decides to ask her one last question about the fact that she very well could be getting a new teammate in Ana Rica shortly because it's been rumored that she has now been signed in Ashley Sage Ellison's place and if so then that would make her the first Mexican born wrestler in the PSPW, Bea finally snaps and grabs Christy by her shirt and slams her against the wall in the locker room area and tells Christy that one more question and she's going to make that back injury that put her out of wrestling look like nothing when she gets through with her as Bea slaps Christy across the face and then asks Christy if they have an understanding and Christy who is now extremely scared of Bea nervously says "Yes" to Bea's question and she then lets Christy go who the quickly gets as far from Bea as she can as Bea watches Christy leave the locker room area and then goes back to putting the rest of her workout gear on and then heads to the weight rooms while about 5 or 6 elites who were there in the locker room and saw what just happened are all talking about the dramatic change in the once sweet and kind Bea Flora who now acts more like Chaka T & Heather Tristany and in some of their eyes that's not a good thing.


July 2, 2012

Sable enters Goldie’s gym and makes a halt and looks around and moves to her right toward the busty gorgeous owner of the facility who was instructing girls some fighting techniques. Though Goldie saw her coming but she ignored her. Sable was purpose and keeping heading toward Goldie.

Sable: Hi Goldie

Goldie: Hi

Sable : if you could give me some time I want to talk to you about.

Goldie interrupted: See I am training these girls for PSPW and right now I am really busy

Sable: Even I had something to discuss regarding PSPW.

Goldie looked at the Sable, while sable continued “ on request of a manager I have been training one of his girl, though training is not complete I want to test her against other opponents, you know since I am the best she can not beat me.”

Goldie Laughed and said “get real Sable you are not a real wrestler then back in WWF days, even Ivory whopped your ass in those days , and I don’t think you can give somebody wrestling lessons, specially when the talent we have in PSPW is superior than in your phone WWE “

Sable’s  face turn red with fury but she kept her temperament “Goldie if you think like that why don’t we have a match with between you and my girl, and if you win she is  all yours”

Goldie laughed “ you want a girl you are training to have a match up against me, and you think she can beat me.”

Sable interrupted “I said you cant beat her but I never said she will win” Goldie was confused and sable continued “ lets have a match in that very ring for 20 minutes if in that time you are able to make her submit or pin, you win and she is all yours”

Goldie replied “ If I win, which is sure. I will own you for a week and I will strip you in front of all these girls and make you my fucking slut”

Sable was furious and replied “ All right but if you don’t win in stipulated time period I will own you” Goldie was speechless, Sable continued “ I think you are scared and maybe I was wrong that are fearless opponent but…”

Goldie interrupted “ you are on”

Sable said “that’s great let me call Kagney” Goldie was surprised as she could not believe that kagney has been training with Sable.

Sable called Kagney and her manager to the Gym, sable and Kagney's manager both sit outside the gym on a comfortable couch while both kagney and Goldie faced each other in the ring.

Before the start of the match Sable went to Kagney and said “ you lose this match and your manager’s is going home with me”. She went back to the couch and sit closely to Kagney's manager.

Match started and  Goldie attacked kagney furiously but kagney has new tricks in her kitty to counter them some smart, some dirt and combination of both also. Time started to pass by Goldie had Kagney in strong bear hug and squeezed air out of her kagney was in pain but on the opposite side she saw Sable getting cozy with her manager. Kagney started to fight back and uses quite few head but to get out of the vicious move. Kagney fought back but the veteran had some move in her kitty to counter the spirit kagney is showing. Soon 10 minutes time period ran out and Kagney settles for a draw with Goldie.

Sable went to Kagney and whispered “Congratulations  you won this battle but war is not over yet , see you in my gym tomorrow for next level training”.

Sable moves to Goldie and said “ See how my student perform, now you agree that I am great wrestler and I own you don’t I”

Goldie replied “ kagney only have learnt bear the torture and reverse the moves she would not be able to win matches as far as I see”.

Sable replied “ Training is not finished yet, and for the record thanks for your help, you are a legend and legends like you need to be appreciated not humiliated so the deal we had before match stands cancelled, though I would love to hang around with you but only if you wish”  sable raises Goldie hand in air and leaves the ring. Goldie has smile and affection for the former WWE diva.


May 25, 2012

It's Friday the 25th May and Sophie Howard limbers up in Goldie's Gym. She's wearing a black pair of hot pants, black fishnets, black knee high boots and a tight little low black top, pushing her tits up nicely. She touches her toes, does some lunges and twists before sretching off her neck and then getting onto the canvas to stretch her back and then her legs in wide leg splits.  She had captured the PSPW Regency title back at the May PPV defeating Ahmo Hight and after defending it against Lucia Tovar the week after had been off since then.  With a title defence mandatory at the June PPV she was back in action in a few days with a handpicked opponent to warm her up for the PPV.  Ahead of that match though she had arranged a little workout for her self but made sure that her next opponent in PSPW would be here as well.

She talks with Goldie, the big breasted MILF hottie, who runs the place after she's finished her stretch off.

'Hi Sophie, you getting back into form for this weeks matches?'

'Hell yeah G, some bitch is going to be coming for me at the PPV and l gotta make sure l'm tip top shape,' says Sophie hands on hips in arrogant confidence.

'Who you here with today?' Goldie asks.

'Goldie there's always some little Best of British wannabee who thinks she can impress me and we've got a real cutie today. Thinks she can take me in a 'One of each match!' Sophie laughs and Goldie joins in. 'Who is she Soph?' says Goldie, intrigued.

'We'll let Adele here do the intro shall we?' Sophie says as Adele Stephens appears in a pair of ass huggin black trousers and refs top. She slides in and her and Sophie share a deep kiss. Asses get felt and Sophie pulls Adele gently by the hair 'Hi lover,' she purrs.  Goldie raises an eyebrow and feels her pussy get moist at the thought of Adele and Sophie together. They pull apart and Adele pulls a mic from a clip on the back of her pants.

'Her opponent Goldie is here to earn a shot at entering the Best of British scene, boasting 32GGG-29-35 curves, weighing 130 pounds and packing all that onto a five feet three frame, please welcome Miss Jamie Leigh!'

She wows the crowd in a tight union jack bikini, her huge GGG cups spilling out the side of it.  She does some nice little wiggle giggling, playing with her big tits as she walks in andstruts her stuff to the ring.  There's a crowd of free agents and jobbers hanging about as Jamie nods and smiles at them and they get interested as they
realise there might just be an ass kicking about to be handed out.

But Jamie has a surprise tactic that leaves Sophie impressed.  Jamie comes onto her like a lusty teenage girl..  She steps into the ring and advances straight to Sophie, not intimidated but unbelievably hot for the PSPW bad girl.  Sophie is overwhelmed she is so surprised as the smaller woman presses her lips up onto Sophie's and squeezes both of the champs 34FF's through her little top.  'Mmmm Sophie, l've dreamt about this moment you hot fuck!' Jamie says at a gasp as she pulls away from her.  Jamie's right hand detatches it's self from Sophie's tit and plunges straight into her hot pants and slides to her clit. 'Hnnn yeah you big tease, you're all wet too from fucking with that blonde slut aintcha!' Jamie teases as she finds Sophie wet pussy with her fingers. Her left hand grabs Sophie's right tit nipple and squeeze it firmly through her top. 'Oh these big nipples are aching for me aren't they Soph,' says Jamie heavily.

'Wow this little honey is good,' thinks Sophie as she backpedals from Jamie's eager advances, loving the youngsters approach.  Sophie grabs Jamie's hair and yanks her head back but she keeps on fingering Sophie's pussy.

'Well looks like we got ourselves a match,' thinks Adele and calls for Goldie to sound the bell. Instantly Jamie's attitude changes and her rubbing fingers become fingerjacks as her G-Spot is flicked and her clit thumb rubbed hard.  Her hand closes over Sophie's tit and twists hard and the champs eyes fly open as her pussy is assaulted. 'Shit this slag got me off guard. You're getting sloppy,' thinks Sophie as she strikes back.  She pulls Jamie's hair back hard, exposing her neck and drives a couple of hard fists into the exposed area.  Jamie screams and breaks the tit hold.  Sophie slips behind Jamie and with a deep dragon sleeper she lowers the turned on big tit girl to her knees.  With Jamie trapped Sophie helps her self to her huge tits.  Her hands slide under the top and squeeze Jamie's huge tits and tug on her nipples.  The newbie is so hot for bad girl Sophie she gives up and lets her feel her up.  Sophie realises this woman is a slut for her and the match gets sexy.  Jamie is only too happy to let Sophie work her sweet tits and then her clit, pussy and G-Spot. Sophie tit sits Jamie and jacks an O from her. Jamie slams the mat in submission at this.

'Sophie, can we just take this backstage?' she purrs as she recovers her breath.  But Sophie can be cruel and now gets another submission stepping dominantly into a camel clutch.  She sits in Jamie's back and bends the smaller woman painfully.  With one hand under Jamie's throat and the other squeezing her tits once more Sophie rides the hold as Jamie repeatedly submits. Sophie lets Jamie go and she flops face down, squashing those money bags to the canvas.  Sophie slides into a reverse head scissors and squeezes Jamie out for a KO.  Sophie struts the ring loving it as the jobbers and hangers on here are into her beatdown as there's cosying up and making out going on.  Goldie's Gym gets hot and heavy.

Sophie helps the mood along as she sits on the canvas, puts her legs wide over Jamie's head and then eases her face towards her pussy. Jamie is an eager beaver and Sophie reclines to the feeling of her newest best friend munching on her.  Sophie bites her lip and takes a firm handful of hair on Jamie's head and gets her onto her cunt properly.  She gives Jamie a thorough face pussy fuck, rearing up onto her knees and hump fucking the lusty lass while tugging and stretching her unbelievable GGG cups.   During this Adele takes her hands out of her panties long enough to count a pin.

The match ends and Adele and Sophie now join forces and double fuck Jamie.  The big titted slut is in heaven and lets the two dominant women have their way with her.  Adele brings out a couple of strap ons and they get busy double stuffing Jamie.  Goldie watches on from the Gym office as Marie is fucked to a pussy stuffing orgasm while she chokes on Adele's thick shaft.  Goldie watches the great footage as the cameras record the ring action as well as the lesbo love ups happening around the Gym.  Some couples and more have retreated to the Gym's sofas and are getting stripped.  All of a sudden there's a howl of protest and rushing in is Busty Brigtte.  She's been the victim of Sophie Howard's evil plans before and hates to see anyone else being treated the same.

BB rushes into the ring and knocks Sophie over with a body check. Jamie groans as the big cock Sophie had on is tugged from her.  BB looks pleadingly at Adele, not believing that a referee could act like this.  Adele smiles and pulls out of Jamie's mouth.  BB bends to see if Jamie is ok, marvelling at the size of her breasts.  But Jamie is furious at BB for interrupting her fuck fest.  As BB bends over, her own tits threatening to spill from her tight red rubber top, Jamie grabs BB's black hair and pulls her face first into her monstrous cleavage  BB wiggles her ass and struggles in the hot tit sandwich but finds her arms quickly handcuffed behind her back by Sophie.  The crowd love this as BB is now made to pussy eat Jamie in revenge for breaking up her cock session.  BB is trapped resting on her big fake tits, her body weight adding delicious pressure to them especially as her nipples swelled as she gets horny eating pussy.

Jamie grabs both Adele and Sophie's fem cocks and pulls the over to her and mouths them in turn now as they work her huge titties over like taffy  Jamie is rewared with an orgasm from BB's mouth as Sophie and Adele squeeze tit and pull hard. Jamie comes over and over and hard and lets fly a spurt of goo all over BB's face and into her mouth. Sophie and Adele look down at the contented looking titter and decide to take her back to the locker room to meet some more of the girls, she's definitely earned further consideration.

BB is left horny, frustrated and alone as she lies with Jamie's goo in her mouth and on her face. She makes her way from the Gym in a haze, her body still alive from the session and her mind secretly maybe wanting more. She doesn't realise it yet but she'll ceratinly be meeting Sophie sooner than she thinks.


February 29, 2012

Bea Flora changes from her regular clothes into her training gear getting herself ready for another workout to make herself stronger for her upcoming matches that she will have here at Goldie's Gym as she changes she looks around and see's quite a few of the so called "Elite's" of the PSPW and snickers to herself that with most of these women it's no wonder with their records were so bad she couldn't believe that their manager's even wanted them to begin with, she was lucky to get a second chance herself and she knows it but as evidence from what she did to Francine Dee a few weeks ago she won't let it go that this woman continues to dodge her challenges so Bea along with her friend and tag team partner Linsey Dawn McKeznie of "Natural's Busting Out" there new team name.

Bea finished putting on her black see through leotard which she likes to wear to the ring more time's then anything else because she thinks it shows of her best features and she does have quite a few, as she is heading out to the weight room she gets texted by Linsey letting her know that her challenge of Ala Passtel has been canceled because of another girl she had challenged before Bea accepted her challenge.

Bea was in a bad mood as it was when she came into the gym but now she is even more pissed off and starts her workout with even more motivation because now she doesn't have a match, her intensity shows as she throws lefts and rights at the heavy bag, martial arts kicks and even headbutts the bag until she is done 45 minutes later but that is just the first part, Bea invited six women who are trying to get contracts with PSPW managers down to the gym and told them that she had something special for all of them.

After she towels off from her workout she walks to one of the ring rooms and sitting there are the six women who Bea invited but of course she has a hidden agenda as to why she invited them here.

Sitting around the ring are Autumn-Jade who is 5-2 140 34I cup from Huntville, Alabama.

The newest SCORE girl and a woman who hopes she make an impression with this match Karla James 5-2 126 34G cup from Yorkshire, England.

Merilyn Sakova 5-5 124 32G cup from the Ukraine who has been trying to get someone to add her to the main roster since 2009 but so far no luck for this woman.

Sharday 5-4 140 36DDD cup from Puerto Rico, who is the only woman in this group that Bea has some history with when she was an active wrestler, at first she was doing good but towards the end of her run she lost more than twice the matches that she won and was cut lose by their manager back then.

Venera another new SCORE girl from Greece she is 5-3 112 34G cup who seems to be a shoe in for newcomer of the year.

Then last but not least a woman who at least as far both the PSPW and SCORE know Miosotis Claribel from the Dominican Republic, she is 5-8 150 36KKK which is all natural, in fact all of these women are all naturally busty, Bea makes it clear that is why she invited them here to face them in this ring, then to go into some sticky honey pit after somebody who is clearly scared to answer her challenge but to Bea it felt great to finally get her hands on that little slut Francine Dee.

Bea explains to all of them that she will be facing all six of them in the ring in one on one matches with a 10 minute time limit with each one and will start with the smallest girl that being Venera and finishing with the biggest of them Miosotis.

The referee that will oversee all these matches will be Rita G who, every match will be a pinfall match so Bea will have a chance to pin every single one of these women.

Venera is the first one to enter the ring wearing a white bra and red panties and her hair tied back in a ponytail, Rita explains that there is only one rule and that is no bloodshed other than that everything else is allowed.

Bea and Venera lock up as soon as Rita gives them the signal with Bea getting the first move in by scooping Venera by off her feet for a bodyslam but rather than slam her right away she takes her time and then slams her across her knee hard and Venera hits the canvas right after, next Bea hits her with a series of elbow drops right into the busty little blonds 34G size balloons making her clutch at her chest, next Bea rips her up to her feet and hits her with a twisting neck breaker which makes her writhe in pain, Bea then sits on Venera's chest and grabs her legs and gets a 5 count pin on Venera after only 4 minutes has passed.

Rita helps Venera from the ring and checks on her to make sure she's okay and then goes back into the ring and signals for Merilyn Sakova to come into the ring, she enters it after removing her robe to reveal she is wearing a gold two piece bikini, Bea just rolls her eyes when she see's this and goes to her corner while Merilyn takes her sweet time going to hers.

Rita gives them the signal and before Merilyn even knows what's happening Bea lifts her up on her shoulder's and carries her to a corner and drops her face first onto a turnbuckle as Merilyn stumbles out of it Bea rips her bikini top off and then wraps it around her throat choking her with it, Merilyn tries to get her fingers between the top and her neck but Bea wraps her legs around Merilyns trim waist and starts squeezing her as hard as she can while still having the bikini top around her neck, after a couples minutes of this Bea takes her 36G size boobs and puts them over Merilyn's face and knocks her out and Rita administers another 5 count and them raises Bea's hand as the winner.

The four other girls plus Venera who is still hurting from what she got from Bea are sitting there cringing at the prospect of getting in the ring with her.

Next to come into the ring is Karla James also in a bikini this one is the color red, she removes her bikini top and tosses it out of the ring so Bea won't be able to use that with her like she just did to Merilyn who is still trying to get her breath back.

Rita gives them the signal and Bea almost takes Karla head off with a clothesline, she then wraps her legs around Karla's neck with a scissor hold to add to it she starts pulling at her hair as hard as she can making Karla scream out in pain, she then gets back to her feet and does the same with Karla by her hair and then lifts her up and drops her with a nasty piledriver that has Karla seeing stars, she then strolls over to Karla's face and gets on her knee's and has her face with Karla's and starts kissing her right om the lips at first Karla is trying push Bea away but then she is tugging at Bea's leotard and kneading at Bea's breast through the material, but then Karla goes out and Bea covers her for a 5 count, Bea gets to her feet and wipes her lips with a sultry look on her face.

Karla is helped out of the ring and the next woman to climb into it is Sharday, she is wearing a pink and yellow bikini as she steps through the ropes, she looks at Bea who is now licking her lips at the sight of Sharday, Rita gives then the signal and they lock up and Bea grabs Sharday by her hair and takes her face and smashes it into the top turnbuckle of one of the corners and repeats the move with the other three as well, as Sharday stumbles out of the corner Bea lifts Sharday onto her shoulder fireman's carry style and plants her with a death valley driver and then covers her for a five count, Bea then goes over to Sharday's bikini top and rips it off and stuffs it into her wrestling boots.

Without hesitation Autumn-Jade enters the ring next but unlike the previous four girls she attacks Bea as soon as she gets into the ring by decking her with a clothesline, as she goes for an elbow drop Bea moves and Autumn's elbow collides with the canvas, Bea grabs Autumn by her hair and slaps her across her face for the sneak attack and next with a knee to her gut, then to her boobs and finally a real hard knee to her pussy area, Bea then picks Autumn up and twists her around and plants her with a tombstone piledriver and then sits on Autumn's face while Rita makes the 5 count.

Bea gets to her feet and says to all 6 women that's 5 down and one left to go with Miosotis being the last one to face Bea, Mio looks reluctant but Bea reveals that before she and Mio face each other that her manager is considering replacing Ashley with either a new girl or a woman who has been here a while but never used as a wrestler which is why she made this happen.

Bea decides that this final match with her and Miosotis will be a sexfight pinfall match that can be won either way, Rita signals for the match to start and Bea and Mio lock up with each other in a bearhug and fall to the mats and are rolling around until Mio gets Bea on her back and immediately engages in a liplock with Bea who can feel herself getting wet already but does her best to keep herself together, Bea uses her strength and rolls Mio onto her back, she is just loving the size of her opponents enormous breasts and starts playing with them, Bea then rips Mio's top off and starts sucking on her tits like crazy, Mio looks like she is now starting to orgasm as well but holds herself together like Bea did earlier, Bea stops sucking on Mio's breasts and then engages in another liplock with her again but also straddle's her and Rita makes a 5 count but that doesn't seem to matter to Bea at this point she and Mio are really involved in this lockup to the point where they never even notice that Rita and the other five woman, Autumn, Sharday, Karla, Merilyn & Venera have all left the ring area and are gone, after the two have gone down on each other and made the other orgasm 3 times each both Bea and Miosotis lay in the ring with Mio on top of a satisfied but exhausted Bea as they continue to kiss each other and agree that they will continue this back in the shower room because neither of them want to part with each other, Bea and Miosotis use each other for some balance and they head for the shower room for some more personal fun with each other.


December 22, 2012

Tsubomi Punishment “Break Up”

Tsubomi couldn’t understand it she had tried to be a good girlfriend and a good fighter she tried to win at everything to be perfect in her own cute way. But she had lost not once but every singles match she had been in. Yuno Hoshi didn’t believe it for a second, she couldn’t understand why Haruka would have someone like Lolita as a girlfriend. Yuno asked Maria to let them do this even if Haruka wasn’t some object to be given out as a prize.

Maria knew that Tsubomi had to be punished for her failures, and from all the personal nights at the Sadistic House, she knew Haruka didn’t mind the attention Yuno was showing her. Goldie had agreed to let them use the gym.

Tsubomi was curled up clutching her tummy after the vicious kick Yuno had delivered. Tsubomi wasn’t about to take her punishment and lose her girlfriend without a fight. As Yuno Hoshi fingers slipped through the Lolita long silky hair. Tsubomi crawled to her hands and knees, looking up at the big woman. Her lips and cheeks pouted like a child about to throw a tantrum. As Yuno slapped the school atop the head teasing begging her to cry and quit so this could all be over.

Haruka looked over at Maria; she knew what that pouting face was Maria had given Tsubomi a fighting chance after all. Tsubomi hands catch Yuno wrist and yank bending the big girl just enough to spite the pink mist in her face.

Yuno stumbled back her hands rubbing against her face as the little Lolita stood up and darted forward rushing in with a clothe-line. Her arm smack across Yuno’s breasts but the big girl didn’t go down. She rushed her again and as Yuno cleared her face and struggled to focus the big girl kicked the charging Lolita in the face.

Tsubomi was laid out she couldn’t find the strength to fight anymore she heard Haruka voice in broken English say –“baby”- only it wasn’t aim at her Haruka enter the and guide Yuno onto Tsubomi letting her facesit her beaten now ex-girl. As Tsubomi was being smoother out her eyes flicker in and out of focus she could see Haruka kneeling next to them and kissing Yuno.


December 5, 2011

Cali Logan was in pain, trying to crawl to her corner. She had been in a sparring match in Goldie's Gym with Lanny Barbie, and she was getting the crap kicked out of her. Lanny was on a vicious assault, pounding the fight from the jobber. Cali had gotten to her feet wobbly, when Lanny proceeded to hit her with a huge clothesline, forcing her to fall in the corner, holding her neck in pain. Lanny was still a badass, even if she was unmanaged. And she liked to show it to the entire gym, who was cheering on Cali's beatdown. Only one person was still rooting for Cali at this point, and it was her best friend, Erin Avery. "Come on, Cali!" shouted Erin, looking slightly nervous at her friend's predicament.

Cali started to get back up before Lanny tore her by the hair to her feet, then punched her in the stomach, staggering the tiny girl. Logan was slumped against Barbie, who lifted up Cali and turned her around, setting up for the Tombstone Piledriver. Erin covered her eyes, and Lanny dropped Cali Logan down on her head. The wrestlers all cheered as Lanny Barbie posed over Cali. She then placed a foot on her breasts and got the easy five count pinfall win. Goldie held up Lanny's hand and said, "And the winner of this match... Lanny Barbie!"

Lanny had other things on her mind though, and she grabbed Cali by the arm and started to drag her out of the ring. Eventually, Jessica James came to help and put the unconscious Cali Logan into Lanny's arms, then laughed as they both started to head back to one of the back rooms. The crowd laughed as they knew exactly what was going to happen to poor Cali.

When they got to the back room with the nude Cali Logan, Lanny grinned and gave Jessica James a kiss. "This was a great idea. I can't wait to fuck the hell out of her."

Jessica James walked to the table and picked out two strap-ons and a pair of handcuffs, smirking. "I came prepared, as part of the agreement."

Cali started to come to, but she didn't even realize that Jessica had already handcuffed her arms behind her back. "Wha...?" A thick, black shaft from Lanny's strapon thrust into Cali's mouth, gagging the girl.

"Suck on it, loser," commanded Lanny. Cali shook her head, trying to squirm away. Jessica then grabbed her and threw her against the wall, making Logan's head hit the wall.

"She said suck on it!" yelled Jessica, who then forced Cali to deep throat Lanny's shaft. Cali started to cry and eventually began to comply.

All of a sudden, the door swung open and Erin Avery stood at the doorway, looking angry. "Let her go!"

Lanny looked up from her fuck toy and laughed. "Are you serious? Get out of here."

"She doesn't deserve this, Lanny."

"I don't care. If you want to try and save her, you'll get hurt," warned Barbie.

Erin Avery walked up until Jessica James hit her with a low blow, causing Avery to gasp and fall to her knees. "Erin...!" said Cali worriedly. Erin was then punched in the face by Jessica, sending her to the floor. Lanny walked right over to her and grabbed her before throwing her into the wall, making Erin crash into a heap aside from it.

Jessica and Lanny both started to lay kicks on the fallen girl while Cali Logan looked on helplessly, starting to cry for her friend who bothered to try and help her. Lanny then grabbed Erin and lifted her up, dragging her over to the table and smashing her face into it. Avery slumped helplessly on it as Jessica took her bikini top off and threw it aside. Next, Erin's skirt went down, followed by her underwear. Lanny pulled back on Erin's hair. "How about we fuck you first, bitch?" She then plunged her strapon into Erin's snatch and began to pound it hard.

Cali Logan looked away as her friend started to yell and moan in pain, trying to fight out, but Jessica stood at the other end of the table and held Erin's thrashing arms, making her unable to do anything to get away from Lanny's fucking. After some time of this torture, Erin comes and slumps over on the table, panting and shaking. Jessica then got a new pair of handcuffs and proceeded to cuff Erin's arms behind her. "That was hot..." said Jessica. She then shoved Erin to the ground, and Cali went over to check on her.

"I'm sorry..." said Cali miserably, but then she got kicked in the side of the head by Lanny, who proceeded to throw her face-first into the wall on her knees, pulling back on her hair hard.

Jessica, meanwhile, started to strip her underwear and went to sit her pussy over Erin's mouth. "Lick my pussy, baby."

Erin shook her head. "No..." She definitely turned her head away. Cali then shrieked loudly as her ass was pierced by the thick shaft that Lanny still wore. Erin looked worried. "Stop!"

"Suck me off, and she'll stop," said Jessica, smirking. Avery looked defiant for another moment, but then conceded and started to lick and suck on James's pussy. Jessica rocked her hips, moaning as the babyface worked her tongue and mouth on her, and Cali was whimpering, closing her eyes so she didn't have to see Erin's punishment. Eventually, Jessica reached her climax and came all over Erin's face. "Oh yeah..."

After that, Cali let out another shrill yell as Lanny began to pound her asshole again. Erin looked furious. "You said you would leave her alone!"

"She stopped. For now." Jessica then stood up and stomped on Erin's stomach, forcing her to roll to her side. James proceeded to drop down to facesit her and started to fist her hard. Both Erin and Cali were screaming and shrieking as they were being forced to a brutal orgasm. When they came, it didn't stop there. Their punishment went on for another half an hour as they were fucked in every hole and forced to lick pussy and asshole until Lanny and Jessica decided they were done with them.

Jessica grabbed two pairs of keys and threw them down between the two sexually destroyed friends, laughing. "You two losers can find a way out of there. Thanks for the fun!" Jessica then walked away with Lanny, laughing with her as Cali Logan and Erin Avery were laying there, crying.

Cali's voice was hoarse from the throat fucking she had received and said, "I'm so sorry, Erin..."

"It's fine, Cali... I'm just looking out for you." replied Erin, choking back another sob, her face smeared with cum messily.

Their pussies were raw and beaten, and the two girls' mouths had marks from where they were stretched. This wasn't the first time that Erin and Cali had been beaten up in Goldie's Gym and used as fuck toys. They had been used and abused before, usually when Erin tried to save Cali from some abuse, but never to this extent. Both girls laid there and cried as their bodies throbbed in pain, and Cali finally spoke up. "How are we going to get out of this?"

"We'll get Goldie to unlock our handcuffs," replied Erin miserably. She slowly started to pull herself up to her feet without use of her arms. Her legs shook as she stood up, leaning against the wall.

"But... the other girls are out there." Cali looked up at Avery, worried.

"I'll get her..." Erin said, as she started outside the room. Cali was determined to make sure that Erin wouldn't have to go through this humiliation on her own, and she started outside with her friend. Half of the girls laughed at Cali and Erin, while a few others went to their aid, offering to take off their handcuffs so they could clean up. Michelle Marsh ended up helping the two out, along with Sydney Moon. After they were cleaned up, Erin told Cali that they would get Lanny and Jessica back for what they did. Cali didn't seem so sure, but she still thanked her friend for trying to rescue her.


September 23, 2011

Sophie Howard held another Best of British contest, a few days after the previous one that ended in her surprise attack from Adrian Morgan.

Given a surprise InterContinental title shot is 0-1 blonde babe Leah Francis. Destroyed by The Best of British Sophie Howard at the last event she was just back on her feet and now has a match with a bad ass Krisztina Serenzy to open the card.

Leah is given a round of applause as she makes her way in, dressed in blue skirt, hose and push up blue bra.  Back for more after Sophie had wiped the floor with her at the start of the week, culminating in a piledriver KO.  But Leah is a 5-9, 140lb, 34EE handful.  A match for 5-10, 155lb, 41DDD of angry muscle Diva?  Not a fucking chance. Krisz in black leather thong and tiny top, brings a friend in little, 5-2, 99lb, 30G, UK uber slut Jodie Marsh to ringside.  She's muscled up and oiled down and in copper coloured knee highs and a tight wet look bikini.  Crowd pop for the devastating two some.

Stacy Keibler, guesting here, makes the stips as the women face off. 'Ladies this a striptease match. It's old school rules. First to three falls, a submission or a knockout.  Thirty seconds, stopped clock break between falls, twenty minute time limit. First two falls can occur before an opponent is stripped but the final one and any KO or submission must be on a stripped opponent.  Clear?'  Both nod.

Leah gets stripped topless, the crowd popping as the blonde new EE's flop into view and beat down by Krisz for the full 20. Jodie Marsh adds interference where she can between rounds as well as when refs back is turned which the crowd love as poor Leah is double teamed and  Leah gets to her feet and after the match is over and calls out Jodie for her interference.  The little dark haired doll rushes the ring and they brawl before Jodie takes control and Pedigrees Leah onto her tits before rolling her to her back and leaving the ring.  Poor Leah picks her self up and makes her way backstage having earned her pay cheque. She's comforted by the sight of the chauffeur who drove her here waiting in her dressing roo, naked with his ten inch dick very much ready to fuck away her cares.

'I could get used to this,' she thinks as she sucks his cock once again.

The other match on the BOB 8 card is Sophie Howard tags with Katie Marie as the newcomer is plastered all over the ring by Faith and Leanne Crow.   Sophie easily takes control when she does enter the ring but poor KM, in just tiny black panties and trainers is eventually toyed with and bent into submission by Faith as Leanne intercepts Sophie.   After Sophie takes the loss she is angry with Katie Marie and demands a match with her at the next BOB event. Katie sobs and agrees but Sophie then destroys the big titted brunette with some corner beating and a nasty choke then leaves. No interference from Adrian Morgan this time but not the greatest build up for their match.

August 27, 2011

The Big Bad Momma can scarcely believe her luck. She gets an e-mail challenge to a match by, Catelyn Jones, the manager of three of the leagues newest wannabee bad asses Miss Diva Jackie Brown, Liz Viscious and Nyomi Banxxx. Seems Princess CatiePie, as she signs herself, likes what she sees in PSPW and fancies a shot at it. 'Bitch must have some kind of punishment fetish getting in the ring with me,' thinks Chaka as she reads the challenge.

Any match you like Chaka, do your worst,' it reads. Chaka has seen the skinny little white bitch around once or twice and thinking of her puny 32A cups and her own full 44FF's she knocks back an acceptance mail right away. 'I'll choose the match on the night,' she tells Catelyn. She doesn't expect the quick reply and agreement and is surprised she's been allowed to choose the match. She contacts the PSPW management and the challenge is locked in. As the card for the next show is already full Chaka and Catelyn agree to a match in Goldie’s Gym a few days before the show. Chaka wonders how Catelyn manages the three bad girls and wonders if this is a clever trap. She's not worried though as she has her Girlzzz to back her up and is more than confident in them.

Catelyn reckons that she may as well start with a hard challenge to see if she has what it takes in PSPW. She has been working out a bit, a little bit of jogging and even had a few practice matches with friends in her apartment. She's not worried that she mostly has her ass whooped in these matches, even by her smallest of friends. 'Better make these mistakes in practice rather than in the ring l suppose,' she thinks brightly. Chaka gets in some serious cardio training as she knows the youngster will be fit. The Momma’s ring work is mostly practice holds on the Booty Crew, long drawn out back and leg holds as well as a pile of tit smother variations.

The day of the match comes and Catelyn arrives early at the Gym and it's already busy. She changes and chats to Goldie, who'll be doing the intros and reffing, before the red haired woman wishes her luck and heads to the ring, telling her wait by the entrance way curtain. There's a crowd of PSPW wrestlers, managed and unmanaged, as well as staffers in the audience as the lights dim and Princess CatiePie is introduced. 'Ladies and Gentlemen, making her way to the ring, she hails from Vermont, USA and weighs in at 125lbs, please welcome, in her PSPW debut...Priiiinceees CatiePie.' Robert Palmers 'Simply Irresistable' pumps over the gym speakers and bouncing into view comes the fresh faced beauty. She takes in the sight of the Gym ring for the first time. But she is all energy as she high fives, bounces and peps to the ring. Dressed in a baby pink tank top, white skirt and high white socks she looks long legged and amazing. Once in the ring she sexily strips her top and skirt off leaving her in socks, pink panties and a pink bra. She's nervous but less so as the crowd seem to dig her hot look.

'And her opponent, accompanied by Kelly Divine and the Booty Crew, weighing in at 155lbs and hailing from wherever she damn well pleases, the Head of the Dirty Girlzzz, The Big Bad Momma...Chaaaka Teeeeee!' Chakas slow sexy bump and grind music kicks in and after a half minute of build up she appears trailed by Kelly Divine and the three Booty Crew girls. Chaka wears her hair down, black knee high boots with thick soles and an old school one piece blood red wrestling outfit cut high on her ass and low down her front. It leaves her ass half exposed and her tits almost out, a mass of chocolate brown cleavage on show. Kelly wears her hair pulled back, a black rubber corset, panties, boots and carries a crop while the Crew are in white lingerie of thongs, bras, stockings and suspenders. The posse make the ring and hold the ropes open for Chaka to climb into the ring. She takes her time strutting her stuff before belatedly turning to face Catelyn. Her posse are still with her and intimidate and impress the hell outta Catelyn.

The contrast couldn't be more marked. Princess CatiePie, young, inexperienced, white, 5-6, 125 and 32A versus 5-8, 155 and 44FF, a MILF and with over a hundred PSPW fights under her belt. Catelyn starts to feel nervous, very nervous indeed, as she looks at the powerful and statuesque figure of The Big Bad Momma. 'You better look CutiePie as your gonna be seeing a load more of these things,' says Chaka coldly.

Catelyn gulps. 'Maybe l've bitten off more than l can chew here,' she  thinks.

Goldie steps up now and lays down the rules of the contest, much to the delight of the audience. 'This is to be Tit Smother only match. Tap out or failure to respond to a request to tap out are the only way to lose.' Chaka sees the look off worry on Catelyn's face as she absorbs the meaning.

'You mean i've got to smother you to defeat with my breasts,' she says, incredulously.

Chaka laughs 'Damn right bee stings, welcome to PSPW,' she says and then boots Catelyn square in the solar plexus which doubles her over with the wind knock out of her. Chaka laughs as she sees the newbie double up. She grabs a double handful of Princess CatiePie's hair and slams her down onto her back. CatiePie shrieks and cringes in pain as she thuds off the mat. There's a pop from the crowd as Chaka places a boot on CatiePie's chest and busts a bicep pose. 'I should be feeling some titty under there but there ain't. You got no chance Princess.'

Catiepie flails her arms and kicks feet feverishly. 'Shut up you fucking cow.'

'STOMP!' a boot pounds the Princesses tits before Chaka stands on her hair, takes up her wrists and hauls her off the canvas. 'NO you shut up BI-ATCH!' screams in agony, rolls around on the mat. Chaka releases her left arm and drops a big leg drop, SPLAT on her face then leads her up and tosses her onto the ropes. Chaka sets herself for a backdrop but CatiePie jumps out of the way leapfrogs and hits the ropes. Chaka turns and aims a clothesline at her as she bounces back but she baseball slides underneath it and tries to take down chaka from below. Chaka sets her legs and seat drops down, her big ass cheeks aiming for the prone woman’s tits, whose eyes get big with shock as 'OOOOOOFFF!' as the Ass Drop lands. 155lbs, right onto the tits.

CatiePie moans and shakes a little as the wind is driven from her. She is trying to get composure and to move the bigger woman off of her but Chaka just laughs at her feeble struggles, rolls to her feet and drags CatiePie with her. A scoop slam then a knee drop to the tits before Chaka drops a reverse cleavage smother on. On all fours, Chaka wiggles her ass as her cleavage presses down on CutiePie's face. The ref steps in and asks the question. 'Do you give?'

She mutters into the large brown breasts. 'I can't hear you?' Chaka says, hamming it up for the crowd who laugh with her.

Arms start flailing "mhmhmhm", her legs kicking furiously. Chaka presses home the advantage. Keeps the smother on. The crowd love the sight of the newcomer getting a licking, looking hot in her little bra and panties, screaming loudly being completely muffled. As the hold stays on her legs kick less furiously. Chaka holds the smother,holding it...then releases. Just time for a breath for the Princess before Chaka grabs her legs, tucks them under arms and drops an ass smother.

CatiePie takes huge gasp only to breath in Chaka's huge ass. With CatiePie pinned and being folded in half Chaka looks down at the girls panties, stretched tight over her snatch. She is trying to free her face up jerking her neck back and forth violently but is pinned fast under Chaka’s ass. Chaka controls as she turns her face sit into a reverse head scissors. Pulls her legs apart by the ankles, splitting a nice V on CatiePie’s legs. SQUEEZE goes Chaka's thighs and powerful ass. The sudden squeeze forces all remaining air out of CatiePie’s mouth along with spit with lands back on her face. The crowd pop as the newcomer is bossed.

Kelly Divine shouts in what happened when Chaka squeezed and Chaka repeats, making Catie wheeze once more. Chaka allows CatiePie a breath and PUMPS her thighs and big butt a half dozen times thoroughly pulverising her. Chaka then finally turns to her opponents pussy as she wails in pain at the scissors.

'Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" please please stop

'Not yet honey pie, we only just getting started.' Chaka bends down now and sucks on CatiePies clit. 'That cure what ails ya?'

'Oh my god!' CatiePie thinks, Chaka's sucking my nub. But she can't help squriming and moaning as Chaka sucks and slurps then rubs her hard with her thumb and makes her squeal, 'oh fuck!' Chaka sucks hard again on the little pink button...and SQUEEZES with her thighs again, 'ooooooooooooo noooo,'

'Oh yes,' Chaka rubs hard on CutiePie now and plundes in and drills her with three fat fingers.

'No more please,' CatiePie screams.

'You don't want the Momma to make you cum?' Chaka quizzes. 'DO YOU?' she barks and works harder on the youngsters clit. ' I SAID DO YOU?' She feels CatiePie grinding her hips rythmically and then whispering quietly.


'I knew it.' Chaka ups the finger drilling and sucks on her clit as well. CatiePie is now moaning in sexual arousal, as her legs start to quiver 'Nasty little submissive, you'll go far in PSPW if you keep this up.' CatiePie, her mind now elsewhere, nods. 'So let's see how good you are at keeping the Momma happy.' Chaka releases her, rolls her to her front and sits astride her back. Chaka removes CatiePie's bra and then hammerlocks her arms behind her back and ties her with the A cup effort. Chaka then moves to put her legs astride CutiePie’s face and lifts her face by her hair.

CatiePie shakes her head. 'No!'

'A bit of fight in you honey, nice.' Chaka locks in a front face scissors now and squeezes hard on CutiePie's drool stained face. 'Care to think again.' SQUEEZE!

CatiePie screams loudly 'Ow, let go please.'

'NO! SQUEEZE SQUEEZE SQUEEZE!' CatiePie suffers further as Chaka now squeezes her nostrils between thumb and forefinger!'

She coughs and splutters as her o2 is cut almost entirely off. 'Please Chaka let go please,'

'Only if you say you will,' CatiePie starts to sob as she realises she may have no choice. She feels her head getting light and her limbs weak.

'Through tears.....ok!' she submits.

'Good little girl,' A quick release of the scissors as Chaka pulls aside her own bottoms and with a hand on the back of her head guides CutiePie’s mouth onto her pussy. 'Now do it good! OR ELSE!'

CatiePie sticks out tongue and gently starts flicking at Chaka’s long clit. Chaka pulls her opponents mouth firmly onto her gash and CatiePie responds by swirling her tongue around on Chaka's clit.Chaka grunts. 'Ah that's better.' Now she's plunging tongue deep into Chaka's pussy and lapping up and down. 'Look at you,' says Chaka. 'Not ten minutes into your first match and here you are eating pussy. You're a natural.' CatiePie looks up submissively into Chaka's eyes as she continue to lick. Chaka slips a hand down and pinches her nostrils again. 'Just the mouth now honey.'

She's squirming under the big woman, kicking feet again, continuing to lick faster. Chakas hand presses CatiePies mouth firmly over her pussy once more.'Lets see how long it takes you to go out eh?' and presses firmly on her head.Catiepies tongue slows down, her legs quiver. 'And when you're almost out...almost, almost!' She's still weakly licking, but her eyes closing and arms and legs going limp. 'Ha ha, fucking owned!' Chaka crows over CatiePie. 'Damn,' she says to the crowd, 'these rookies keep getting better and better. But it's time to wake you up.' Chaka releases the pinch and scissors and flips her into a Camel Clutch after releasing her arms.

CatiePies 32A cups are exposed to the crowd as her back is bent by Chaka putting almost full effort in. Chaka HEAVE! HEAVE! HEAVE's! back, getting maximum bend in quick time. Just air escapes CatiePie’s mouth once again. She's till completely weakened and light headed, just letting out whimpers unable to fight back. Chaka’s feels herself start to get aroused as she feels her opponents defeat. She slips a nasty variation in and dragon sleepers Catelyn under her right arm and looks down at her. 'You're getting off on this aren't you Princess Pie? You love being treated like this?' The crowd pop as CutiePie is bent real nasty.

'Uhhh,' she moans and her eyes roll.

'Well tell me when you're ready to eat some big black tit and we'll end this thing!' 'TELL ME! BITCH!' Chaka dranks the sleeper and the clutch deeper.


The Girlzzz at ringside watch on in admiration as Chaka pumps the holds again, flexing the rookie manager brutally. She tries to speak but no words come out. Chaka releases the Sleeper and asks again.

'Ok, ok please, no more,'

'You wanna choke on black tit? Say it!'

'I wanna choke on black tit!'


CatiePie sobs, 'Please i wanna choke on black tit!'

'And you will,' says Chaka but then cheats on her word and works a Dragon Sleeper on the other side.

The crowd pop as Chaka cranks it tight, bending her cruelly again.

'Please!!!' CatiePie begs.

'You dumb rookies, you'll never learn.' laughs Chaka.

Chaka releases the hold as another long wail looks like escaping Cuties mouth. She drags her to her feet and she stands on rubber legs. 'Come and get it Princess.' Chaka plumps her cleavage. 'Get your head in here and lets knock you out.' CatiePie is barely able to stand legs wobble, she is looking around in a daze. 'Over here CatiePie,' Chaka taunts then grabs a handful of hair as CatiePie turns to her.

'In we go,' and Catie is rammed into Chakas deep cleavage where she starts squriming. But, her survival instinct kicking in, CatiePie pulls back and as she does Chaka responds with a brutal boot up between the legs. It lands flush on the meat of her pussy, her knees buckle and Chaka rams her head in tight to her deep cleavage now and locks on the smother. There's stomping of feet trying to land on Chaka's foot and clawing and scratching aimlessly but the holds locked in Chaka's going to end it in this.

'GIVE UP!' she commands. CatiePie tries to scream submission but can't get the words out, engulfed by The Mommas big juggs. 'Keep screaming honey!'

'Mmmwmwm! Mmmmwwwwmm!!'

'When you can't take any more tap my ass.' Straight away there's a weak tap on Chaka's ass while she's still screaming into her tits.' The bell sounds as Goldie spots the submission. But Chaka keeps the hold locked in. 'This is PSPW baby, we don't play nice in here.' As CatiePie realises that Chaka's not gonna release her from her tit torture she starts tapping faster and harder. 'Ah calm down girl,' laughs Chaka as CatiePie still is tapping furiously, now screaming unrecognizable sounds. Chaka has the match won but Goldie and the crowd are glad there's more afters as Chaka smothers Princess CutiePie out.

CatiePie's hand starts tapping more slowly, her muffled screams become lower and lower, her arms drop, limp, now her voice becomes silent. Chaka shouts 'And she's out!' releases her and the newcomer falls to the canvas. Chaka puts a foot on her naked tits and cameras pop as Goldie raises Chaka's hand as winner.

'This one’s done Chaka,' says Goldie, 'l think she's learned not to fuck with you.'

'Oh she might be done for but l'm not done with her,' says the Momma. 'She said l was to do my worst. Now this part of the beating might be over but there's a locker room back there that l reckon me and the Girlzzz can keep her busy in. What do you say Kelly? Booty Crew?' The big ass girls slide into the ring and haul the unconscious CatiePie from the ring.

October 11, 2011

Beke Yvette is working out ahead of her huge match up just a few days away against newly crowned PSPW Queens Regent, Sophie Howard. She's on the bench press in just a tiny string thong and little green bra, benching the bar and struggling. Her big tanned tits bulge invitingly in her strapless tinykini. As she struggles on her third rep she has the bar lifted off by Krisztina Serenzy. These two have met before and Krisz, seeing the cute, fit and ultra hot blonde is now in PSPW re-aquaint’s her with a little enforced love in. Krisz racks the bar and swings two plates onto the bar.

'Come on Beke put your back into it. LIFT!' she screams at the little blonde. Beke loves Krisz's bad side and grabs the bar and lifts, helped (a lot) by Krisz.

'Oh fuck what has she put on!' thinks Beke as her arms buckle slowly but unstoppably as the extra 50kg Kris has handled onto the bar drops. Krisz racks it as it falls, trapping Beke, whose tits mushroomed round the bar that rests just three inches from her ribcage. The blonde, trapped quite beautifully, under the bar looks up helplessly as Krisz kneels down and kisses her upside down. 

'Hi hon, nice to see you again. I remember you were fucking amazing at eating me out. I think you should remind me,' says Krisz who slips her little pink panties to one side, kneels either side of Beke's head as it rested on the bench. She grabs the rack's posts and face fucks Beke.

With a powerful fucking action Krisz works her pussy all over Beke's face and mouth then lets the blonde suck her clit. Yvette works her tongue magic and soon has Krisz purring. Krisz rides her hard for a long minute before breaking off mid grind to ease back on coming. She lifts the bar off Yvette and then blonde sighs in relief as her tits are freed from their squeezing. Krisz racks the bar high then pulls Yvette up by the hair and they kiss hard and heavy.

'You always were a good fuck,' they say together and laugh. They hug and as Yvette winces Krisz says 'Hey sorry hope you're ok, hope that wasn't too tight. You looked hot and your tits were amazing all squished under there!'

'Any tighter and they would have popped Krisz but that was ok, just!' says Yvette.

'Showers?' suggests Krisz and Yvette is only too happy to oblige. She had enjoyed her previous time with the big bad fitness bitch and this one was looking pretty fucking good already.

May 10, 2011

Next day Ami and Jenni decide to go down to Goldie's gym - Goldie was the person who helped them train when they decide to try and gain a place on the Blake's babes roster so they want to go down and tell her all about their very first win in the PSPW. Hannah decides to go along for the ride - 'We may pop down later' says Amber - Candice and I want to practice some stuff with Jayonna first.

Goldie is delighted to see her two protogees. 'Well done you two – I watched the whole thing. In fact I've seen all your matches - I tell you what - I've never known two fighters take the beatings you two have and still been game for a fight. I'll be interested to see just how far you go in the PSPW' They chat and catch up with gossip for a while until Goldie says she needs to pop out. 'The ring is free though if you want to use it for a couple of hours. have fun - don't do anything I wouldn't do!'

The three of them change and scramble into the ring. They take it in turns trying to break each other's headlock holds although not entirely seriously - there is as much giggling and tickling as serious wrestling going on. Laurena has Hannah trapped in a hold when Jessica decides to get playful - she keeps tweaking the little  blonde's nipples and pinching her peachy ass as she struggles to free herself. 'hey - cut that out' she says and then gives a little scream as Jessica tweaks her once more.

This is the scene that greets Danielle Derek and Penelope Black Diamond when they arrive. They aren't there to train - they just thought they'd see who was around - so when they see three members of their arch-rival stable Blake's babes playing in the ring they can't believe their luck. They look at each other and grin.

'Easy meat' says Danielle licking her lips.

'Ja' grunts PBD cracking her knuckles.

The first that the Babes know of their arrival is when a mocking nursery rhyme drifts up from ringside - they look down to see A4C pretending to be little girls playing a clapping game ...

"Patty-cake, patty-cake, baker's man Bake me a cake as fast as you can..."

'Hey Penelope - what kind of cake do you like best anyway?' 'Ooooh - I zink cream cakes'

'Oh yes - you can't beat a nice cream puff .. can you?' 'O I don't know zo much - me - I love beating cream puffz'

They then pretend to notice the Babes glowering at them from the ring.

'Talking of which - three nice little cream puffs - all waiting to be whipped into shape'

Laurena responds hotly. 'Hey - cut that crap Danielle. We've shown we've got what it takes in the PSPW ring'

'Yeah - by beating the mighty mites of the Asian Sirens. Big ass sucking deal. Weren't so hot against fucking Chaka T were you? I hear she's told PSPW to get rid of all their cleaning equipment - when the ring needs to be cleaned she'll wipe it down with you two.' A4C both laugh loudly. Danielle carries on 'Anyway - can't stand chatiing all day - we came down to see if there were any fighters working out down here - we can see there aren't so we'll run along.'

Jessica chips in 'If you two are in the mood for a fight - then step right up - or is this just more hot air out of those great airbags of yours'

Danielle and Penelope look at each other and nod.

'Oh ho ho, looks like there's some fight in these two little losers after all.' says Danielle.

'Not for vucking long l zink,' says Penelope, slipping off her white bra, unleashing her huge breasts.

Danielle loses her pink top and those pert puppies bounce into view. They enter the ring and stand toe to toe, or rather tit to tit and nipple to nipple, with Peaches and Cream. Laurena turns to Hannah. 'You'd better referee Hannah - we know what these two can be like' Danielle pretends to look shocked at the suggestion that she might ever cheat. Laurena turns to her and asks 'What do you want – tandem or tag?' 'Oooh tandem - because then you get to do stuff like this' With a nod to PBD she stomps hard on Laurena's foot - PBD does the same to Jesscia, both blondes double over in pain, only to find themselves caught in headlocks.

'How fucking easy,' laughs Danielle and winks at Hannah. A4C bang the two blonde heads together and while Peaches and Cream are still stunned they put them both in full nelsons - PBD releases the hold for a moment to expose Jessica's milk-white tits and then holding Jessica like a rag doll she uses her to tit slap Laurena. Danielle returns the favour using Laurena and then A4C lift the two blondes off their feet and slap their tits against each other.

Hannah intervenes at this point. 'Come on, come on - enough - cut this out and let's start this match properly'

Danielle grins at her. 'Of course sweetcakes - anything you say' She and Penelope then lift their opponents up and bring them crashing down onto their knees in two crotch shattering Atomic Drops.' They then stand back and pretend to square up ready to begin properly. 'OK?' Danielle says to Hannah. Laurena and Jessica roll on the floor wincing then slowly get up. They are just getting to their feet and are in no way ready to begin and A4C pile straight back in, drag them over to the ropes and begin to choke them out on the top rope. Hannah starts to protest but suddenly finds her arm yanked up behind her back and a voice whispering in her ear.

Sophie Howard has arrived, unnoticed by anyone, and decided to help A4C have their fun. 'You were about to say?' she says to Hannah who tries to speak but then yelps in pain as Sophie pulls the hammerlock tighter. 'Oh - sorry - I thought you were about to try and intervene - but I didn't see anything wrong here do you?' Hannah looks across to where A4C are tormenting Peaches and Cream on the ropes - but then shakes her head. 'Good girl' says Sophie. The little blonde jobber has had Sophie kick her hole around the ring more often than she cared to remember and folds under the pressure.

A4C see, to their surprise, that Sophie had their back but don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Laurena and Jessica are choked some more then kicked in the back of the knees and choked over the middle ropes. A4C step outside the ropes, grab hair and roughly turn then bend the blondes heads back and double boob slap them.

'Thwacka, thwacka, thwacka!' it goes for Peaches and Cream as A4C take turns on Jessica and Laurena, the cream puffs, their ears ringing and head throbbing as the beating finally stops. There's no help from Hannah as Sophie has her sat on her ass in the corner and is face fucking her with her cunt. Looks like the heels have the upperhand. Keeping Peaches and Cream bent backwards A4C, PBD on Jessica and Danielle on Laurena, standing headscissor them and grab their nipples. P&C are trapped and their pain thresholds tested as Danielle and Penelope pull and twist and stretch their nipples hard. Jessica's tits stretch out nicely and flop back atop her ribs while Laurena's bounce back quicker and stand proud on her chest. Danielle and Penelope swap members of Peaches and Cream and delight in the screams they draw from them.

A4C climb back into the ring now and boss Jessica and Laurena by the hair so they are on all fours, asses in the air and put their throats on the bottom ropes. Danielle kneels down on Laurena and Penelope on Jessica’s back and choke them again. The rookies look cute as with their asses wobbling as they claw feebly at the ropes trying to push the Cylinders off. A4C add cunt busting wedgies with the blondes white booty shorts and the twosome are soon singing in pain as the material digs in.

The one-sided beatdown only ends when the rest of Blake’s babes turn up. Amber and Candice rush the ring and tear A4C away. Taken by surprise, Danielle and Penelope are unable to stop Amber and Candice suplexing them to the mat and then sitting on their heads to keep them there. Jayonna meanwhile has freed Hannah and has Sophie by the throat pushed up against the corner post. Sophie struggles to break free but can't and saves her energy and glares at Jayonna instead.  'Are you two OK' Jayonna asks Laurena and Jessica.

'Yeah - bitches jumped us - in a fair fight we could have them. But - no real damage done'

'You want a fair crack at them?' asks Jayonna.

Laurena shakes her head. 'It can wait - until we meet in the PSPW ring'

'Don't worry babe' says Amber 'we'll give them some of this back when we meet them on Monday - won't we Candice?'

'Sure will' says Candice and she smacks PBD on the ass to reinforce the point.

The Babes enjoy their dominace then release A4C and Sophie who leave, A4C swearing to revenge their humiliation. Sophie swearing Hannah was going to be real sorry next time they met.

April 10, 2011

PSPW 'elite' jobber Busty Brigitte is still secretly wanting revenge at Sammie Black and Vanessa Blue, The Bruise Crew, for the beating they put on her in their three woman tag match a fortnight ago. She has been in the ring with Jayonna working hard and has arranged to try and take revenge on them in a match against one of them in the Goldie’s Gym. Chaka T's newest squeezes big butt meat booty chicks Alicia Linn and Buffie the Body lay an ambush and Brigitte is jumped by them. They boot bunnies have got an red and black boots shorts and cut off Ts as well as tiny Batman style masks on but it's clearly them. They demolish her after sneaking up on her as she hesitates as she finds the door to the Gym locked. They low blow her then sit her to destruction with their big time asses naturally enough then unlock the door and toss her into the Gym where the Bruise Crew wait.

They make a show of tossing a coin for the right to kick Brigitte's ass as the woozy Asian stacker stands across the ring from them in her little yellow bikini and white boots.   Sammie wins and is surprised by how much spunk Brigitte has. But Sammie bides her time and soon has a tiring fast Brigitte scissored on the canvas. She gets help from outside from Vanessa of course. Alicia and Buffie appear and distract referee Goldie and Vanessa is there with choke. After the bell, with Brigitte having been toyed with for fifteen minutes there's a mass of nasty double team beatdown as Brigitte is further slammed and thrown all over the ring as the Bruise Crew have their way with her.

Peaches and Cream, in white slingshots and boots, rush to the ring for a save. They are met and slowed up by Alicia and Buffie and though they are quickly on top with some nice arm work and a toss to the barriers The Bruise Crew slide from the ring and rabbit punch the blondes. They toss them into the ring and the blondes find themselves throat down over the ropes being choked by Sammie and Vanessa's thighs. After a solid half minute of choking for poor Peaches and Cream, Sugar and Spice accompanied by Jayonna appear. They make the ring as The Bruise Crew flip Peaches and Cream onto their backs and roll from the ring to escape the wrath of Blake’s Babes.


Accompanied by Alicia Linn and Buffie the Body, The Bruise Crew strut from the Gym, their mission ccomplished. Sugar and Spice fume as they help up Busty Brigitte as well as Peaches and Cream and make their way from the Gym too. 'Those bullies need to be taught a lesson,' the think to themselves. Jayonna has been amazed by the size of Alicia and Buffies big asses and can think of nothing else as she and the Babes head back to Blake Towers to help heal up Peaches and Cream and Brigitte.

March 25, 2011

Sugar has received a tit workout in the week from the Enforcers in the Nation of Humiliation after falling to hated foes Jessica Canizales and Lucia Tover last week. They have tied her to a rack and worked those big fake tits of hers over with clamps, suction cups and paddles. The clamps hum with low level electricity and have her nipples throbbing and burning as her tight body is stretched out. The cups fit over half her tits and the Enforcers slowly increase the suction with hand pumps they hold. The blondes nipples get aroused further and swell and expand under the pressure. Sugar is groaning in sexual delight at the same time as she is being trash talked by the muscle Divas for being a slut. The suctions cups triple the size of her nipples and when they're released it's only to have them whacked with the paddles. She is soon crying in pain as the super sensitive thumb-buds are thwacked. She begs for mercy and tells the Enforcers they can have their way with her. Satisfied she's learned her lesson the Enforcers warn her if she loses again it'll go worse for her.

Training Room Archive 1

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