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The Shower Room

Intrepid correspondant's Petra Verkaik and Jelena Jensen enter The Shower Room for pre and post match interviews, if your girl has something to say, and doesn't say it in the ring, send it to epswrestling@googlemail.com and I'll post it up here.

Archived shower rooms for : 2006 : 2007 : 2008 : 2009 : 2010/11


July 2, 2012

Linsey Dawn has been fist fucked and then titty smothered by big titter Rachel Aldana and the July PPV and Chaka T always reserved the right to punish her Girlzzz who failed her.  So she has strapped on a ten inch ribbed red cock and waits.  Linsey makes her defeated way back to the Girlzzz villa, she is jumped as she does so by Bea Flora.  Bea knocks her over and stands over her.

'Well Linsey another loss you useless cunt!'

'Fuck you Bea,' snaps Linsey, getting to her knees.

'Oh l don't think so,' says Bea and knocks Linsey down and starts to kick and stomp her.

'Bea what the fuck!'  Linsey says as she is shocked by her stable mates agressiveness.

'Chaka wants me to prove my self by beating you up and l'm not about to disappoint her,' says Bea and she cracks Linsey a sweet kick on the jaw.  Linsey slumps over and is ony vaguely aware of being led away. She is very much aware of the nasty tit and all-orifice fucking she gets from Chaka and Bea, as Bea learns the bad arts from Chaka.

May 14, 2012

Bea Flora had just won her match in dominant fashion yet again this time over a useless blonde slut Kaytee Carter.

She was met with an overwhelming response from Chaka she lifted the busty Polish women off the ground with ease in a bearhug and had her locked in a very powerful liplock and Bea returned the kiss in spades to Chaka, the two were all over each other and then Chaka decided to take Bea back to a special area of the arena reserved just for girls who were apart of the Dirty Girlzzz stable in which Chaka was the leader of she carried Bea to a room with a Dirty Girlzzz sign on it and before they entered she instructed Miosotis that nobody was allowed to enter without her permission, she fully understood but then Bea started nuzzling on Chaka's ear which had the busty black women more anxious to enter the private room but Bea then whispered something into Chaka's ear and she looked at Bea with a huge smile on her face and once again the two started kissing each other very intensely at one point Chaka was tongue fucking Bea while holding her up in the bearhug still, when they finished Bea asked if Chaka planned to put her down and she said oh yeah she does and what they are doing out here will be PG compared to what they will do in there which got Bea's nipples hard just thinking about which Chaka felt, she quickly told Miosotis that Bea had a special guest coming in here in a few minutes but other than her nobody else is allowed in and Miosotis said she undrstood in her latin accent.

They entered the room while kissing each other Chaka still holding Bea up in a bearhug with Bea's hard nipples against hers, Chaka only had on red lingerie which soon came off thanks to Bea's hands and her mouth, Chaka can see that Bea has learned very well from her and let's Bea get her naked, she reaches around Chaka and takes off her bra revealing Chaka's huge 44FF breasts in which Bea went to town on by wrapping her ruby red lips around Chaka's huge tits and just started sucking away at them really turning Chaka on, one of Bea's hands was on Chaka's boob that she wasn't sucking on the other was pulling at Chaka's bottoms which quickly fell to her ankle's and she stepped out of, Chaka ripped off the arm sleeve that Bea has on from her match leaving just the boots and the one stocking, Chaka decided to stop Bea and quickly picked her up in her arms cradle style and then looked down at Bea's feet and then back at her face she knew what was coming, Chaka carried her over to a huge bed and tossed her onto it which got a squeal from Bea, "Ooh, I like that noise honey, get used to making that noise because you'll be doing quite often in here" says Chaka as she pulls off Bea's boots and then uses her teeth to take the stocking from Bea's leg now she was completely naked and she took her hair down and let it cascade down her neck, back and shoulders area of her body, Bea looked absolutely stunning like that and Chaka who is really into the rough style of sex decided she had all the time in the world with Bea and was going to fuck Bea so good she would have trouble walking for days and when Bea heard this she decided to be the aggressor and actually grabbed Chaka and suplexed her into the bed and she was surprised but impressed with Bea's new sexual nature from a woman who was too timid to even try something like this a few years ago, Bea went right between Chaka's legs and immediately went after her pussy, Chaka was loving every second of this as Bea's tongue hit every inch and orifice of her crotch at one point Bea took her fingers and spit onto them and started rubbing Chaka's cookie real good which had her moaning big time and Bea even started talking like she did with Erica the previous week which had Chaka saying the answers at first but then moaning around and after a few minutes Chaka exploded big time cumming all over Bea's hand and she licked it off which Chaka had never seen someone do before not only that Bea was enjoying it as she licked her lips, she then moved up to Chaka's mouth and kissed her with her own juices, Chaka had a very satisfied look on her face as Bea tongue fucked her now as Chaka even gagged a few times but never stopped finally a few minutes later Chaka wrapped her arms around Bea's arms and pulled her back a little and told Bea she needed a rest and Bea admitted she needed one as well but Chaka had her head resting on Bea's chest like they were pillows as Bea softly kissed Chaka on her head as she rested but looked around and saw there was steam coming from an area of this room as well a bondage area and all sorts of sexual devices like dildo and even milk extractors for when they milked their opponents but she felt like she had been here before and then it hit Bea this was the Up Bust & Out room and Chaka had kept it the whole time and she admitted she owns this area of the arena so she gets to do what she wants to with it Bea liked what she saw and then heard a tap on the door both women were drained from their fuck sessions but Bea got up but not before Chaka kissed her on the lips on more time, she gets to the door and asks what is it?.

Miosotis tells Bea that there is a woman outside named Aneta and that she was given a note to meet her here and Bea looked ecstatic as Chaka saw her face and knew this was something good and told Bea it was fine for her playmate to enter, so Miosotis let Aneta in and was about to close the door when Chaka stopped her and told Mio to enter the room as well but make damn sure to lock the door, Bea and Aneta who go way back start hugging and kissing each other and look to be in some serious passion with each other while Mio watches this. Bea takes Aneta by her hand and takes her over to the bed where Chaka is still on and looks at Aneta and is loving what she see's in fact she does a double take and makes a comment about how Aneta almost looks like Bea's twin, Bea walks up to Chaka and engulfs her lips again and then tells Chaka thank you, she's been saying that for years about herself and Aneta but some people just don't see it, Bea gets up and is about to go back over to Aneta but Chaka grabs her around her hips and pushed her face right into Bea's pussy and then she goes to town on it getting Bea to start moaning while standing up and after the match she had with Erica last week her legs are still shaky from it, Chaka lets her go and says she wants Bea to enjoy herself with her friend because she will get more of this when she wins but if Bea starts losing again she will get the treatment Linsey has been getting lately and she definitely doesn't want that.

Bea decides to take Aneta over to the jacuzzi and steps into it and tells Aneta to do the same, without a moments hesitance Aneta strips off the clothes she has on and hops into the jacuzzi with Bea, and before the jets can even soak away her sore muscles Aneta starts kissing Bea making her do that squeal she did earlier and then heard Chaka say "That's right Bea it's all yours enjoy it" Bea did just that as she and Aneta were just going at it, Bea went down on Aneta and then Aneta did the same to Bea they kissed each other all over and just put on a show and went at it for quite a while, Chaka while this was going on went over to Miosotis and grabbed her massive tits and lead her over to the bed where she had a strap on waiting and Mio knew what was about to happen she had tried to be hired as a wrestler in the PSPW but was rejected so took back her old bodyguard job when Chaka brought it up with her and Chaka's instructions were very clear to Mio she is to guard the Girlzz wrestlers when their inside that ring and even when their outside of it, Chaka explained she doesn't need protection but she likes what she's been seeing from Bea and wants to see just how far she can go with this new attitude so her job is to protect her or she will be the one who is punished and Mio said she got it. good says Chaka who next tells Mio to bend over the bed and with a reluctant look on her face she does it and Chaka takes the strap on and pushed it very deep into Miosotis' waiting pussy making her scream so loudly in fact that it got the attention of Bea and Aneta who were still having at each other and then looked at each other and decided to hop out of the jacuzzi and wiped themselves off with some towels and then walked over to see what was happening and Bea and Aneta saw what Chaka was doing to Mio and looked at each other, Bea still salivating from earlier wanted to continue with Aneta on the bed and went over and kissed Chaka on the neck while she was still fucking Mio deep with the strap on and said she and Aneta wanted to continue with their fun on the bed, Chaka said no problem but first there's something I must do to Aneta and Chaka grabbed her by the hair which made Aneta whimper and gave the same style rough kissing that Bea was accustomed to and made her moan until Chaka stopped as she was let go of by Chaka she looked at Bea like what was that and Bea told her that's the way she kissed and tells her to watch she will do it to Chaka and she grabs her by the hair roughly and kissed and tongue drills Chaka while she is still fucking Mio, Aneta is taken aback by Bea's aggressiveness but is enthralled by it the same she and Bea hop on the bed and for the next 20 minute the two pleasure each other until they both pass out all the while Chaka is fucking Mio with the strap on, the bed was so big on fact that she had Mio get on and turned her around and shoved the strap on down Mio's throat so she could get a better view of what Bea and Aneta were doing and after they both passed out she said to Mio who was still being throat fucked that woman right there Bea is a future queen in the making for sure and finally after 10 more minutes she let Mio go and took off the strap on and went over to the passed out Aneta and Bea and leaned down and kissed Bea on the cheek and then climbed between both Bea and Aneta as she soon passed out as well, Mio climbed on as well and turned out the lights with all four women Bea, Aneta, Chaka & Miosotis all in it together.

April 11, 2012

Jordan was excited after her contract in PSPW had been bought out by The Trust.  After the meeting where she met, with her lawyers, lawyers from the PSPW and The Trust, she had felt giddy at the amount of $ being thrown her way and then from the glasses of celebratory champagne they had had.  Danielle Derek appears at her side to rescue her as she listens to some dull men talk about numbers and ratings. The blonde was a PSPW legend and Trust employee and was only to keen to meet her new co-worker.

'Lets get you out of here,' she whispers and Jordan instantly agrees. She shakes the men's hands and leaves them wishing she was still there as they watch her leave, Danielle with a hand on Jordan's ass.  The German feels the fizz do it's work and she likes the caress Danielle gives her.  Danielle leads her into a lift and up to the PSPW HQ penthouse.  The lights are dimmed and over a glass of champagne Jordan and Danielle take in the view over downtown. There's some low soul music playing and the two women enjoy te hi-life.  They are excited about working together and as the drinks and music does it's work they fall into bed, too hot not to want to be together.

As they expertly explore each others bodies in a 69 with Danielle on top, the door to the bedroom opens. Danielle sees it's two of the Trust's hot male lawyers.  One is dark and latin and in his late twenties and the other his early forties, a real silver fox. 'Right on time,' thinks Danielle.  Jordan had been crushing on them since she saw them in the meeting but she can't see who it is as Danielle is on top.  The blonde leans back and face sits Jordan as the two men walk over to Danielle and ease their huge cocks out of their expensive suits.  Danielle sucks and drools eagerly on the rapidly fattening lengths but is pushed down to eat Jordan's pussy as the men say hello to Jordan.

'Aah Miss Carver, enjoying the company of Danielle l see.  She is very keen to please isn't she?' Fox tells Jordan, who bites her lip and moans as Danielle's expert tongue and mouth please her pussy.  Jordan also has eyes on the two big cocks hanging from the men's trousers and Dark does her the honour as she tips her head back and gets her lips round some meat.  The men get naked and the foursome goes all night. By the early hours Jordan, Danielle and the two men are spent and as the two men leave the women crash out together.

It looks like Jordan's change of direction was working out well. In the bedroom at least.

April 1, 2012

Lexi lay snuggled tightly against her Mistress Carolyn and on either side of them were the sleeping Bucci twins. Carolyn was the victor in the match for the Queen of the ring title over that brunette bitch Audrey Bitoni. Even after such an incredibly sex charged battle Carolyn's voracious sexual appetite wasn't settled and she spent most of the night fucking her three disciples, Lexi, Jennifer, and Shawna in their private locker room.

It would seem that things were finally settling down with the Bucci Twins completely and sexually exhausted.  Lexi hugged her Mistress tightly, loving the idea of being the girl who got to have sex with the Queen of the Ring every night.

"You did it Mistress. You did it," Lexi purrs innocently to Carolyn. "You fucked the the Queen's crown away from Audrey."

Carolyn laughs proudly, "Was their any doubt my sweet?".

"Of course not Mistress. I knew you would be Queen," Lexi kisses Carolyn ever so softly on the lips, "now you're my Queen Mistress" she giggles.

Carolyn moans arrogantly, "I like the way that sounds".

Lexi moves and starts kissing on Carolyn's neck then breathlessly she repeats, "Queen Mistress".

Carolyn moans as she was quickly getting turned on once again and Lexi moves down further taking one of her Mistress tits in her mouth. Lexi suckled her Mistresses tit tenderly and the pleasure inside Carolyn continues to build. Lexi continues south down her Mistress' gorgeous and flawless body, enjoying every moment of worshiping Carolyn with licks and gentle kisses.

Carolyn closes her eyes savoring the feel of Lexi's lips, tongue and hands all over her. Then she feels the soft breath of her Sexy Lexi against her pussy and a wicked smile appeared on the new Queens face. Carolyn opens her legs a little wider, grabs hold of Lexi by the hair and in one motion she rolls them both over until she is sited a top Lexi's face.

"Worship your Queens pussy," Carolyn moans out and while still with a firm grip on Lexi's hair she grinds hard against her disciples face.

Lexi was loving being used as a throne for Carolyn and eat out her Queen Mistress excitedly, exploring every inch of Carolyn's cunt.

"Make you're Queen Mistress cum all over that pretty little face," Carolyn shouts out, ordering her Sexy Lexi to make her blow her load.

Lexi wraps her lips around Carolyn's clit and sucks on it hard. Carolyn shouts out and her body starts to shake uncontrollably and she blast her cream all over Lexi's face.

"Mmmmm yeah! lick it all up," Carolyn laughs and moans still grinding against her disciples face.

Lexi does her best to lick up all of Carolyn's cum even if she was in danger of being drowned and  smothered out by her Mistress. Carolyn rode her disciples face until every last drop of cum drips from her cunt.

Just when she thinks she would black out Lexi was allowed to breath again when her Mistress slides down to straddle her waist. Carolyn looks down at her Sexy Lexi, her diciples face completely covered with cum and she leans down to taste her own honey as she forcibly kisses Lexi.  The young blonde all too eagerly opens her mouth to share her Mistresses juices.

March 25, 2012

Carolyn Reese was just victorious against Ashlynn Brooke. Walking through the halls swaying her glorious naked and sweaty body as she licks Ashlynn's sweet tasting cum from her lips. Carolyn reaches the showers and the warm water falls down upon her as all the signs of her battle are washed away.

Not long after Carolyn enters the showers did someone sneak end and join her. Carolyn was surprised but showed no signs of fear as the person embraces her from behind and firmly cups her tits.

"You haven't forgotten about me have you?" whispers a soft sounding voice.

Carolyn smirked knowing the woman behind her was Queen of the Ring Audrey Bitoni.

"Not at all. I'm counting the days 'til I fuck your crown away," Carolyn purrs.

Audrey rolls Carolyn's nipples with her finger tips making the blonde shiver in pleasure.

"I don't think so. I'm going to fuck you, just like I'm going to fuck you now," Audrey says as one of her hands moves down and plunges her two middle fingers into Carolyn's pussy.

Carolyn moans out load and Audrey clutches her tight so the blonde couldn't get away.

In between moan Carolyn manages to grunt out, "You sneaky little bitch."

"That's Queen Bitch to you," Audrey laughs as she adds another finger inside her blonde prey.

Carolyn moans increase as Audrey finger fucks her. Audrey whispers softly in Carolyn's ear and begins to kiss and lick the side of her neck adding to the pleasure. Audrey's fingers work their magic and moments later Carolyn shouts out in orgasmic pleasure as her body quivers in Audrey's arms. Audrey moves her cum covered fingers to Carolyn's lips and the blonde erotically licks her own cum from them.

"I'd play with you some Carolyn, but I have a date with Anita. See you soon, I can't wait to fuck you again," Audrey taunts the blonde and then just like that she was gone.

Carolyn was let alone in the middle of the shower as her hand moves down to stroke her pussy, "This isn't over, that little slut is mine," she says with a wicked grin. The opportunity to take Audrey's crown can't come soon enough for her.

March 12, 2012

The Ascendancy watch a replay on the big screen in their sauna of the Duchess of Decadence title match.

The bell sounds and the Ascendancy rush from their dressing room and pile to the ring.  Big Diva Krisz, Sophie Howard and Jodie Marsh invade the ring and pound away on Ly.  She's double whipped between the buckles, then whipped off the ropes and takes a Diva boot to her face.  Sophie knee drops her tits before she and Krisz fend off Tila Nguyen and Busty Brigitte who, dressed in tiny white bikini's, rush from the back.  While they're stomping the rescuers tits Jodie, in a black and red school girls skirt and little white blouse, has dropped her big strap on from under her skirt and is throating an on her knees Ly.  She then gets to face fuck Busty and Tila as well as they are knelt and dragon sleepered on either side of Ly she is on all fours.

The women who have taken part in the evil beatdown have been joined by Lexxi Tyler with Priya Rai and Sandee Westgate.  They are currently having their pussies eaten out expertly by Stephanie, Tila and Brigitte while those three are having their pussies stuffed by Jodie, Diva Krisz and Sophie with big time strap ons.  The three Asians are sweating hard as their tight little bodies are used and abused by the mean girls of the Ascendancy.

Jan 15, 2012

Danielle Derek entered the PSPW locker room in the arena after a strenuous running and stretching workout.  She looked in the full length mirror and admired her boy shorts and fat camel toe and tiny sports top with her huge GGG's bulging out of it.  She was lost in reverie for a moment thinking about the nasty fucking she had had with April Arikssen on the January 9ths card and her accepted offer to join SexXxInc as well as the sex filled evenings she had spent with the stable since.  She strips slowly, drawing envious looks from the other women in the locker room. But one woman stares at her with lust in her eyes and Shawna Lenee follows her into the showers.

As the two shower Shawna, suddenly alone with Danielle and a little bit nervous, hesitates and when she gets her courage up Danielle is walking towards her.

'Er hi!' says Shawna. 'Damn it that's not the impression l meant to make,' she thinks.

'Hi' Danielle purrs as she walks up to Shawna and pushes her tits up against hers.  'I haven't seen you here before!' she says as she reaches round and squeezes Shawna's ass.

Shawna is peaked and pushes back against the slightly taller Danielle's tits.  'No ass, not unless you're nice!' she says with a smile and wiggles her hard nipples into Danielle's big soft tits.

Danielle feels her pussy moisten as the hard nips butt and rub her breasts. She pushes back with her tits and bumps Shawna back.  'Oh l don't think so!' says Shawna and she pushes as well.  The two jam tits and stare at each other for a minute and Shawna's nipples start making Danielle leak from her nipples and the goo dripping out betweent the tit mash.

Shawna backs off looking slightly shocked.  But Danielle looks demurely at Shawna. 'Oh Shawna that's some pair of nipples you got there, they got me all leaking! She tweaks her nipples and slurps some of the mommy milk she oozes.  'What do you say to me and you taking this to the ring at the next card?' Danielle asks with a shy grin.

Shawna is only too quick to agree, loving her encounter with the blonde sex pot.  They leave hand in hand eager to take continue discussing the finer details of this somewhere more comfortable.

Jan 11, 2012

Hot shower water cascaded over the newly crowned Princess Team champions; Jewels Jade and Francine Dee.  The pair was now eagerly celebrating, in fact they were still horny and had wasted little time entering the Dungeon Stables and enjoying each other’s bodies.

After a good fucking Francine currently had her legs wrapped around her partner’s waist, Jewels squeezed at her partner’s shapely rear as they enjoyed a long kiss.  Breaking for a moment they stared passionately at one another.

“You were great out there tonight.” Jewels said.

Francine giggled “Yes I was wasn’t I.”

Jewels laughed, looked hungrily at Francine’s tits.  “I think any bitches want our crowns they’ll have to fuck us for them!”

Francine noticed Jewels hungry gaze.  “I agree, now baby suck on my titties!”

Jewels did just as Francine commanded; she sucked on Francine’s hard nipples and the Asian gasped with joy as she closed her eyes and softly moaned, "Yeahhhh that feels so good".

Jewels tongue was all over Francine's gorgeous breast as she takes each of the sexy Asian's big tasty nipples sucking on them for minutes at a time before Francine unwraps her legs from around Jewels and lowers herself to her knee's in front of her hardbodied MILF.

Francine softly and tenderly kissed at Jewel's lower lips making her shiver in pleasure. Jewels ran her hands through Francine's hair as she begins to grind herself against Francine's face. Francine teased her love a little more with soft kisses as she then dives in and hungrily eats out Jewels delicious pussy.

Jewels moaned loudly as she blast her cum all over Francine's face, much to the Asian's delight as she more than eagerly devours ever last drop of Jewels' juices. As Jewels basked in her climatic afterglow Francine kissed her way up her fellow sexy kittens body as she stands and embraces Jewels.

The two of them share a girlish giggle with each other as they once again gazing at one another.

"I'm far from finished fucking you," Francine whispers hotly to Jewels.

Jewels pulled Francine closer for a kiss as she enjoys the taste of her own cum, "Likewise," Jewels said to she sexy Asian.

And the two of the began all over again with a wild french kiss for what would continue to be a long night of celebration!

Jan 8, 2012

Ahmo Hight had just taken a shower at the PSPW facilities after a nice workout. She had a towel around her body and stepped out to head to the lockerroom when Jelena Jensen walked up to her with a camera man in tow. "Ahmo, I wanted to get a few words about your upcoming match with Darlene Silva."

The blonde giggled and then walked over, giving Jelena a big huge. "Aww, sure Jelly! What do you want to know!?"

Jelena smiled, trying to maintain some professionalism with the hot blonde wrapped around her. "I wanted to ask you a few questions. What do you think of your opponent."

Ahmo rolled her eyes, though she still smiled. "Darlene is like, so totally a freak. She's soooo obsessed with sex and it's like, she constantly ruins her chance of winning matches because she's so obsessed. She's just a little fuck slut! Not that she isn't good at that or anything." Hight lets out a soft sigh, thinking back to those times.

"What do you think of your chances of winning against her in the Three Stages of Pleasure match then?" asked Jelena.

"Uh, well Darlene is like, kind of a looooser, especially compared to me. She'll just like, try to be sexually absorbed and then I'll just do what I always do and win!" said Ahmo cheerfully. "I'm totally not worried."

"But she's already beaten you once. What if she pulls off another win in her specialty?" asked the interviewer.

"Ohmigod, Jelly! I just said I'm not worried and she's totally not going to win!" said Ahmo, who then giggled and gave her a forceful kiss. "If you are so worried about it though, you can like, help me train for that a little."

Jelena was a bit surprised, but melted into the blonde's kiss. She nodded, blushing. "I think that would be a great idea, Ahmo." Miss Electric laughed and then dropped her towel, tugging Jelena Jensen down the hall for some very enjoyable training.


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