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The shadowy members of the PSPW boardroom oversee all matters pertaining to the successful running of the hottest Porn based wrestling attraction. These people run successful businesses outside of PSPW - they have fetishes and desire’s; that if known could ruin them both publically and financially. Their support and funding towards the league is rewarded with total anonymity from the masses at large, and more importantly the feeding of their individual cravings.
Representing the members of the board - as a liaison to the managers and wrestlers, is porn star; Julia Ann. She deals with every aspect in the running of the league - hiring and firing, etc - anyone who wants to make a suggestion to the board must go through her.


  July 7 2011

Marie-Claude was red eyed and shellshocked as she rode in the back of the taxi with Kayden Kross, still trying to make sense of what she had done when she agreed to be the smaller blonde's slave earlier in the day. The taxi pulled into the offloading area and Marie-Claude winced as Kayden slapped her across the face to get her attention. "Get my bags from the trunk and follow me."

Marie-Claude's eyes widened as she stammerred, "But... I'm naked... I can't get on a plane like this!" She looked out the window at the island airport and the people milling about.

Kayden, dressed in a simple island print sundress, slapped her again and said, "You will do what you are told slave." Kayden climbed out of the taxi and dragged Marie-Claude out by the hair. "We aren't flying commecial you idiot, and they won't stop you no matter what you are wearing." Marie-Claude started to try to cover herself up with her hands but Kayden's open hand left another red print on her face and she whimpered, "Get. My. Bags."

A small crowd had started to notice the commotion at the taxi stand and Marie-Claude tried to ignore them as, completely nude and obviously humiliated, she quickly grabbed Kayden's bags from the trunk and stumbled to follow her owner into the airport to begin the flight to her new home.

  April 7 2011

Minka tapped her fingers on the sofa arm as thelate night show end titles ran on the screen, "Boooooriingg" She muttered to herself, checking the nearby wall clock, "One am... and still not sleepy...Why the hell do I have to stay at home on Satuday night?" Her thoughts locked on her nominal employer, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, "That bitch... A likely excuse to force me to stay at home as house keeper because of these worries about burglars..."

She grinned, checking the newspaper’s front page, when she heard a noise coming from the main door. "Burglar?" she thought, then the key turning made her shake her head, "No it’s just Marie... It's Saturday night, why the hell is she back so early?" She shook her head and smiled evilly as a naughty idea came to her and she muttered, "No wait... that does sound like a thief..."Minka’s eyes narrowed and she turned the light off.

Marie-Claude yawned and closed the door behind her, she saw no lights and did not pay attention as she moved to the kitchen, but as she passed the corner, she found herself with a bag on her head. Marie-Claude thrashed and tried to turn, but before she could even protest, there was tape wrapped around the bag, gagging her, and she was pushed forward.

"Ouhmhhpph!"Was all she could say and she grunted as her chest was pressed on the table surface and someone sat on her back.

Right over her, she heard a loud cry of "THIEF!" with the clear Asian accent.

"Mmmfffnnnnkaaaa?" was all she could manage around the gag and bag.

The dark haired maid straddled the ‘intruder’. Facing her bottom, and with the lights off, pretending not to know who she was, Minka said, "Naughty thief needs to learn a lesson! Don’t break into Marie’s house or her maid will kick your ass!" She said, lifting Marie-Claude’s short leather skirt baring her rear.

The Canadian struggled as she felt the air blow on her skin and a muffled "Whhthhlll??" came from her.

"Bad thief!" Grinned Minka as she began slapping Marie-Claude’s ass, making it became red quickly. The trapped owner of the house kicked and struggled under her for minutes as Minka continued to cruelly spank her until a muffled sob escaped the bag over her head. Then Minka paused to wipe her brow of the sweat from her exertion and said, "And now for good measure..." Marie-Claude kicked her feet futilely,not knowing what her maid could do, but expecting nothing good. And it was, Minka had grabbed her thong and wedgied it with few hard pulls until it broke free. "Oh damn..." Minka said, "You made me break a nail!" She gave the ‘thief’ another hard slap on the now completely naked ass and then wrapped the thong around a finger. "...you bitch, I hate breaking nails. I will make you regret this." She hissed, pushing the finger and underwear into Marie-Claude’s rear, ignoring the muffled yells of protest.

Then she moved to the light switch and turned on the lights, then pulled her victim up saying, “Let’s have a look at you thief!” Then Minka yanked the bag off of Marie-Claude’s head to show the tear streaked face of her employer. She looked at her straight in the eye and faked surprise. Then she said, incincerely, "Ooohhh I am sooooo sooorry. I thought you were a thief!" Then she shrugged as if nothing had happened and added, "Well...never mind then, accidents happen." and headed out of the room, leaving Marie-Claude to wince as she pulled her panties out of her ass.

  April 6 2011

“What the hell!?”Marie-Claude yelled as she saw items, sheets, dresses, all piled outside her guestroom, right in the hallway.

“Sorry?” The answer came out right from the room and the blonde stepped in to check the situation. Inside, Minka was placing her things in the drawers, humming softly, clearly uncaring of Marie-Claude’s presence, “Oh! You are here,” smiled the, Korean feigning surprise.

Marie-Claude closed in on her maid and had her faceinches from her, “What are you do...” But her protest was blocked by a single finger.

Minka pressed it over Marie-Claude’s lips, “Hush... And calm down sweetie...” Her eyes clearly challenging the Canadian to do anything. Satisfied that the only reaction was silence, she moved even closer so that their breasts were touching. “Just think... I need a real bedroom for me, that servant’s room was too small. I require a place where I can keep my things and relax.” Her voice was calm and smooth. Then she made a grim expression and gave Marie-Claude a hard shove, almost making her fall on her ass, “That is, unless you want to upset me. Do you?” The Korean moved closer to her ‘employer’, arms crossed, again to challenge her into a reaction.  

Once again,the Canadian swallowed her retort, remembering their last match, and stepped back, stammering at Minka's boldness, “We… well, you, you may be right.” and turned to head out of the guest room, leaving Minka do as she wanted.

  March 28 2011

Minka was sitting on the sofa, sipping a drink with a little umbrella in it, the other hand holding open a book. Near her, the phone was ringing, and had been for nearly two minutes without seeming to get her attention. Suddenly, the door opened and Marie-Claude stormed in, “The phone!”

Minka's eyebrow raised as she paused from her reading and the ‘Maid’ looked up at Marie-Claude with a devilish smile onher face.

The Canadian bombshell was wearing only a short towel around her body and was dripping water all over. As fast as she could,she picked up the phone, “Hello?? HELLO??? Damn!” She turned quickly toward the Asian, “That has been ringing forever! I am expecting a call from Sophia!” Clearly, she blamed her maid.

Minka didn't change her expression; she just watched the red faced and dripping blonde, challenging Marie-Claude to do something about it. Then she noticed a widening of Marie-Claude's eyes, she calmly said, “Then you shouldn't have wasted time with the towel. Are you afraid I'll see you naked?”

Gulping, Marie-Claude placed the phone back inplace and swallowed her angry retort, then turned toward the door, muttering, “Yes...yeah, you are right.” Her voice came out unsure, increasing the broad smile of the Asian.

When Marie-Claude had left, Minka smiled and said to herself as she turned back toher book, “I think I can get used to this maid business.”

  March 8 2011

Divini Rae and Aria Giovanni entered the backstage area after their sucessful defense of the Princess Team titles and turned a corner to run right into the new Regent, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais.

The slim blonde stopped and looked across at the Princess team with a sneer and turned away. Aria reached out and grabbed her by the arm, saying, "Do not look at my Mistress like that!" Marie-Claude yanked her arm free and laughed.

The new Regent looked down her nose and scoffed, "Get your pathetic little follower out of my way or I will have to hurt her like I have all of your other ones Divini."

Divini's eyebrow arched and she glanced at Aria once. The brunette stepped forward again and shoved Marie-Claude back. "And you do NOT speak to her that way bitch! You want a shot at me? Come get one!"

Marie-Claude stepped back gracefully and nodded, "You are on flunky, and you will just join Minka and Veronica and Rachel and Linsey and Francine on my list of Divini's toys that I have played with."

Aria steamed and was only restrained by a gently hand laid on her arm, then said, "You and me, next week and I will make you scream for forgiveness."

Marie-Claude replied, "No, I'm going to knock you right out Aria."

Divini interrupted, "Pinfall, in the ring."

Marie-Claude nodded and said, "Non-title."

Aria said, "You afraid? Nevermind, I don't care about it anyway, I already have one. I'll be there."

Marie-Claude laughed and walked away, her new tiara sparkling in the light. Aria looked back at Divini who smiled and said, "You know what to do my pet?"

"Yes Mistress."

  November 22 2010


Jordan Carver was pissed off and looking for revenge. It was bad enough that she had lost her match to Anekee but then the bitch had added insult to injury by pinning Jordan to the mat and jacking herself off all over Jordan’s face. The fans had loved it, of course, but Jordan hadn’t been amused in the least. Still splattered with traces of the blonde’s cum Jordan had scrambled out of the ring while Anekee was making her way up the exit ramp. She caught up with the girl halfway through the backstage area and grabbed her by the shoulder, spinning her around and greeting her with a surprise elbow smash to the face. Then she shoved Anekee through the curtained entrance of an unused dressing room and followed her inside.

Anekee stumbled into the small cubicle and before she could turn around a kidney punch sent spasms of pain through her lower back. Then she was spun around and slapped soundly across the face. “You fucking bitch,” Jordan growled, slapping the girl again. “You think you can just cum all over me and leave me like that and get away with it?” Jordan took hold of a nipple and twisted until Anekee squealed loudly. “You got your rocks off so now it’s my turn…let’s see how you like getting a face full of cum!” She cranked the nipple around further and ordered, “On your knees, bitch, and eat me out!”

Jordan let the nipple go as Anekee dropped to her knees and obediently started to lick the brunette’s slit. It soon became apparent that Anekee wasn’t just going through the motions, she enthusiastically tongued Jordan’s slit and ate her out thoroughly. When Jordan finally grunted and came she ground her crotch hard into Anekee’s face and smeared her juices all over the girl’s face.

“Well, looks like you beat me to it…” a voice said.

Startled, Jordan turned partially to find Goddess Heather standing just inside the doorway. The muscle diva was naked and holding a huge double-ended gel dildo at her side in one hand. “I came by to reward Anekee for winning her match,” Heather said as she sauntered into the confined space. “But since you’re here perhaps you can be of some use!”

Jordan took a few steps back cautiously as she tried to gauge the heel’s intentions but there wasn’t much room and she was quickly backed against a wall. Meanwhile Heather continued to advance slowly with a coy smile on her lips. Her eyes flicked over Jordan’s naked body and she licked her lips. Jordan pondered whether she could take the musclewoman. Under normal circumstances she would say she had a pretty even chance but she was still feeling the effects of her match while Heather was rested and obviously ready for action. “If you think I’m going to be her bitch just because I lost to her you’re sadly mistaken,” Jordan said, sounding more confident than she was feeling at the moment. Heather was close enough that their breasts were almost touching and Jordan tensed in preparation for an attack. But then Heather smiled and chuckled softly.

“You’ve got it backwards, honey. I’m not talking about making you her bitch, I’m talking about making her yours. Anekee is a submissive little slut by nature. She gets off on being abused so when she wins I ‘reward’ her by arranging for someone to fuck the shit out of her. Here, take this…” Heather pushed the end of the gel dildo up into the bottom gap between Jordan’s tits and slid it up along her cleavage until it poked up out of the top. When she let it go the dildo remained wedged between Jordan’s tits. “I want you to fuck the living daylights out of her,” Heather purred.  She leaned in close and their breasts pressed together. “Work her over good in all her holes, and give those big milkbags of hers a really workout as well. Use her to your heart’s content!”

“Seriously?” Jordan asked, suspicious. “And what do you want in return?”

“We’ll just say you owe me one,” Heather grinned. “I’m sure you can think of some way to return the favor. Next time you win a bitch in a match, bring her over for me to play with. Or if you’re feeling adventurous sometime come pay me a visit and I’ll give you a ride you’ll never forget! But don’t worry about that right now.” With a final glance at Jordan’s tits Heather pulled back and said, “She’s yours for the night, do with her as you like. And just remember that while she may squeal like a banshee you’re actually doing her a favor.” Heather turned and as she left she glanced at Anekee and smirked, “You’re welcome, bitch!” Then she was gone.

Jordan couldn’t believe her luck. She slowly pulled the gel dildo from between her tits and as she looked down at Anekee, who was still kneeling on the floor and looking up at her anxiously, a smile slowly spread across her face. “Oh I’m going to enjoy this! Turn around and stick that ass up in the air, bitch! I’m gonna pry you open!”

  November 22 2010


Nichole Van Croft woke to find herself on top of Sophia Rossi and face-to-face with her opponent. They had just finished a match and Nichole was pretty sure it had ended in a draw. Most people in her circumstance would probably be more concerned about where they were and how they had gotten there but instead Nichole kissed Sophia until the blonde’s eyes fluttered and she started to revive.

“Since you’re on top of me you’d better be planning on fucking me,” Sophia said curtly.

“That’s next on my list,” Nichole giggled, “just as soon as I figure out where we are…”

Glancing around they quickly realized they were lying on a bench in what appeared to be a locker room. Nichole’s arms were around Sophia and pulled back under the bench where her hands were tied together, and Sophia’s hands were similarly tied behind Nichole’s back. Suddenly Taylor Vixen stepped into view and stood in front of them, looking down at the helpless blondes.

“So, you two thought you were going to gang bang me again after the match, huh?” Taylor grinned and held up a Pussy Zapper in each hand. “Well it was a draw so you both are out of luck because now it’s my turn! Like they say ladies, payback is a bitch!”

Taylor stepped around behind them, disappearing from sight. Suddenly Nichole gasped and then moaned as the low humming sound of one of the zappers fired up. Nichole’s pussy was soon palpitating wildly, then she squealed out loud as the other zapper plunged full-length into her ass.

“Oh God!” Nichole moaned. Her face flushed rapidly and her eyes rolled back slightly as waves of pleasure washed over her. “Oh yeah! Oooooh! F-f-fuck me!”

“What’s she doing?” Sophia asked eagerly.

“B-both holes…” Nichole moaned. “Sooooo good!”

“Damn you look so fucking hot when you’re getting nailed,” Sophia purred. She leaned her head up and kissed Nichole hungrily, driving her tongue into the blonde’s mouth. Nichole came so quickly that Taylor continued zapping her in both holes until she came a second and then third time. Then it was Sophia’s turn and she started bucking wildly as she was double stuffed and forced through several electrically induced orgasms while Nichole kissed her with the seeming intense of sucking the moans right out of her.

When the zappers pulled out of Sophia the two blondes assumed Taylor was through, but they both suddenly started squealing as a zapper pressed against each of their clits. Taylor was obviously enjoying herself, taunting and coaxing them as she delivered zaps all over their pussies while they feverishly kissed each other in a sexual frenzy. Finally the humming stopped and as Nichole and Sophia panted ragged they heard a clatter as both zappers dropped to the floor. A moment later Taylor stepped around in front of them once more and squatted down, thrusting her crotch between their faces.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Taylor purred as the women started licking her pussy from the top and bottom at the same time without needing to be told. “Work that pussy, girls! And don’t stop until I tell you to!”

Taylor let them eat her out through several orgasms before she was finally satisfied. As she untied them she said, “Maybe next time you two will think twice before ganging up on a referee, huh?”

“I don’t know about Sophia but if it means you’ll fuck me like that again I’ll gladly molest you before every match,” Nichole giggled.

“Yeah, what she said,” Sophia grinned.

Rolling her eyes, Taylor picked up the two zappers and tossed them to the blondes. “Go on, get out of here, you sluts!”

Outside the locker room as they walked side by side down the hallway Nichole said, “I need a hot shower and a good night’s rest…” She slipped an arm around behind Sophia and cupped one of her buttocks, giving it a squeeze as she looked at the woman and asked suggestively, “Sleepover?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Sophia grinned.

  October 31 2010


Anekee had never been in the referees’ office before. In fact she hadn’t even realized that there was an official office for the arena’s referees until she had been dragged in there a few minutes before by Ashton Moore with Taylor Vixen, Adele Stephens and Sarenna Lee all filing in behind them. Sarenna stood back and watched as the other three refs stood gathered in front of Anekee with their hands roaming all over her massive tits…and there was plenty of tit to go around for all of them!

“Jesus, look at the size of these things!” Adele exclaimed.

“Nice and soft, too,” Taylor purred.

Ashton tugged on one of the girl’s tassels and asked, “You ready to admit what you did now?”

“I…I didn’t do anything…” Anekee insisted with a whimpering moan. With six hands fondling her sensitive jugs she was aroused and her face was flushed. She was breathing heavily, causing her huge chest to rise and fall dramatically. “I swear! I used spirit gum…just enough to hold them on…” Just then a thought occurred to her: Heather had been the one who actually glued the tassels on her! The muscle heel must have switched glues on her! “Oh God, no…” Anekee exclaimed at the realization. The referees however mistook her reaction.

“Oh wow, I think she’s going to cream,” Taylor giggled. The hands groping Anekee’s boobs stroked and squeezed her more intensely, quickly pushing her over the edge. The three refs squealed in delight as they watched the girl shudder and started spurting.

“Damn she’s got a hair trigger…” Taylor said in awe.

“Nipple triggers is more like it,” Adele said.

“Step aside,” Sarenna ordered, suddenly stepping forward. She shoved her way through the other referees and glared darkly at Anekee. She knew the girl was hiding something so she gathered the two dangling tassels together in one hand and yanked up on them until Anekee’s tits were suspended above her. “OK, now out with it, girlie! You were about to say something, just before these bimbos started popping your cork!”

“Aaaahhh! It was Heather!” Anekee squealed frantically. “S-she was helping me with my tassels! She was the one who put the glue on them…s-she must have switched it!! I didn’t know, I swear!”

Still holding the girl’s tits up and dangling, Sarenna shoved her other hand between Anekee’s legs and took hold of her clit. “Anything else you’ve conveniently just remembered?” the referee coaxed as she started to twist her fingers slowly.

“No! Honest!” Anekee begged.

Just then head referee Lucy Pinder came in and demanded, “What’s going on here?”

“Just trying to get to the bottom of this mess,” Sarenna said, quickly letting go of Anekee. “Looks like we’ve got it figured out, too…” She quickly filled the head referee in on what Anekee had told them. Lucy asked the girl a few questions of her own and then nodded in agreement.

“I’m satisfied that Anekee didn’t know about the glue switch,” she said to the other refs. “Sounds like Heather was behind it but we’ll never be able to prove if she was trying to cheat or just pulling a Halloween prank…frankly either way sounds like something she would do. In any event Anekee wasn’t to blame so the ruling on her match stands.” Lucy looked at Anekee and said, “You’re free to go.”

Anekee mumbled a quick thanks and left, heading straight for the Diamond’s locker room. After some trial and error Dr. Mendoza was able to finally remove the tassels with some special solvent. Anekee’s nipples were left sore and swollen but at least she wouldn’t be stuck wearing the tassels for the rest of the week!

  September 2 2010

Taya Parker was ready to retaliate, even I could not believe that Sugar Shanelle had humiliated her in her last fight, and she could not believe how she had been defeated, the blonde had snatched her away a place in the PSPW and she was furious about it.  Taya had planned her revenge, she and fellow brunette; Lucia Tobar (a sexy Latina), would fight together, and both would hopefully sexually humiliate the blonde.

Taya search to the blonde after his fight with Lena Li, and said.

Taya: bitch, you were lucky tonight.

Sugar: Hi loser... lucky?  Your’e wrong bitch, luck had nothing to do with it.

Taya: I'm not wrong. You were lucky today, and in our fight to.

Sugar: That was not luck either, I'm better than any other woman in the ring and in bed.

Taya just stared coldly at the blonde.

Sugar: When do you want to prove that I am better than you?

Taya: How about right now? If your that good you can beat me and my partner.

Sugar: who is the other?

Taya: Lucia Tobar

Sugar: hahahahaha that bitch!!!  I beat herbefore, just like you.

At that time Lucia entered.

Lucia: you are a stupid bitch.

Sugar: Hey, I thought would never see you after of that I fucked you silly in our last fight.

Taya: Try to do it again bitch!

Sugar: I accept the challenge, but with a condition?

Taya: Which is?

Sugar: If you win you get to fuck me silly! But if I win, you become in my sex slaves.

Taya and Lucia accepted at the same time.


Lucia: when we are we going to fuck? Sorry I meant fight!

Sugar: ha ha very funny... How about now?

Taya: yes

Lucia: Of course

And the two beauties started the battle... Each brunette took a leg of the blonde, Sugar fell to the ground and Lucia pounced on her to earn a two count.  The two were on the floor and started to roll, with Lucia on top, then the blonde, then Lucia, both continued to roll until Sugar managed to pin Lucia for a two count.  Sugar then manages to free herself, but the brunette bites one of the blondes nipples, Sugar cries in pain, somehow Lucia forces Sugar back down for a two count.

The brunette was dominating, the blonde was seemingly being tamed, Taya did not stop supporting her friend.  Sugar though was smart, when she saw her chance, she took the black hair of the Latin girl and smashed her face first into the canvas, the brunette could not get up from the blow, she was laying on the canvas, her arms and legs spread, and the blonde very provocatively took the brunette's legs, opened them slowly and sensually, then pinned to Lucia for a count of four, but in the last second the brunette kicked out.

Lucia then managed to crawl to her corner and tag in Taya.

And another hot chapter of this fight goes on, with a toy introduced sexual dancing among their pussies, the blonde in a rapid movement with his powerful thrust and Taya can’t resist her orgasm, she quickly loses, while the blonde lunges on top for a pin, but Lucia intervenes giving Taya a chance to tag in her partner.

Lucia: Now try that with me.

Sugar: With pleasure.

Only Lucia proves no match for Sugar and is soon defeated.

Sugar then humiliates her new slaves... First Taya... The blonde put the ass in the face of the brunette and moves very sensually, faster, faster, each time more, while the brunette struggles for freedom, Sugar ends it and goes after Lucia, to apply the same medicine...

After the impromto match, Sugar forces the brunettes to pledge their loyalty to her: Sugar Shanelle, you're better, more beautiful and sensual than us, we are your willing slaves.

  August 17 2010

Julia Ann is meeting Blake and Taylor in her office once more. The previous two meetings have resulted in wild 3-way lesbian sessions and Julia Ann feels a tingle in her pussy at the prospect of another. 'Ladies - always a pleasure - what can I do for you'. 'Well' says Blake 'we have a favour to ask ..' 'Ooooh good ' says Julia Ann 'hang on a minute'. She disappears to the room next door and comes back a moment later with a huge double dildo. 'This arrived the other day and I immediately thought of you two - I'd love you to be the first to try it, while I watch. In fact, I'll get you both warmed up. Lay back on the couch both of you and let's get started.' 'Errr - don't you want to hear what the favour is first?' says Blake. 'You can tell me while I'm working on you' says Julia Ann. Blake and Taylor look at each other and shrug. They both strip off and sit side by side on the couch, with their legs apart. Julia Ann kneels between them and begins rubbing both their pussies, one with each hand. Blake and Taylor both squirm with pleasure as Julia Ann's fingers find their clits and start rubbing them. 'So' she says 'what was this favour?' 'Well' says Blake 'you know that .. ahhh .. that .... ahhhh ..... that .... oh god that feels good. You - gasp - you tell her Taylor'. Julia Ann smiles. Both pussies are warming up nicely and she slowly eases a finge deep into each, working the clits with her thumbs. 'OK' says Taylor 'well ahhhhhhh' as Julia Ann's finger slides deeper and deeper into her slit. 'Well ... we *gasp* we *gasp* .... we ....oh my God, your fingers are so good' 'Never mind' says Julia Ann 'I'm sure it will wait - now let's just see how you like *this*'. Two gasps of pleasure follow as Julia Ann makes a fist with each hand and starts to slide it in and out of the two pussies before her. Taylor and Blake both arch their backs with pleasure and moan. As Julia Ann continues to fist them, they hold on to each other and a moment later they both come at the same time, screaming loudly.

When they have recovered a little they both kiss Julia Ann warmly. 'Ready for the dildo?' asks Julia Ann. Both ladies nod. 'While we are getting set up you can tell me about this favour'. Julia Ann busies herself arranging Blake on her back on the sofa with Taylor lying on top of her as if she was about to do her mish-style. She goes to one end of the sofa where she can see two moist pussies one above the other. As Taylor attempts to maek their request Julia Ann takes the two ends of the dildo and inserts one just inside each moist pair of pussy lips. 'Well' says Taylor 'Amber and Candice were chatting the other day during practice and they said ... 'ahhhhhh! jesus - that's big ... they said .... they .... ooooh my god'. Once more Taylor and Blake are rendered speechless with pleasure as the huge monster slips into their moist pussies. Taylor has the upper hand, and as she starts to slide up and down on the dildo her hip movements drive the dildo in and out of Blake's pussy at the same time. Julia Ann watches and then takes a vibrator out of her desk drawer to settle down and enjoy the show. Taylor stays on top until she and Blake have both come and then they reverse positions and Blake does the honours. By now Julia Ann is warmed up and she decides it is her turn to try her new toy. 'Mmm yes - that's good' she breathes as it slides inside her and in no time at all she is bringing herself and Blake to a climax.

Thirty minutes later, the air in the office is heavy with the scent of well-fucked pussy. The three ladies are relaxing in a friendly huddle on the sofa. 'So' says Julia Ann 'what exactly was this favour?' 'Oh yes' says Blake 'we wondered if it would be OK to put Amber and Candice out as a tag team - Sugar and Spice was the name we had in mind'. 'Is that all?' says Julia Ann 'No problem. In fact you don't really need to ask'. She pauses then smiles at them both and say 'But I'm glad you did!'

August 16th, 2010

Kneeling, Laura Lee sucked on the clit throbbing in her mouth as fingers ran through her long black hair.  She teased the pink knob with her tongue and when she heard a sharp moan from above her she slipped her tongue down and dipped it into the warm wet slit just as a flood of sweet thick fluid started to pour out. Laura lapped it up dutifully and then wearily lifted her head and looked up expectantly.

“Again…” Nichole Van Croft said huskily, her hand on Laura’s head already starting to push it back down into place.

“Jesus Christ, isn’t that enough already?” Laura groaned.  “What was that…the third time?”

“Fourth, actually,” Nichole giggled.  “But I believe Julia Ann said that if I won you would suck me off all night long if that’s what I want.”  She looked over Laura to the woman seated across from them and watching them with a mixture of amusement and lust. “Isn’t that right?”

“That was the deal,” Julia Ann agreed.

“Well right now all night sounds pretty good to me,” Nichole giggled and shoved Laura’s face back down into her pussy.  “So get to it and just hope that I don’t decide to make it a full dozen times!” Laura whimpered but did as she was told and Nichole closed her eyes as she leaned her head back and moaned in pleasure. She had suspected Laura might try to wimp out on her so it had been her idea to come back to Julia Ann’s penthouse suite to collect her night of service from the brunette heel.  And on the plus side that meant she’d probably also get some action from Julia as well!

Sure enough, after a few minutes Julia stood up and started to remove her dressing gown. Underneath she was wearing only a strap-on dildo and as she strolled over and knelt behind Laura she smiled knowingly.  “Maybe I can help motivate Laura a little bit,” she purred as she eased the head of the dildo into the brunette’s rear opening. Leaning over, she reached around between Laura’s legs and started to finger the brunette’s clit, then she looked up at Nichole.  “I think she’ll be good for a few more,” she purred, “but don’t worry.  Once she’s too worn out to continue I’ll do my best to keep you entertained!”

Nichole didn’t doubt it for a moment and in fact she had been counting on it.  As Laura slurped at her pussy and moaned from the rear pounding Julia was giving her, Nichole purred in satisfaction and decided that she definitely enjoyed the perks that went along with being the Duchess of Desire!

August 15th, 2010


Nichole Van Croft sucked hungrily on the tongue pushing into her mouth and she made no effect to stop the hand that was pulling the front of her blouse open.  Soon her skirt was off as well as she purred in pleasure as fingers ran teasingly up and down along her slit. Eventually the tongue withdrew and Nichole opened her eyes to look over at the woman seated next to her on the couch. She smiled sexily and said “I like the way you show your appreciation, ma’am…”

When Nichole had gotten the invitation to come over to Julia Ann’s penthouse suit the official explanation was that the General Manager wanted to congratulate Nichole on her title victory at the last PPV event. Nichole had assumed that Julia was really more interested in sex…everyone seemed to want to get a piece of the new Duchess of Desire…but that was just fine with Nichole.  She would have been disappointed (not to mention a little insulted) if the GM hadn’t tried to seduce her, and in fact she was already starting to feel frustrated that Julia’s hand had pulled away from her crotch.  Leaning closer, Julia draped an arm around Nichole’s shoulders and cupped a breast in one hand as she smiled and purred, “Well I do have one other thing I wanted to discuss with you, my dear…”

“I hope it involves a strap-on,” Nichole giggled, “or at least a vibrator.”

“I think that can be arranged,” Julia grinned, “but what I have in mind is more of a business proposition.”  She idly toyed with Nichole’s nipple as she explained, “Laura Lee would like a match with you at the next house show.”

“You don’t need to butter me up just for that,” Nichole giggled again.  “She can challenge me anytime, as long as it’s a sexfight!”

“Yes, but she doesn’t want just an ordinary match,” Julia explained, “she wants to challenge you for the Duchess title.”

“At a house show?” Nichole asked, suddenly all business.  “That’s…a bit unusual.  No disrespect but I worked hard to earn my shot at that title, why should I just give Laura a shot at it for nothing?”

Well it wouldn’t exactly be for nothing,” Julia said with a coy smile.  “Let me show you…”  She whistled sharply and Laura Lee entered into the room. The brunette was wearing nothing but a short white bathrobe and she strolled casually over to stand directly in front of Nichole.  When Julia snapped her fingers Laura pulled her bathrobe open and shrugged it off over her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor behind her. Laura struck a sexy pose and gave Nichole her best ‘I know I’m hot’ look.

“You can select the match format,” Julia said to Nichole as the blonde stared lustfully at Laura.  “Laura knows you’ll have the advantage, all she’s asking for is a chance.  And in return, if you win she’s yours for the night.”  Julia looked at Laura and said, “Show Nichole what she has to look forward to…”

Smiling knowingly, Laura knelt before Nichole and immediately lowered her mouth to the blonde’s pussy. Nichole gasped sharply and started moaning as the brunette started eating her out voraciously.

“She has a very talented mouth, doesn’t she?” Julia chuckled.

“Oh G-god yeah…” Nichole moaned.

“Just think,” Julia purred, leaning close once more and whispering hotly in Nichole’s ear, “if you win she’ll do that to you all night long if that’s what you want. Then you can lick her hot, sweet pussy to your heart’s content!”

“W-what h-happens…if…I lose?” Nichole gasped, already building towards a powerful orgasm.

“Then the new Duchess will bring you back here to me and together we’ll console you on your loss,” Julia chuckled.  “We’ll even use those strap-ons and vibrators you mentioned earlier…so, do we have a deal?”

“Yes!” Nichole squealed, both in response to the question and the flood of juice that started to gush from her pussy. She normally wouldn’t have been so eager to put her new title on the line so soon but she could resist the chance to have Laura all to herself for an entire night! As the brunette’s face burrowed deeper into her pussy Nichole hoped that she wouldn’t regret her decision, but deep down she knew she’d be satisfied, at least sexually, no matter how the match went!


August 1st, 2010


In her penthouse apartment Julia Ann gave herself a final check in the mirror and adjusted the sexy blue teddy she was wearing. She was preparing for a ‘business meeting’ and she wanted everything to be just right. The PSPW was probably one of the few business organizations where a teddy would be considered appropriate attire for a business meeting, but then again Julia’s specialty was trading sexual favors to make whatever backroom deals were necessary to provide PSPW fans with the most exciting and erotic shows possible. That’s why Laura Lee, who was now Julia’s full-time ‘companion’, was scurrying around the penthouse suite naked except for a pair of high-heeled stilettos as she made the final preparations for the arrival of their guest.

Julia had just settled onto the black leather loveseat in the front room of the suite when the doorbell rang. Laura immediately went to answer it and Julia smiled to herself as she watched the brunette. Laura was completely without any trace of self-consciousness and was perfectly at ease being naked as well as being seen naked. That was one of the things Julia liked about her…that and her wickedly talented tongue, of course!

Laura opened the door and smiled invitingly at the large woman framed in the doorway. “Welcome,” she purred sexily. “Julia Ann is expecting you…”


“I should hope so,” Goddess Heather said dryly, “considering she invited me here.” She raised one eyebrow as she regarded the ravishing brunette. “And considering you’re already naked and ready I have to say I’m encouraged by the prospects!”

“Julia likes me this way,” Laura said with a sly smile, “and I find it…refreshingly liberating.” Heather was dressed in tight black leather pants and a matching sleeveless vest with a high collar and a zipper running down the front. The zipper was currently pulled down to just below her breasts, revealing a large expanse of cleavage. Laura noticed the long thick bulge running down along the inside of the musclewoman’s right pants leg and smiled slightly to herself but didn’t comment on it; instead she slipped her arm through Heather’s to escort her into the living room. “Right this way, Goddess…Julia Ann is eager to get down to business.”

“I know the kind of ‘business’ she likes to do,” Heather chuckled as she allowed the dark-haired beauty to lead her into the front room of the penthouse suite, “and I gotta say I approve!”

“Heather!” Julia said warmly, standing to greet the muscle diva. “Loved your performance at the Sexfest event! The fans always enjoy seeing Tiffany get the worst of it and your match was one of the most popular of the show! Please,” she said, motioning to the loveseat, “make yourself comfortable. Would you care for a drink? Laura just made a fresh pitcher of margaritas…”

“That’ll do,” Heather nodded as she dropped into the offered seat. Julia nodded to Laura and then settled beside Heather as Laura went to fetch a round of drinks.

“I imagine you’re wondering why I invited you here,” Julia said with a knowing smile.

“You could say that,” Heather admitted. She patted the bulge running along her inner thigh and grinned. “It’s the first time I’ve been asked to come to a business meeting packing a rod, that’s for sure.”

“Well I figured it might come in handy before the evening is through,” Julia chuckled. She brought one leg up and curled it underneath her on the loveseat so she could turn to partially face Heather, reaching a hand out and resting it on the big woman’s shoulder. “You’re one of our most popular heels and the fans love you…or more accurately they love to hate you, which in terms of box office revenue is even better.” As she spoke she slowly ran a finger along the contours of the muscles on Heather’s arm. “I have a business proposition for you, one which will give you a new form of exposure. There’s no risk to your rank standing and in addition to a paid bonus I’m willing to offer some additional incentives off the record. In short it’s a win-win situation for you.”

“I’m listening,” Heather said, obviously curious about what the GM had in mind. Laura arrived with two frosted margaritas glasses on a serving tray. She offered one to Heather and then Julia before setting the tray aside and standing before Heather waiting patiently.

“Laura here wants a special match with Tiffany Towers at the upcoming PVP event,” Julia explained, “and I’m inclined to indulge her. It will be a submission sexfight and given your recent match with Tiffany I thought that you would make the perfect guest referee. Laura is a big fan of your work and naturally she’s more than willing to, shall we say, show you her appreciation in advance…” Julia gave Laura a subtle nod of her head and the brunette knelt gracefully in front of Heather. She smiled sexily as she pushed Heather’s legs apart and ran her hands up along the inside of the big woman’s muscled thighs, pursing her lips and purring hungrily as her left hand rubbed along the hard bulge underneath the tight leather material. Leaning forward she carefully unbuckled Heather’s belt and unfastened her pants, pulling them open and tugging them down partially. Immediately the shaft of the large strap-on Heather was wearing popped out and stood at attention, wavering slightly as it was released from its confinement. Lowering her head, Laura made a show of slowly running her tongue up and down along the length of the shaft a few times, then she grasped the shaft in both hands as she wrapped her mouth around the thick head and began sucking on it. The strap-on was Heather’s current favorite and it had a hollow shaft that connected to a fitted suction cup on the back of the mounting harness. Between Laura’s sucking and the jacking motion of her hands on the shaft the dildo was pumping Heather’s pussy and the big woman let out a low, guttural moan of pleasure.

As Julia watched she couldn’t help becoming aroused herself. Heather’s brutish sexual appeal was quite alluring and Julia could easily understand why there were as many women drawn to the muscle dyke as there were women who feared her. In fact, Julia thought to herself, it just might be that fear of getting more than one bargained for that made Heather so attractive. Moving closer, Julia slipped an arm around Heather’s shoulders and leaned in to kiss her passionately on the mouth. With her free hand she pulled the zipper on Heather’s vest all the way down and slipped her hand inside to cup a large, firm breast. A strong arm wrapped around Julia’s waist, pulling her closer as Heather returned the kiss enthusiastically. Soon they were tongue wrestling hotly as Laura bobbed her head up and down rapidly and sucked Heather off. Within a few minutes Heather grunted and came, sending a surge of warm, pungent jizz up through the shaft of her dildo. Laura gamely swallowed the first few spurts and after the last one she tilted her head back and lewdly gargled with Heather’s cum before letting it run down her throat.

“Your girl is a freak,” Heather chuckled. “I like that in a woman!” She used a finger to pull one of the straps of Julia’s teddy down off her shoulder and as the lacey material fell away to reveal the GM’s left breast Heather cupped it and gave it a firm squeeze. “Now why don’t you show me a little ‘appreciation’ as well…”

“Oh I was already planning on it,” Julia assured the woman. She threw a leg over Heather’s lap and impaled herself on the large plastic cock, resting her hands on the heel’s shoulders and running them along the tight corded muscles there as she started bouncing herself up and down eagerly. Behind her, Laura licked up and down along the crack of her ass a few times and then began tongue-fucking her rear entry. Meanwhile Heather pulled the front of Julia’s teddy down completely and put her mouth to work on the GM’s plump breasts.

A short while later they had shifted positions slightly. Julia was sitting on the loveseat and sprawled back with her legs spread wide apart while Laura knelt before her and worked at licking Heather’s cum out of her pussy. Heather, meanwhile, was kneeling behind Laura and giving the brunette’s pussy a hard and steady pounding. Julia gasped sharply and threw her head back as she came violently, then she watched Laura lap up her juices for a moment before looking up at Heather and asking, “So…can we count on you to referee Laura’s match? Naturally I’m not asking you to show her any preferential treatment or anything like that.”

“Against Tiffany?” Heather snorted. “She doesn’t need it. My old granny could beat that pathetic loser. Come to think of it, the horny old broad would’ve enjoyed it…” She looked down at the shapely ass before her and spread Laura’s buttocks apart, pushing her thumb into the brunette’s tightly puckered ass. Then she looked back up at Julia and smiled slyly. “Alright, I’ll do it…on one condition. I don’t care who wins, I’ll call it like I see it. But I want the loser for the night as my slave.”

To her credit, Laura didn’t flinch or react at all to the request; she continued licking Julia’s pussy as if she hadn’t heard a word, even though Julia knew the brunette was paying close attention to everything that went on. Julia, however, had to consider the idea for a moment. She wasn’t wild about relinquishing her pet to Heather for an entire night…after all, the heel’s penchant for rough play was almost legendary. But then again as Heather herself had pointed out the risk was virtually non-existent; Tiffany hadn’t actually won a match in as long as Julia could remember.

“Very well,” Julia agreed at last. “I’ll make the arrangements and we’ll have you listed as the special referee. But just make sure Tiffany gives the fans a good performance…she sometimes tends to wimp out and give up prematurely.”

“Oh don’t you worry about that,” Heather chuckled, pushing her thumb in deeper and twisting it to make Laura squirm uncomfortably. “I’ll make sure the bitch is properly motivated!”

July 27th, 2010


Julia Ann has asked to see Blake and Taylor in her office. The two ladies come in and take their seats opposite the General Manager. They notice a newly opened parcel on the table - inside the wrapping is a box containing a large, black strap-on. 'Nice' says Blake picking it up. 'Yes - it's new - just arrived today'. It was large - at least 8 inches - and quite realistic. 'yes - you could do some damage with that alright' says Blake putting it down. 'Anyway - you wanted to see us?' 'Yes' says Julia Ann 'I just wanted to see how things are going with the new stable.'. 'Oh - fine' says Blake. 'Amber Evans working out OK for you'. 'Yes' says Blake 'she's training well - starting to win a few matches'. 'Good. And of course you and Candice had us all drooling' says Julia Ann to Taylor. 'Yes' smiles Taylor 'that was fun'. 'Good, good' says Julia Ann. 'So' starts Julia Ann again 'you feel happy in PSPW? Feel you fit in OK? 'Sure' says Taylor 'everyone's been very good to us'. 'And you don't need anything special? persists Julia Ann. 'Nooo' says Blake 'don't think so'. 'Pity' says Julia Ann under her breath. 'OK, OK' she says out loud 'Well then ..' Taylor suddenly bursts out laughing 'I've just realised what this is about. You want us to ask a favour so you can have another fuck don't you?'. Julia Ann blushes. 'Well - it was rather good last time. And I do want to try out my new toy'. 'Well you don't have to go all round the houses you know - what do you think we do up at Blake Towers when we're not training - swap recipes? Of course we'll help you try out your new toy, won't we Blake'. 'God yes - I fancy feeling that beauty in me' says Blake.

Julia Ann grins. 'Well I guess we'll need to get warmed up first' she says. How does a bit of pussy munching sound to you?' 'Sounds divine' says Taylor. Five minutes later all 3 ladies are stripped naked and lying on the floor in a ring so that each can lick the pussy of one of the others. Basically three of the hottest pussies on the planet are being prepared for action by three of the hottest mouths. There is silence in the room broken only by an occasional murmur of satisfaction. Twenty minutes pass before Blake pauses in her work on Taylor's pussy and says 'I think I'm about ready - anyone else?'. Taylor stops lapping Julia Ann's clit with her tongue and says hoarsely 'You had me ready 15 minutes ago babe - but I'm enjoying this too much to want to stop'. Julia Ann pulls her tongue out from deep in Blake's slit to whisper 'Just a little longer .. please'. With a sigh of contentment all three ladies go back to work on each other. After ten more minutes, they all reluctantly stop and sit up. They all grin at each other, their faces shiny with pussy juice.

'So' says Blake 'how do you want this toy of yours?'. 'Cowgirl I think' says Julia Ann 'then I control things'. 'Cowgirl it is' says Blake. 'Want to do the honours Taylor?'. 'No' says Taylor 'I fancy watching'. 'Like you'll just watch' laughs Blake. She ties the strapon around her hips and settles back on the desk. Julia Ann clambers up and positions herself over the monster. Taylor's work has left her moist and ready, but even so the strapon is big and it takes a moment before it is fully in. Blake starts to speak but realises Julia Ann has her eyes closed. She reaches down with both hands to feel her pussy being stretched open by the toy - a little rub on her clit, and she is gently rocking to and fro and shaking with a deep orgasm. When she opens her eyes Blake says 'My - you were ready for that weren't you?'. Julia Ann grins - 'thank Taylor for that - she had me on a hair trigger. Thanks babe'. Taylor comes across and they kiss - which turns into a deep french kiss. Blake then starts to move her hips, and Julia Annn responds, riding the strapon and within a couple of minutes Taylor and Blake have brought her to a second climax. They then switch her to reverse cowgirl, so Taylor can kiss her more easily and also play with her boobs. Blake now has a great view of Julia Ann's ass, and the giant toy as it slides in and out. They prolong the pleasure this time and it's a good ten minutes before Julia Ann comes again.

Julia Ann decides she wants to see her toy in action so she and Taylor swap places. She and Blake watch with great pleasure as the strapon slides in and out of Taylor's tight little pussy. She has two orgasms in reverse and they then check whether Blake is still OK. 'Mmmmm' says Blake 'maybe one more - Taylor could you switch to forward babe - then Julia Ann can sit on my face. The ladies settle themselves in place - Taylor rides the strapon, Julia is facing her having her pussy licked by Blake and Taylor and Julia can kiss and fondle to their heart's content.. After 15 minutes of this Blake declares that she can't wait any longer. 'You want it cowgirl too' asks Julia Ann as she straps the toy on. 'After all this I need a good hard fucking' says Blake. She turns and bends over the desk inviting Julia Ann to do her doggy style. 'Oh my God' says Blake as Julia Ann penetrates her with the toy, and gripping the desk she comes hard after only a few strokes. 'Wow' says Blake. 'More of the same?' says Julia Ann. 'You bet' says Blake 'and Taylor - get on the desk where I can lick that pussy'


Julia Ann gets herself into a nice rhythm and fucks Blake long and hard. She brings Blake off to two more times, and feels her own orgasm starting to build. Taylor looks close from all Blake's tongue work and eventually all three of them come together with great gasps of pleasure which ring round the office. They all take a rest. Julia Ann stays inside Blake but leans forward to kiss her back. Taylor leans forward and tousles her hair affectionately/ 'Thank you ladies' says Julia Ann. 'That was fantastic'. Taylor replies. 'Any time babe - just call us'

 July 26th, 2010

The hot black convertible drove into the units back lot and stopped. Chaka T stepped from the car, adjusted her sunglasses and walked to the back door of the building. Boots and bad ass, flared ass huggers with a tight waisted black jacket and a black bra showing underneath. All framing six inches of lush brown cleavage. She wore her hair straight and wet and looked all business. The door opened before her, she stepped inside, the door closed behind her and she disappeared from view.

That was it for the men watching from the Board sat in their SUV on a street overlooking the three story building. They watched in a patient silence and the cameras on the van made dull viewing for the Board in their headquarters. For an hour they waited and watched. This was just a first assignment for the two operatives. The two hefty thirty something black guys were fresh from a Board training course and having seen some of the talent in the PSPW were keen to do well. The driver looked at his watch, flicked a button on the back of the wheel and the dash mounted twelve inch HD screen popped on...

PSPW-TV is on and Goldie is presenting her 'Hopeful Honies' show from her gym. She is mid ring with a half a dozen cute, scantily clad, teenage 'Hopefuls' lined up.


'Dude this is my favourite show.' the driver says.

'The pro-am one?' his colleague asks.

With enthusiasm. 'Hell yeah. This week is some website sending girls to try out with some of the Ascendancy girls. Sheeeeeeeeeeit its Sophie Howard. That killer British bitch is something. She can beat you so many ways.'

'Better turn that off,' his colleague tells him.

With a look of frustration. 'Dammit.'

'Better that than miss what Chaka's up to.'


'She ain't come out in an hour. Where is that damn Tech team? Until they get here to get some sound and cameras we're blind. 'Dammit,' he says after a pause and flicks the screen off. He lights a cigarette angrily then stubs it right out again. 'Dammit!'


July 19th, 2010


Sugar Shanelle was called for her final fight had been difficult, many beautiful women had been defeated by her sexy body, but the final fight would be against Taya Parker, an exquisite brunette. Kelly Jacobs was convinced of the potential of Sugar, days ago, Kelly told her that her manager was looking for another girl to compete in the PSPW and that it would not be difficult exceed the initial casting.

Gradually Sugar defeated rival after rival, brunettes, Asian girls, Latin girls, blondes... all were defeated, the blonde woman proved to be the most provocative, spectacular, and best of the crop.

But there was one last rival, a sexy brunette bitch; Taya would not be easily overcome …

The time finally came, and the show was striking, the blonde and the brunette came face to face, first for a dance contest, the woman with the best sexy erotic dance would win the first battle, sensual and provocative the two girls moved their bodies to the rhythm of wild music...

The blonde took the victory, with her powerful legs, her eyes, her fantastic tan, her movement of hips... it proved to be a landslide victory!

But the brunette won in the second contest, this time a test of kissing, Taya was higher, from beginning to end.

The beautiful brunette also won the third battle, a striptease match, the brunette was ruthless, and after much work, the two women were in panties.

Taya, with a fast and aggressive movement tended to the blonde in the third string, and sensually removes the panties of Sugar to take the win, ending with a ass humiliating spanking.

In the fourth battle Taya was imposed, fast and agile, a pillow match, before Sugar could do anything, Tanya had spanking three times with the pillow in the ass.

3-1, the brunette was proving dominant, but the blonde did not want to lose and overwhelmingly won the fifth battle, two naked girls and a ring full of oil were the scene, Sugar took in the back at the brunette and applied a powerful key, with her body and her nipples pressing hard against the face of the moraine, is began the counting 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ...5 the victory was the blondes.

The sixth battle was a submission sexfight, and the blonde simply humbled the brunette, Taya was showing signs of fatigue, and when the orgasms began, Taya came on four occasions, she was sexually humiliated, until the yell desperately from the brunette. Taya in whispers says “please stop, please I surrender, please stop, please I surrender, ahy, ahy ahy I surrender, you are better. PLEASE, PLEASE.“

Until the blonde stopped the slaughter.

3-3, and the last battle was great, the winner would be the new member of the PSPW, a breast smother knockout match, both girls had big delicious tits, but the blonde moves her tits more sensually , the brunette could not resist the taste and power of the blonde, she was gradually giving way, she felt humiliated and began to moan, in the end, a blonde defeat her.

When Sugar, felt that her moment had arrived, she pressed her delicious boobs onto Taya’s face with full force. Taya could not withstand Sugar any longer so surrendered, the blonde smiled contemptuously. The last thing the brunette could be see, was to the blonde standing over her slowly erotically dancing over her as she celebrates the victory.

July 8th, 2010

As far as Laura Lee was concerned things couldn’t get much better. Getting into the PSPW had been easy and the sweet little bitch she got to work over during her audition had been just a sample of the slutty bimbos available for the taking in the league. True, her first match against Goddess Heather had been a bit rough but that was more than made up for by the fact that she had managed to catch the eye of the league’s General Manager, Julia Ann. Right from the start Laura could tell that Julia had the hots for her and she was smart enough to know a Sugar Momma when she saw one. Julia is the power behind the scenes in the PSPW and she can make or break a new girl’s career with just a few words so naturally Laura encouraged the older woman’s sexual advances at every opportunity. Laura isn’t the kind of woman to waste time once she has her sights set on something…she was spreading for Julia on their first dinner date and within a few days she had moved into Julia’s penthouse apartment as her full-time, live-in companion. Laura knew Julia thought of her as a convenient ‘pet’ but that was alright with her, she had no qualms about being the older woman’s fuck toy. Julia is a sexy, stacked MILF and Laura enjoyed the sex as much as she did all of the perks that went with her new position. They were using each other, which after all was what they both did best!

Laura’s current accommodations were a perfect example of those perks. She hadn’t taken part in the Sexfest event but she was there on location nonetheless enjoying a week’s vacation at a fabulous tropical resort with all expenses paid. Julia indulged her shamelessly and Laura knew she could have just about anything she wanted for the asking. At the moment, as she stepped out of the shower and glanced as her glistening body in the full-length mirror, what Laura really wanted was for someone to eat her out. Julia was out taking care of some business but Laura knew that a willing partner was just a phone call away. She winked at her reflection in the mirror and blew herself a kiss, then she wrapped a towel around her dripping body and padded barefoot out into the hall. She picked up the phone and dialled the resort’s front desk; with the PSPW picking up the tab for anything their members wanted the resort’s staff was being exceptionally accommodating…Laura figured it was time to see just how accommodating they could be!

“Hello? Yes, I’d like a masseuse sent over to the VIP Bungalow right away,” Laura said. “She should be good with her hands of course but don’t send me one of those Swedish body builder types…I want someone hot and sexy, got it? Good!” Hanging up, Laura stepped back into the bathroom to blow dry her hair and by the time she was done the doorbell rang. Still wrapped in just a towel, Laura made her way to the front room and opened the door.

“Hi, I’m Shay! You the one who called for a massage?” 

Laura instantly approved of the woman standing expectantly before her. She had soft, lovely features and long brown hair, and judging from the way her white uniform jacket snugged tightly around her frame she had a smoking hot body. The jacket came down to below her hips and if she was wearing anything down below it could be no more than briefs of some sort because all Laura saw were two shapely legs ending in laced black leather knee boots. She was carrying a small case in one hand, no doubt containing her body oils and other supplies, and she had a portable folding massage table tucked under the other arm.

“That I am,” Laura grinned, motioning for the woman to come in. “And I’m in desperate need of some attention. You can leave the table here by the door, we’ll do this in the bedroom…more comfortable that way.” She watched Shay set the table down and then turned to lead the way. As she walked she pulled her towel loose and let it drop to the floor. She was tempted to look back over her shoulder to see the look on Shay’s face, that would tell her if this hottie was going to be willing to give her more than just a massage, but she could hear the soft clicking of Shay’s boots on the hardwood floor close behind her and she was sure she could feel the woman’s gaze focused intently on her ass…or maybe she was just being conceited, Laura thought to herself with a wry smile.

“I’m a very big tipper,” Laura said as she entered the bedroom, “but I don’t like being the only one naked, if you know what I mean…” She turned to find Shay already peeling out of her uniform jacket and confirming the fact that she was naked underneath. “Oh good,” Laura said with her sexiest smile, “you do know what I mean!”


“Let’s just say that I haven’t met anyone from your group yet who was only interested in a standard massage,” Shay said, returning Laura’s smile. “I’ve had my hands on some real beauties and I’m looking forward to what the rest of the week has to offer!” She strolled over next to Laura and set her case on the bed, smiling suggestively. “Assume the position, honey, and we’ll get started. Want me to begin with your back?”

Laura threw herself onto the bed and then rolled over onto her back. “No, I want you to start with my tits and work your way down to my pussy, and by the time you get there I want you to be using your mouth. Think you can handle that?”

Shay climbed onto the bed and crawled up to sit straddling Laura’s waist. As she took hold of the brunette’s breasts and began fondling them she smiled knowingly. “I charge extra for oral massages but it’s your dime so whatever you want, honey.” Her fingers teased Laura’s nipples erect and toyed with them as she ground her crotch against Laura’s belly.

“Actually the PSPW is picking up the tab, thanks to Julia Ann,” Laura chuckled, “so give me the works!”

Laura wasn’t disappointed. Soon Shay was lavishing long wet licks all over her breasts and sucking hungrily on her nipples, then she slowly kissed her way down over Laura’s taut belly before making a few initial licks along her moist slit. She worked several fingers in and out of Laura a few times to get her primed and then got down to seriously eating the brunette out.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Laura gasped. “That’s the way, suck that clit! Suck me off, baby! Suck me fucking OFF!!!”

By the time she came Laura was still horny and in full bad-ass bitch mode. She pushed Shay over onto her back and rolled partially on top of her, pressing a forearm lightly across the girl’s throat as she reached down between them and started jacking Shay’s clit. When Laura began twisting and pulling on it hard enough to make Shay squeal in pain the girl tried several times to push Laura off of her but the brunette heel just shoved her back down and worked her clit even harder. Shay looked up at Laura with an expression that was half fear and half lust-craved desire and sight of it was almost enough to make Laura cream herself. ‘This little minx has a submissive streak in her,’ Laura thought to herself. ‘I like it! I like it a whole fucking lot!’

Shay’s first orgasm was explosive and the subsequent ones as Laura sucked on her clit and licked her pussy out left her trembling and weak but meekly satisfied. Afterwards as they lay snuggled together with Laura idly toying with one of Shay’s nipples, Shay tried to sound casual as she asked, “So, I take it that you’re in pretty tight with Ms. Ann, huh?”

“Well she’s not all that tight,” Laura chuckled, “but I’m in her often enough, so yeah you could say that. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, um, well I was just wondering if you might be able to put in a good word with her for me,” Shay said. “I’ve heard the PSPW is always looking for new girls and I could use a change from massaging the old farts and stuck-up playboys that are the usual guests we get around here.”

“You want to be a wrestler?” Laura asked, unable to completely stifle an amused smile. “You ever fought before?”

“I’ve been in a few minor leagues,” Shay said, “mostly T&A exhibition type matches at area bars, but a couple of them were pretty rough and tumble.”

“The PSPW is big league, baby,” Laura smirked. “Posers get their asses handed to them pretty damn quick. Nothing personal, honey, but I don’t think you’ve got what it takes.” Laura pinched Shay’s nipple hard and stretched it out, but suddenly Shay smacked her hand away. Sitting up, the girl glared at her darkly and said, “I’ll show YOU who doesn’t have what it takes!”With that she pounced on Laura and the fight was on!

It didn’t last particularly long, however. Shay had a few good moves and she at least knew how to grapple even if she wasn’t a very technically precise fighter but Laura’s strength and superior holds soon got the better of her. It also didn’t hurt that Laura rattled her head against the headboard of the bed several times in the process. It ended with Shay flat on her back and Laura mounted on top of her in a missionary position with her hands pinning the still struggling girl’s arms to the bed.

“Not bad,” Laura admitted, panting slightly as she looked down at the woman trapped beneath her. “Not very good, either, but I’ve seen a lot worse.” To reinforce her complete control over the girl she slapped her mound forcefully against the girl’s pussy. The feel of it rekindled her arousal and as she started grinding their sexes together aggressively she said, “If you’re thinking of joining the PSPW you’d better get used to this,” she chuckled. “This is how a lot of the fights there end, with the winner fucking the loser.”

Shay whimpered and squirmed under the enforced fuck and Laura could tell from the look on the girl’s face that she was trying to think of a way to plead her case further in light of her poor performance. Laura could easily imagine the kind of field day someone like Chaka T or Goddess Heather would have with a jobber like Shay (and admittedly that might actually be interesting to see, Laura pondered) but then Laura got another idea…a deliciously devious and manipulative idea! She finished fucking a nice juicy climax out of the girl and then dropped down on top of her fully.

“I’ve got an idea,” Laura purred, their faces just inches apart. “Give me a kiss and I’ll tell you what it is…” Shay looked at her, puzzled, but then kissed her briefly on the lips. “You’ll have to do better than that,” Laura snapped. Shay kissed her again, this time more passionately and opening her mouth to accept Laura’s invading tongue. After several minutes Laura broke off and smiled.

“That’s more like it! Now then, I can get you into the league but I don’t need additional competition.”

“But you said I’m not…” Shay started to say but then was cut off by her own muffled squeal as Laura lowered her head and bit the girl’s lower lip. Laura tugged on it with her teeth for a moment and then let it go. “I wasn’t finished yet,” the brunette growled, “now shut up and let me do the talking!” Shay sucked on her lip and looked up at Laura expectantly. Laura glared at the girl for a moment but she definitely approved of a woman so easily cowed. ‘This just might work out even better than I first thought,’ Laura thought to herself.

“Now then,” Laura said, her voice once more a honeyed purr, “as I was saying, I don’t need any more competition. Sure, you’re not that great right now but presumably you’ll get better and I’m not going to bring someone into the league just so I can spend all my time looking over my shoulder. So here’s the deal: I’ll get you into the league but you’re going to be my partner…in and out of the ring! I’ve been needing someone to form a team with anyway and with my training and guidance you should be perfect! In the ring you do as I say and hold up your end of the fight. As for outside the ring…” Laura smiled knowingly and licked Shay’s lips teasingly, then she kissed the girl forcefully. “Outside of the ring you’re going to do exactly as I say as well…” She turned her head slightly and bent down to kiss Shay’s shoulder and then slowly kiss her way up along the side of the girl’s neck. When she reached the ear she nibbled the soft lobe playfully and then whispered hotly, “In other words you’re going to be my little bitch! Think you can handle that, Sweet Cheeks?”

“Alright, it’s a deal,” Shay agreed without any hesitation.

“Really?!” Laura lifted her head and looked down at Shay questioningly. She was a bit surprised the girl had agreed so quickly, in fact she was a little annoyed that she didn’t need to ‘persuade’ her a little more. “Just like that?”

“Fuck a hot bitch like you to get my dream job?” Shay smiled slyly. “Hell yeah, I’m all over it!”

Laura grinned in return and said, “Well then, let’s just see about that, shall we…?”

A while later Laura was in the front room when Julia Ann returned. Naked as usual, Laura climbed off the couch and greeted her Sugar Momma with a long, lingering kiss. “I’ve got something in the bedroom I want to show you!” Laura said excitedly, taking hold of Julia’s arm and tugging her in that direction. “I’ve had a wonderful idea and it’s sure to be a hit with the fans, not to mention a boost to the league’s ratings!”

“What is it?” Julia asked, smiling indulgently. “A new position or sexfight hold?”

“You’ll see,” Laura grinned in anticipation. At the end of the hallway she flung the bedroom door open and motioned for Julia to enter. Julia stepped inside and immediately gasped in surprise. Shay was naked and tied spread-eagle to the bed with a large dildo gag stuffed in her mouth and strapped firmly into place. Upon seeing Julia and Laura the girl’s eyes widened and she started tugging at her bounds, mumbling hoarsely around the rubber cock in her mouth.

“Laura!” Julia admonished, turning to look at her young pet sternly. She sounded more peeved than truly shocked, like a partner scolding a naughty but favored child. “What do you think you’re doing? You can’t go around tying people up against their will! And who is that, anyway?”

“Her name is Shay, she’s a masseuse here at the resort, and I didn’t tie her up against her will,” Laura said defensively. “Or at least she was willing, when I originally tied her up an hour or so ago…” And if the bitch has changed her mind, Laura thought privately, too fucking bad. This was going to be a done deal by the time she removed that gag. “She wants to join the PSPW and I need a tag team partner so it’s a win-win situation,” Laura explained. As she started to recount the earlier conversation between her and Shay she began to undress Julia, ending by taking a large strap-on dildo from the collection in the dresser drawer and fitting it into place around the older woman’s hips. As she finished tightening the straps Laura added, “Look at it this way: She gets into the PSPW, I get my own bitch…oops, I mean partner, and you get two hot and sexy bodies in your bed each night! We all get what we want, and isn’t that the name of the game, Julia?” Julia considered the possibilities and looked at Shay as the girl continued to wiggle and squirm helplessly. Laura grinned and said, “Go on, try her out! She’s a game little fuck, believe me! You know you want to…”

“You’re right,” Julia admitted, smiling in anticipation as she climbed onto the bed and eased into Shay’s spread snatch. “I do!” She knew she was letting Laura talk her into this but the girl was right, Laura and Shay would make an excellent doubles team and the fans would eat up it. And as long as Shay continued to play along her future in the PSPW was set. Just like Laura said…they would all get what they wanted!



July 7th, 2010

Julia Ann was extremely pleased with herself. The special ‘Sexfest’ event had been a huge success, the ratings were through the roof and pre-orders on the DVD of the show were already the highest they had ever had. But best of all, now that the work was done it was time to reap the benefits…it had been Julia’s suggestion to book the entire resort for the full week and invite the match participants to stay for some fun in the sun. The fans might have thought there was a lot of sex during the show but that was nothing compared to what no doubt would be taking place during the coming week!


Julia was already getting off to a good start in that respect herself; she had had the good forsight to bring Laura Lee along with her as her ‘pet’ for the week and at the moment the sultry bad-ass brunette was naked and sitting straddling Julia’s lap on the couch and feeding one of her nipples into Julia’s hungry mouth. As Julia wrapped her lips as far as she could around the young woman’s breast there was a sudden insistent knock at the door. Julia leaned back with a sigh and muttered, “That’s probably Tiffany…”

“You mean Titanic Tits Towers?” Laura asked with a smirk. “What does that bimbo want?”

“To complain about something, no doubt,” Julia grumbled. “She called earlier and said she had to talk to me about something urgent, that it couldn’t wait. Be a dear and let her in, Laura.”

Laura hopped up and headed across the room without bothering to cover herself and Julia admired the brunette’s shapely ass as it swayed back and forth. As soon as the door was open Tiffany Towers barged in and charged straight over to stand in front of the couch where Julia was sitting. She was dressed in an animal-print slingshot bikini that really wasn’t up to the job of holstering her massive tits and it was apparent that she was upset about something.

“You’ve got to do something about Heather,” Tiffany demanded angrily. Meanwhile Laura strolled up casually behind the blonde and pulled loose the tie to her bikini so that the top fell away to let her massive rack bounce into full view.

“Just look at the size of those jugs,” Laura purred as she walked around Tiffany in a slow, wide circle. She moved with a smooth and feline grace, like a jungle cat stalking its prey, looking the blonde over hungrily. Tiffany glared at the woman and when she started to reach for her top to pull it back up into place Laura growled, “I didn’t say you could cover yourself, bitch…”

“Who do you think you are…” Tiffany started to snap back, but Julia cut both women off with a snap of her fingers.

“Knock it off! Now what’s this about Heather?”

“I got a call from her telling me to come over to her bungalow and be her ‘cabana bitch’ for the day,” Tiffany complained and stomped her foot angrily. “She’s going too far, as usual! It’s bad enough she claimed me for the night after the match, but now she apparently thinks that just because she won our match I’m hers to do with as she likes all week.”

“She’s right,” Julia Ann said calmly, bracing herself for the inevitable outburst.


“What?!?” Tiffany exclaimed in disbelief. Laura laughed wickedly and cackled, “She won your ass, bitch!” Tiffany opened her mouth to speak but Julia raised a hand, cutting her off.

“Look, Tiffany, you have to understand how these things work,” Julia explained. “Heather is one of the major stars of the PSPW, and a big draw for the fans, while you’re just a jobber. An elite jobber, yes, but a jobber just the same. This was one of our biggest shows for the year and the Board pulled out all the stops to make it a spectacle of major proportions. They wanted at least one epic beat down on the card and Heather wanted a slave match with you, so we agreed that if she won she could have you for the week.”

“But…but…that’s not fair!” Tiffany wailed. “It wasn’t billed as a slave match!”

“No,” Julia admitted, “that’s because the fans love to hate Heather and they like it when she claims an opponent against her will, so it was decided that the match would be billed without the slave clause.”

“And you didn’t even bother to tell me about the special terms?” Tiffany complained.

“To be honest I didn’t think it was that big of an issue,” Julia countered. “Given your record I would have thought you’d be used to it by now.”

Laura, who was still circling around Tiffany like a vulture, leaned in closer as she passed behind the blonde and taunted, “In other words she didn’t think you’d have the balls to complain when Heather laid claim to you…”

“That too,” Julia admitted with a slight smirk.

“This is an outrage,” Tiffany yelled as she stormed towards the couch. “You can’t do this to me!” Julia stood to meet her but Laura pounced on the blonde from behind in an instant, wrapping an arm around Tiffany’s throat and cinching it tight to bend her backwards slightly.

“Remember who you’re talking to, Tiffany,” Julia Ann said angrily as the blonde struggled in Laura’s iron-like grip. “A word from me can make or break your career in this league! I negotiate the matches for the jobbers and you’ll do as you’re told, like it or not!” She reached up and jabbed a finger into one of Tiffany’s breasts, pushing until it practically disappeared into the soft flesh. She twisted her finger, digging her nail in deep until Tiffany groaned. “Unless of course you would like to be demoted to sparring dummy at Goldie’s Gym…is that what you want?”

“N-no ma’am…” Tiffany whimpered. The attitude was gone now and she looked at the General Manager pitifully as she whined, “But you said we were all getting a week of vacation here at the resort!”

“You’re still here, aren’t you?” Julia pointed out, removing her finger and giving the blonde’s breast a playful pat. “I promised you a week here at the resort…I didn’t say in what capacity. So you’re going to report to Heather as she ordered and be her little cabana girl or whatever else she wants. Is that understood?”

“Y-yes ma’am…” Tiffany whimpered.

Laura reached around with her free hand and grabbed one of the blonde’s breasts, squeezing it and shaking it roughly to make it jiggle wildly. “Let me have an hour with the bitch first,” Laura pleaded, looking at Julia with a lust-filled gaze. “I just gotta have a go at these big fat milk bags!” She pursed her lips as if blowing a kiss and purred, “I’ll make her squeal like a little girl for you!”

“Well…I suppose Heather can wait another hour to get her new toy,” Julia mused, her lips curling into a sly grin as she started to peel her clothes off, “or two even. Besides, I think Tiffany needs to be reminded of her place in this organization…”

“Damn straight she does,” Laura exclaimed happily, releasing her strangle hold and grabbing Tiffany by the hair to yank her backwards onto the floor. Then she pounced on the blonde, sitting straddling the woman’s stomach as she sank her fingers deep into Tiffany’s massive tits and started twisting them back and forth. Julia smiled indulgently as she watched her pet play for a few minutes, then she knelt and pushed Tiffany’s legs apart.

"I do believe this is going to be a very interesting week,” Julia purred, then she leaned over and went to work on Tiffany’s pussy with her mouth.

July 6th, 2010

Chaka T had lost her match to Marie Claude Bourbon and was called before the Board. She stands tall and eyes the gloom, eyes casting slowly but carefully around the room. She would remember these people.

'Fuck you!' she snapped, cutting off the male voice that tried to address her.

'You have strayed over the line with your cheating, your beatings.' she is told.

'Never did chump, no fuck you. Look at the ratings, there might be women out there fucking each other seven days from Sunday but l kicked ass and they loved me for it. I whupped everyone I ever fought. Even if they did kick my ass from time to time.' Chaka counters.

They know she's right.

'You kept them in a cage Chaka,' the voice replies. Chaka can't resist a little smile as she remembers that one.

'You've thrown matches, gone back on your word and most recently gone against our express wishes Chaka. Our decision is final Chaka. We have decided that you are, after a short period of notice, to quit as the head of the Dirty Girlzzz,'

The two blonde female security guards outside the room jump as they hear the noise through the thick wooden doors. They press their ears to the doors and listen. They get their bells rung when they are thrown backwards as Chaka kicks her way out of the ring, sending the doors flying open. She storms out from the Board Room and who knows where?


July 4th, 2010

They all knew Chaka had had her challenge answered for a one on one match up and knew there was something missing. They wanted to add a stip at the last minute to her match that only she and they would know about. They knew what it was and it was a devastating one.

The Board calls for Chaka T. The Momma has never received a call from them before despite her bad self she was nervous. She's called to the middle of the smoke filled room they hold their discussions in and stands under the light in the middle.

'Whassup,' she says.

'You'll speak when spoken to Chaka.' she is told sternly by a voice from the room. 

She looks at her nails. 'Whatever,' she snips.

'You said you were not able to be beaten one on one and now you have a match. We are here to tell you that if you are beaten then there will be a penalty applied to you for all the times you've lied about cheating before.'

'Oh you do you. What’s that then?' she replies, feigning disinterest.

'We'll tell you the day after your match.'

'Oh that's BS!' she barks. 'So l gotta wrestle knowing l gotta win, which l will, but that you'll dish out some sorta punishment to do with me retiring. That's BS. I'm outta here,' she shouts and storms out.

Does Chaka know what fucking with the management can mean? They can impose any punishment on a wrestler. It could be a month of handicap matches or worse. There is a deadly silence.



July 1st, 2010


'Taylor' beamed Julia Ann 'how lovely to see you again so soon. 'And this must be Candice. Welcome to PSPW Candice.' 'Thank you' said Candice shyly. 'I thought you might like to meet the second of Blake's Babes' explained Taylor. 'Yes of course' said Julia Ann. 'And you were right - she's a stunner. What do you plan to wear in the ring Candice?' 'I can show you if you like' said Candice. She undid her little pink dress and let it slide to the floor. her beautiful supple body was clothed in nothing but a tiny black sling bikini - she twirled round so that Julia Ann could get the full effect. 'Will this be OK' candice said coyly. 'I'll say' said Julia Ann. 'Our crowd is going to love seeing you go to work in that.

Well lovely to meet you both - but I'd better be getting on.''There was something else actually' said Taylor. 'We have an idea for a special item for one of your cards. Candice is one of those girls who has multiple orgasms don’t you my lovely?' Candice giggled 'Sometimes I just seem to be on a hair trigger'. 'So we thought we'd put on a special challenge to see how many times I can make her cum in the ring'. 'Over some sort of time limit' asks Julia. 'Maybe - or as many as possible one after another'. 'Well it's a deliciously perverted idea - we do have a sexfight special coming up. But the Board will need to be convinced that your girl is up to it. I can cum a few times myself - let's have a challenge - if you can beat me you're on.' 'Agreed' said Taylor 'fortunately we came prepared. She opened up a small bag she was carrying and tipped the contents on the desk. A dozen toys of various kinds fell out - glass, rubber soft gel. 'Feel free to help yourself' said Taylor' 'Very kind but I keep a small selection in the office for emergencies' She reached into her desk drawer and brought out over a dozen toys of her own. 'Wow - what kind of emergencies do you envisage?' said Taylor. Julia Ann grinned. 'Well you never know who might drop in.

'To make this fair, Candice can see to herself - you keep count Taylor' 'OK' said Taylor. Julia Ann stripped and both ladies lay on the floor next to each other. They each selected a toy and began. Things fell quiet as they licked their toys and warmed their pussies up. Before long they were both stuffed and ready to go. Whimpers of pleasure filled the room as they used their toys and a few minutes later they both gave a little yelp as they came, at pretty much the same time. Julia Ann smiled and then concentrated on working herself up - Candice turned on her side slightly to watch. She slid her own toy gently in and out but wasn't really working it. Five minutes later Julia Ann started to groan and fuck herself deeply - another climax was on the way. Just as she started to build to the finish Candice gripped her own toy and with a few strong hips grinds against it, she brought herself off at the same time. This pattern continued - Julia Ann took longer and longer after each climax to build herself up again - Candice would watch her while keeping herself ticking over and then at the last minute would bring herself off at the same time as Julia. At 6 all Julia Ann paused. 'OK - OK - I'm done - if you've got one more in you, you win.' 'OK' said Candice - can Taylor help this time. Julia Ann nodded. Taylor was still dressed in her smart suit. She lay down as she was, and cradled Candice in her left arm - then gripping the to in her right she whispered to Candice 'Let's show her what we can do babe'. She then started to work on Candice's pussy with the toy, while kissing her on the nipples and the lips. Candice closed her eyes and began to moan gently. As Taylor continued Candice began to writhe in pleasure against the dildo and started whispering 'yes ' please ' please - now' but Taylor kept her teetering on the edge. Candice became more and more desperate until Taylor relented and Candice shrieked in pleasure as she came.

When they had all recovered a little Taylor asked. 'So - do we have a deal?'. 'You certainly do have a deal my dear. And I'll tell you something else - that's quite a little fuckdoll you've found yourself there.'


June 10th, 2010


The scene is the office of General Manager Julia Ann. Across the table from her sit two stars of the porn business - Blake Mitchell and Taylor St Claire. All three ladies are wearing business suits but there is only so much a suit can do to hide the shapely curves and full bosoms of these three stunners. 'Well, well' says Julia Ann 'Blake Mitchell and Taylor St Claire. What brings you ladies to PSPW?'. Blake replies.'As you know both Taylor and I have done some wrestling videos'. Julia Ann nods 'Yeah - I've seen them - nice work, very nice indeed'. 'Thanks' says Blake smiling. 'Well - we like what you're doing here in PSPW and we'd like to be part of it'. 'You want to wrestle?'. 'No. We were thinking more of managing some wrestlers'. 'Do you have anyone in mind?'. I was thinking of Amber Evans' says Blake. Julia Ann raises an eyebrow. 'Really? When one of our top girls asks for a jobber, she's often who they request. Her body must know every inch of the PSPW canvas by now the number of times she's been slammed onto it.' 'Well I think she has potential' says Blake. 'She's coming to see me in a few days - but I wanted to see you first to see about setting up a stable'. 'SOK. Who else?'. Taylor chips in 'I have a new girl - Candice Cardinele - found her doing dumb foxy boxing stuff but I'm training her up to wrestle.' 'Pretty?' 'Gorgeous' says Taylor. 'Mmmm - and what do you plan to call this outfit?' 'Blake's Babes' says Blake.

Julia Ann thinks for a moment. 'Well - that all sound fine. However we're a pretty close-knit group here at PSPW. I'm going to have to be sure that you'll fit in - get on with the way we work - do you get my drift?' 'Not entierly' says Blake. 'Well I deal with all special requests here and I usually expect a little something in return. A thank you I guess. And all the girls know that what I like most of all is .... sex'. Blake smiles. 'I see'. 'Good' says Julia Ann - so why not try and convince me that you have what it takes to manage in the PSPW. Blake and Tayor turn to each other and grin ... 'it will be a pleasure' purrs Blake

Cut to 30 minutes later ...

The business suits are long gone. All three ladies are stripped down to stockings and suspenders. Julia Ann is lying on her back on the desk with her legs draped over the end. Her legs are parted because Blake is standing at the end of the desk between them - and the strapon she is wearing is buried deep in Julia Ann's ass. Taylor meanwhile is on all fours, poised over Julia Ann. Her head is buried between Julia Ann's thighs. Her tongue is diivding its time between sucking Julia's clit, and licking around her ass as the strapon slides in and out. Her pussy is inches above Julia's face which is sticky with Taylor's juices. Julia has been eagerly sucking Taylor's pussy but now she has stopped. Her eyes are closed. Her hands grip Taylor's thighs for support as the expert work on her ass and pussy brings her closer and closer to orgasm. She groans deeply. She moans and buries her face in Taylor's thigh as Blake and Taylor match their movements to a deep, slow rhythm. Julia bites Taylor's thigh to keep herself from screaming as the steady thrusts and licks of the other two women bring Julia to a glorious, body-shaking orgasm. For a few moments there is silence in the room. The scent of arousal hangs heavy in the air. Blake is the first to move. She slides the strapon out of Julia's asss and then leans forward to lift Taylor's face up. 'Nice work babe' she whispers and they kiss deeply. 'Yeah' says Taylor 'you too - top class ass fucking'. Blake grins. 'This is one top class ass'. She leans a little further and plants a kiss right on Julia's ass crack - Taylor bobs down and plants a gentle kiss on Julia's pussy. Taylor then climbs down from the desk and she and Blake move to the other end of the desk where Julia Ann is slowly recovering. She opens her eyes. There is a blissful smile on her face. 'So' asks Blake 'are we in?'. There is a pause. 'Oh yes' purrs Julia ' you most certainly are. It's going to be a pleasure doing business with you two ladies. A pleasure.



June 6th, 2010


General Manager Julia Ann leaned back in her desk chair and regarded the blonde standing on the other side of her desk. She paused for a moment before answering the woman’s question. “No, as far as I know Kimberly Hiott doesn’t have a match lined up yet for this week’s card. Why do you ask?”

“Because I want a rematch,” Anita Dark said.

“So challenge her,” Julia countered.

“She could turn it down, and I don’t want her getting away from me,” Anita said. “You, on the other hand, are in a position to make it happen.”

“I can’t interfere if she gets a legitimate challenge offer or sets something up between now and the event,” Julia pointed out.

“I understand,” Anita nodded. “All I’m asking is that if Kimberly ends up being put into the stranded challengers’ roster that you make sure she’s paired with me. I know you occasionally pull strings to set up interesting matches between the stranded challengers don’t bother to deny it.”

“You’re right, I do…” Julia admitted. “For the good of the league, of course. We have to keep the fans entertained.” She stood and started to walk around her desk. “And I can do what you ask, in fact the fans would love it…” She stopped before Anita and started to unbutton the woman’s blouse. “But there’s a price for what you want…” Anita stood silently with a knowing smile on her face as Julia undressed her, then she watched as the general manager started to remove her own clothes. As Julia’s skirt dropped to the floor Anita knelt and looked up at the woman with a grin. “Oh I intend to pay in full…” She extended her tongue and ran it up along Julia’s slit, enjoying the sight as the general manager shivered in pleasure. “And I want it to be a Bedroom match,” she added, then she pressed her mouth to Julia’s pussy and began tonguing her in earnest.

Julia grunted and leaned back against the edge of her desk, spreading her legs apart further. “In that case this is just the down payment,” she said as Anita’s tongue burrowed into her. “You can pay the balance after dinner tonight…at my place.” Her mouth otherwise engaged, Anita just nodded her agreement and Julia smiled to herself. She really…really…loved her job!




June 1st, 2010

Teen Veronika was seen first seen a few weeks ago being jobbed out by Sophie Howard. Veronika had just about recovered from her match and the subsequent gang fucking after it when she had gotten a call from the Trust. She had been put on the payroll, paid a retainer and was told to be ready at no notice, 24 hours a day. She was super excited and nervous all at once. But over time she got frustrated as there was no further contact even though her weekly money was dropping into her account. The call comes in and she answers right away.

'PSPW gym in 30 minutes.' and the voice had rung off.

'Shit,' she thought. Her heart hammering in excitement. Better get to the Gym.



May 23rd, 2010

Why had Hannah Claydon been targeted like this? Sophie Howard has been brought before the PSPW board to discuss why the blonde jobber had been mercilessly fucked and beat down for a whole fortnight. The Board had been watching poor Hannah's ordeal courtesy of the Ascendancy.

The blonde was a trooper. She had only bleated too much a couple of times the first night and had been given an early night. But she woke to be used and abused by the Ascendancy women. She had been made to suck and fuck bigger cocks than she thought existed. Some were the flesh of huge, bronzed and oiled hunks ragging her senseless. Some were huge fixed rotating plastic monsters and some were thick ribbed strap-on’s that ream her. They leave no hole un-fucked and make sure she keeps their pussies, tits and assholes fully satisfied.

'She's a submissive slag ain’t she! Slag loves the cock. Ha, ha, ha.' was Sophie’s curt reply. But she's not stupid as to offend the Board and adds. 'But I'll make sure we go easy on her this week.'




May 3rd, 2010

The doors to the dark inner suite open and show the shadow of what can only be Danielle Derek. The superfine blonde strutted in. She had on five inch killer black heels and little else. She walked to the centre of the large room. The powers that be in the PSPW sat in their dark booths all around the low room and watched as Danielle delivered a challenge for the following week.

'Ladies of PSPW it's come to my attention that the MILFS are now a thing in PSPW. The Huntress and her Cougar in Heat. Well I'm her to tell all of you,' she looks straight into the camera, before looking all round her to the figures in the dimly lit back. 'I'm here to tell all of you, especially you Lisa Ann and your thing for blondes, that I'm the hottest MILF fuck in PSPW and l l'll prove it to you.' She looks around and picks a booth and heads in to make her point to the people who matter in the league.




April 29th, 2010


The first time these two beauties met face to face, was just before a regular workout session for Kelly, both were wearing tight jeans and low cut blouses, the brunette could not stop watching Kelly, who just looked at her with arrogance and indifference, Bianca stopped to observe the training without saying a word, until the training ended, just as Kelly was heading towards the locker room she became aware of Bianca's stare...

Bianca: What the hell are you doing here, you have no talent and you're a fucking useless

Kelly did not bother to answer the insult, and continued to the locker room.

The second encounter was less pleasant...

Just after the fight that Kelly defeated to Gia , Bianca followed Kelly through the night, when the blonde came out of the clubhouse she was attacked by Bianca, the two girls had short dresses showing their beautiful legs, the brunette attacked with vigorously and sensuality, undressed and leaving the blonde only her underwear, Kelly could not defend herself, so the brunette applied a STANDING BOOT CHOKE, Kelly stayed on the floor, sore and humiliated, the brunette threw a paper with her name and phone number on it.

The next day, Kelly made the call.

Kelly: Who the hell are you and what you want?

Bianca: A delicious brunette, who humiliated you yesterday.

Kelly: bullshit, stupid woman. Who are you?


Bianca: My name is Bianca Holland

Kelly: what do you want bitch

Bianca: to humiliate you again, in public and demonstrate that you are a bitch

Kelly: you were lucky, you’d never would win in a fair fight

Bianca: shut up, I'm better than you, and I'm going to show

Kelly: ok, I have an idea, if you win you can take my place in the league... but if I win, you’ll be my slave and you do what I say bitch, ok.

Bianca: I accept the challenge

Kelly: That's not all, this will be a series, a best of three and I choose the type of fight.

Bianca: fine


Kelly: stupid brunette bitch, you'll be sorry.


The following day, the two beauties faced off.

Bianca: It’s time, bitch.

Kelly: Your all talk, but it’s time for the moment of truth, the first fight will be a Striptease match.

Bianca is dressed in white shorts and blue top, Kelly is dressed with black shorts and black top. Both girls rolled around, without compassion, the blonde was striped topless very fast and the brunette had no mercy on Kelly, she soon had the blonde completely naked before Kelly could defend herself, the first fight was over quickly, and the beautiful brunette was ahead... 1 - 0

Bianca: That was easy

Kelly: Fuck you idiot, you got lucky.

Bianca: fucking bitch, I’m ahead, one more victory and you'll be mine.

Kelly: You’ll pay, in the end you will be my fucking slave.

The second fight will be pinfall Match.

After changing clothes, the two girls entered the ring very beautiful and sexy, with tiny clothes, Kelly pink and black, red and white Bianca. The blonde was pounced on the brunette, furiously, pushed it to the canvas before Bianca could do something to defend herself. Strongly, the blonde had the brunette trapped with her beautiful and sexy legs, Bianca gradually lost consciousness, desperately screaming in pain, but Kelly had no mercy, she wanted her opponent out of action, trapping the brunette further she then buried the brunette's face into her delicious tits, Bianca’s back hit the canvas, the brunette could do nothing as the blonde secured the five count.

Kelly: Well, well, well slut, 1-1, it's time to know, which of us is the best

Bianca: I desire to humiliate to, right here and now, bitch.

Kelly: Shut up whore, I propose a Sexfight to settle this, you agree?

Bianca: I accept.

The third fight was awesome, the girls went face to face, opened their legs and laced, with moves exciting and brutal, girls were subjected to intense minutes to be hotly contested, but it was the blonde who, upon seeing Bianca about to orgasm, worked with more desire for the win, in a humiliating manner she caused three intense orgasms from the brunette.

Bianca began cry in merciful joy... Kelly, rose triumphantly over the brunette, looking down at bitch that she had just made beg for mercy. Bianca was crying in humiliation, thinking that she had to be the sexual slave of the beautiful blonde, who had just proved to be her superior.




April 23rd, 2010

Sophie Howard hasn't been booked on the next, the 26th’s card as she rests up after her match with Mistress Heather. She gets a phone call from her connection at The FingerBanging Trust who gives her some news. She kicks back in her apartments little hot tub and watches on her screen as the address she is given pops up a trash celebrity site. Her pre programmed members code gets her to the Front page and news is a report that Sophie Reade, the UK BB X winner, has been out with her party friend Louise Glover and the site has some footage. Sophie hits play on the clip.

Sophie is followed on a night out with ‘Catastrophic Angel’ Louise Glover. Sophie had apparently asked for the date and had been draped all over Louise all the way down town in the stretch hummer. She seemed eager to find out more about the PSPW and chatters away. But this lasts barely thirty seconds in a club before Sophie, although seeming keen, isn't really paying attention, asking the same question again and again, her eyes now roaming for hot men and women.

'Bitch reckons she can play me and use my AAA VIP PSPW passes, does she. Well we'll see.' thinks Louise.

But Louise plays it slow and enjoys the company of the tasty little blonde for a few more hours. She watches as the blonde honey puts it about in style. She works the three bars they visit before midnight hard. They then take a taxi over to the hotel penthouse club, and settle in. It's exclusive, high rise and caters to a much smaller crowd. Louise gets a good booth at the back and Sophie seems genuinely impressed by the place.


'Louise, l was wrong about you, you're wicked, this is gorgeous.' and she kisses her on the lips. She might not have thought it but the newbie is getting a crush on Louise. 'Can l go dance Louise?' she asks, locking a sultry stare on her.

'Course you can honey, but I'll see you before closing and we're going home together! OK!' Louise says with a sneer-smile on her face.

Towards the end of the night as Sophie is dancing with a cute young guy on the dance floor but Louise comes up behind him and pulls him off. She grabs Sophie round the waist and shoots a glare at the man who backs off. Crotch grinds crotch, tits rub together and Louise pulls back on Sophie's hair and then uses her hands to clamp onto those big breasts. Sophie has gotten pretty horny dancing with her fella as well as thoughts of how she could repay Louise for getting her in and what her plans were for her.

The rough treatment Louise gives her meets welcoming flesh and girly responses and Sophie wriggles in delight. From there Louise has her pulled upstairs to the small penthouse VIP suite at the back of the club. The blonde Sophie has her PSPW cherry busted as Louise fucks and sucks with her into the early hours. It's a thorough walk of shame as Sophie is kicked out after no sleep just a nonstop fuck-a-thon with Louise. The Angel is merciless and relentless and seemingly inexhaustible in her quest to fuck.

April 19th, 2010

As with most adult entertainment industries there is a lot that goes on in the PSPW of which the general public is unaware. The fans certainly enjoy the spectacular sex-filled matches but few realize what it often takes to make those events happen. Many are the backroom deals that take place, some fair and others decidedly one-sided depending on how desperate the negotiator is. Some women are willing to do just about anything to get what they want…which is why Julia Ann loves her job as General Manager so much! 

Kneeling on all fours on her desk, Julia moaned urgently as fingers probed her pussy and a tongue licked teasingly around the rim of her ass. “Put it in,” Julia ordered huskily.  Immediately the tongue pushed into her tight rear opening and she purred in delight. During the course of her porn career Julia has had a lot of things stuffed into her ass but a hot wet tongue was still her favorite…there was just something so sinfully delicious about having a woman eat her ass out! The fingers, however, were doing an excellent job as well. They pumped deep into her with a slowly increasing tempo as her arousal grew, then they took hold of her swollen clit and gently tugged on it as if trying to milk it.  That was enough to push Julia over the edge and as her juices started to flow the tongue moved down to lap them up hungrily. She waited until the tongue had licked every last drop clean before letting out a contented sigh, then she flipped over to sit on the desk with her legs dangling over the side. Julia smiled as she watched the blonde sitting in her desk chair sensually lick her fingers clean.

“So?” Sophia Rossi asked, looking up expectantly.  “Do we have a deal?” 

“Alright,” Julia said, “you can be the special referee for the Bedroom SexJill match between Kimberly and Darlene…on two conditions.  First, make sure that the fans get their money’s worth.  We’re charging extra for this card because of that match and I don’t want any complaints, so make sure those girls put on a good show.  I’d better not see anyone getting knocked out in the first few minutes or any other bullshit like that, understand?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Sophia assured the GM.  “And the second condition?”

Julia smiled knowingly.  “Report to me after the match…I suspect we’ll both be hungry for some action after watching those two go at it.”

“Oh I know I will,” Sophia purred.  She stood and leaned close to kiss Julia briefly.  As her lips pulled away she added, “Bring a really big strap-on with you…I always need a good stuffing after watching a steamy sexfight!”

Julia watched as Sophia left, then she smiled to herself and said, “It’s almost too good to believe that I get paid to do this!”

{Continued in April 19 TV Taping.} 




March 15th, 2010

There was definitely something very strange and more than a little suspicious going on in the PSPW complex while the March 15 TV Taping was still playing out in the ring. Rita G had just thrown a monkey wrench in everyone’s evening by chickening out of her match with Goddess Heather and submitting as soon as the starting bell rang. The fans were still screaming in outrage and head referee Lucy Pinder was trying to restore order to get the next match started. Meanwhile down on one of the lower levels Rita made her way to the referee’s private shower room. She certainly hadn’t worked up a sweat but at the moment Rita thought it best to stay out of everybody’s sight and with the turmoil upstairs and over half a dozen matches to go it would be at least several hours before any of the other referees would be hitting the showers. Plus with the new security features the Board of Directors had recently installed Rita at least didn’t have to worry about anyone else coming after her there. When she reached the door to the referee’s shower room Rita punched her passcode into the keypad on the lock next to the door and there was a soft click as the door unlocked. She entered and pulled the door shut behind her, then she headed for the showers for a nice long, hot soak.


At about the same time that Rita was stepping under the showerhead Goddess Heather had just reached the Diamonds in the Buff locker room and she was still so mad that stream was practically coming out of her ears. She needed to vent some of her frustration and she opened her locker to get her cell phone, intending to call her bitch Milena and warn her to expect some company soon. But just as she reached for the phone it chirped to indicate a new text message. Puzzled, she checked her messages and found an anonymous note that read: “Rita is in the referee’s shower room. She is alone and will be for quite some time. The door will be unlocked.”

“Looks like I’m going to get my payback sooner rather than later,” Heather chuckled. She didn’t worry that the unsigned tip might be a trap, her gut told her it was genuine. Obviously someone had it in for Rita and Heather didn’t really care who it was. She paused only long enough to collect a few ‘toys’ and hurried off with a wicked smile on her face.

When Heather got within sight of the referee’s shower room door she could see the red access light on the lock control panel but as she drew nearer there was a soft beep and the light changed to green as the door unlocked. Heather grinned and slipped inside, quietly pulling the door closed behind her. She wasn’t surprised when the lock clicked back into place. She had no doubt that her mysterious benefactor would unlock it once again when she was done here, until then not even the other referees could get in. She had Rita all to herself!

Rita was contentedly lathering her hair and humming softly to herself, completely oblivious to any potential danger. She stuck her head under the showerhead to rinse her hair and had just started to pull back when a hand grasped her by the back of the head and slammed her face into the wall directly in front of her. Water and a few remaining shampoo suds obscured her vision as she was dragged by the hair out of the shower stall, then she was pulled up and slammed back-first against a row of lockers. Rita tossed her head to flip the wet hair out of her face and she squealed in alarm when she saw the woman standing before her. “Heather! H-how did you get in here?!”

“Surprised to see me again so soon?” Heather purred darkly, ignoring the question. “Let’s see you get away this time!”

Rita ducked the punch Heather threw at her; not because she had quick reflexes but because fear had caused her to go weak in the knees. Heather’s fist hit the locker door hard enough to bend it inward but she did have quick reflexes and she slammed her knee into Rita’s face just as she had done in the ring a short while ago. Rita’s head hit the locker hard and her vision blurred, then she was being hauled back up by a hand clamped around her throat. Heather backhanded the referee once…twice…half a dozen times in all until Rita was dazed and punch drunk, then she started in on the woman’s belly. The first punch knocked the wind out of Rita and the rest kept it out of her; soon she was red-faced and gasping for breath. The only thing holding her up was Heather’s hand around her throat and when it released her she dropped to her knees and doubled over, clutching her stomach and gagging. When she was finally able to look up she saw Heather cinching a huge strap-on dildo around her hips.

“P-Please…” Rita begged weakly as Heather moved towards her. A hand grasped her by the hair and yanked her head up. “No more, please, I….AAAGGGGGGHHHH!!” The dildo speared her mouth in mid-sentence and shoved deep into her throat, cutting off her pleas. The throat rape that followed was brutal and vicious but it was only the start. Heather took her time, alternating between beating on Rita and fucking all of her holes mercilessly. After being thrown around the locker room like a rag doll Rita was draped over the edge of a massage table while she was ass fucked, then she handcuffed and hung from an overhead pipe so that Heather could use her tits as punching bags before finally pulling her legs up and apart and drilling her pussy until it was raw. Near the end, Rita was stretched out on her back along one of the locker room benches with Heather sitting on her tits and her head between the heel’s muscular thighs. Heather slid forward and pressed her engorged clit against Rita’s lips; Rita was so out of it that she sucked purely on reflex.

Throughout the entire assault numerous surveillance cameras located in various places around the locker room silently tracked the action, pivoting on their ceiling mounts and zooming in close whenever Heather paused in one spot to work Rita over in detail. They obediently sent their feed to an undisclosed location deep within the bowels of the PSPW complex where it was displayed on a wall screen monitor in an otherwise unlit room. Several shadowy figures sat and watched in silence. When Heather finally stood up Rita gagged and coughed up some of the cum she had just swallowed, then her head flopped limply to one side and she let out a shuddering groan as some more cum dribbled from the side of her mouth. When Heather moved towards the locker room door a hand reached out and pressed a button; inside the locker room the door beeped and unlocked. Once Heather was gone Julia Ann stood up and turned to face the other figures.

“I think Rita has learned her lesson,” Julia said. “Hopefully she’ll avoid getting involved in any future matches but if not then at least she should now know better than to bail out of it like that. I’ll have a chat with her tomorrow and make sure she knows that the board was displeased with her actions.” There was a chorus of murmured consent from the unseen board members and when no further instructions were given Julia bowed and took her leave


The following day Rita was called to the carpet in Julia’s office…literally. She knelt with her mouth pressed to Julia’s pussy as the general manager calmly read her the riot act. “You upset a lot of fans, Rita, and you cost us a considerable sum of money as well. Over a hundred fans demanded a refund on their tickets and in order to restore good will we had to comply. More importantly, the fees for rebroadcast rights on matches are based on length and yours was less than a minute…not that anyone would want to pay to watch it. You don’t have to accept a match from one of the wrestlers but if you do we except you to go through with it, no matter how outclassed you are. Understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” Rita said, looking up from Julia’s cunt. “I’m sorry, ma’am! It won’t happen again!”

ldquo;See that it doesn’t,” Julia warned sternly, pushing the woman’s mouth back down into place. “I’m letting you off easy this time.” She grunted in pleasure as Rita’s tongue pushed into her. “If I have to reprimand you again you’ll be sucking off every woman in the league, including the cleaning staff! Now hurry and finish up, I’ve got other appointments waiting!”

February 18th, 2010

It looked more like a dirty back-room sex show than a privately sanctioned audition being held by the PSPW’s board of directors. Most of the room was shrouded in complete darkness. Somewhere in that inky void the board sat watching. It was assumed that the directors were all male but as their identities weren’t public knowledge that wasn’t known for sure. The only indication that they were actually there was the occasional soft glow of a cigar as it was puffed on. But these were the people who called the shots in the PSPW and today they were evaluating a potential wrestler for the league’s new elite division.


There was no ring here, merely a twenty-foot square padded mat with a single spotlight shining directly down on it. The air was hazy with smoke as two women struggled in the center of the spotlight. Both were naked but one of them was clearly in control while the other was in considerable pain and distress. Krista Santoro was on her knees with her head shoved down against the mat and her ass sticking up in the air. A sultry and wickedly beautiful brunette knelt behind Krista, pinning her arms painfully behind her back in a double chicken wing hold and leaning forward to drive a huge strap-on into the bubble-breasted blonde’s ass. Krista squealed hysterically and finally managed to beg, “P-please….stop! I’ve already submitted!”

“Then it sucks to be you because I don’t give a shit,” the brunette laughed darkly. She cranked Krista’s arms up higher and enjoyed the shriek it prompted from the blonde. She continued to drill Krista’s ass for several more minutes before finally switching holes and plowing the sobbing woman to a shrieking orgasm. The brunette released Krista and stood, removing her strap-on and tossing it aside. “On your knees and eat me out, bitch,” she ordered.

“Belay that,” a voice said firmly. Julia Ann, the league’s recently appointed General Manager, stepped forward into the edge of the spotlight. “You’re done here, Krista,” Julia said. “Hit the showers and then take off.”

“What the fuck?!” the brunette said angrily, turning to glare at Julia as Krista crawled meekly out of the light and slunk away. “I only agreed to do this little peep show because I was promised a bitch to play with afterwards!”

“You agreed to this audition,” Julia stressed the word pointedly, “because you want to join the PSPW. This isn’t your personal playtime, remember, you’re here to be evaluated. You’ll get what you were promised but Krista isn’t it. The board wants to see some more of you in action first.”

“What now,” the brunette asked sarcastically, “you want a fucking pole dance or something? Want me to shaft myself while those old farts hide in the shadows and beat their meat?” It wasn’t the kind of attitude one would expect from a wrestler trying to get hired, but then Laura Lee wasn’t a run of the mill wrestler. The way she saw it she had the board bent over and begging for her and she intended to make the most of it. The league was always on the lookout for new talent to throw at the managed wrestlers but right now they were very interested in expanding their stable of elite free agents. In particular they were looking for a few heels to add some flare to the house cards and Laura fit the bill perfectly. A self-proclaimed ‘bad girl gone worse’, Laura was cocky and arrogant. She was the kind of heartless bitch who in high school would have stolen your boyfriend and then sent you pictures of her fucking him…right before she dumped him and started hitting on your sister! She was gorgeous and had a smoking hot body and she knew it. Until recently she had been one of the most popular models at Danni Ashe's website (among others) but after getting a taste of the PSPW lifestyle and seeing all the easy pussy that was to be had there she decided that this was the place for her. Laura truly did want this job but she figured the board wanted her badly enough that they would put up with just about anything from her. After all, they wanted a bad-ass bitch, right? Well she would give them one!

“You can dance and play with yourself all you like when you’re done,” Julia said coolly, unfazed by the brunette’s attitude. “Right now the board wants to see you handle some heavier competition.” Julia snapped her fingers and another woman stepped to the edge of the circle of light. For this trial the board had brought out one of their retired guns, the ebony-skinned heavyweight Bonita. The black beauty stood almost half a foot taller than Laura and outweighed the brunette by at least forty pounds. Bonita looked Laura over dismissively and then glanced at Julia. “You’re not jerking me, right? I get a grand just for putting this little bitch down?”

“A grand?!?” Laura exploded. “I wasn’t offered any fucking money for this!”

“You’re being compensated differently,” Julia reminded the brunette. “And as I recall that was your request. The board is offering Bonita a generous incentive to make sure she's properly motivated.” She looked at Bonita and said, “You’ll be paid as promised, provided you beat her. If not then our other agreement is in effect.” Julia disappeared back into the shadows as she said, “Begin!”

As Bonita waded forward Laura grinned at the larger woman and taunted, “So what’s that ‘other agreement’ all about? You gonna be sucking board cock after I kick your sorry ass?”

“Shut your fucking mouth, bitch!” Bonita growled as she took a swipe at Laura.

What Laura lacked in size she made up for with speed and viciousness. She ducked the swing and started drilling punches into Bonita’s meaty breasts. Her fists and feet seemed to be everywhere, battering Bonita from every direction and keeping the big woman staggering in an effort to keep up. But Laura kept returning to those big chocolate milkbags, punishing them mercilessly. Bonita had plenty of stamina but that just meant it took Laura a little longer to wear her down. Bonita became increasingly frustrated and then desperate as she saw victory as well as a thousand bucks slipping out of her grasp. She was determined not to be made a chump of by this white bitch but the girl was like a whirling dervish. Bonita was running out of gas quickly when a knee to the crotch doubled her over and Laura took hold of her head in both hands. Laura slammed her knee up into the woman's face and then watched in satisfaction as Bonita toppled over backwards to land on the mat with a thud. Snatching up the discarded strap-on from earlier, Laura dropped down to sit straddling the ebony wrestler's waist. She forced the entire length of the shaft down Bonita's throat and then wrapped the straps on the harness around Bonita's throat. Leaning back, Laura pulled Bonita’s head and torso up off the mat as she hauled on the straps to throttle the helpless woman. Soon Bonita went limp. “No payday for you, bitch,” Laura smirked as she let go and watched the black beauty flop back onto the mat unconscious.

“Nicely done,” Julia said, reemerging from the shadows. “But remove the strap-on before she chokes to death.”

“Spoil sport,” Laura grumbled as she unwrapped the harness straps from around Bonita’s throat and jerked the dildo free. The black woman’s chest heaved as she took a shuddering breath and slowly started to revive. Laura climbed to her feet and regarded the woman for a moment. “So is she my playtoy?”

“No,” Julia said, then she smiled knowingly. “She’s mine.” She snapped her fingers at Bonita and motioned back towards the darkness. “Go wait by my seat…”

“Well I was half right,” Laura laughed, giving Bonita a slap on the ass as the black woman crawled past her, “looks like you’re going to be sucking on something after all!” She looked at Julia impatiently. “So now what?”

“We have one more test for you,” Julia said. “The directors would like to see a demonstration of your sexual prowess.”

“Yeah I’ll bet they would,” Laura snorted. “Hoping for a little hands-on evaluating, are they?” Laura looked out into the surrounding darkness where she assumed the board members were seated and waggled the strap-on she was still holding at them. “Sorry, chumps, but I’m not interested in any dick I can’t strap on and shove into a bitch!”

“Don't jump to conclusions,” Julia admonished, “we’ve arranged one more match for you. But tell me, just where did you get that chip on your shoulder?”

“Same place you got that bug up your ass, honey,” Laura snapped back. “So who’s the unlucky slut and what do you want me to do to her?”

“This will be a sex only sexfight,” Julia explained. “You’ll have twenty minutes and the woman who makes the other come the most in that amount of time wins. No fighting, no punching, no kicking, and no choking,” she added pointedly. “And lose the strap-on, we want to see you work without any aids.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Laura complained as she tossed the strap-on out beyond the edge of the mat.

“As you know, the board is considering your request to specialize in two different wrestling styles,” Julia said. “That’s something we’ve never tried before and if it works out we’ll consider allowing all of the elite wrestlers to do so if they wish. We’ve seen you wrestle a woman into submission and then screw her, now we want to make sure you can make a woman come without twisting her arm and beating her senseless first.” Julia smiled slyly. “Besides, we thought you might appreciate having your opponent make it through the match without any physical injuries since she is the reward we promised you.” Julia motioned with her hand and a sultry blonde beauty stepped forward into view. “This is Britney Skye, one of our elite sexfighters. If you can beat her she’s yours for the rest of the day. That’s her motivation to do her best!”

“Oh Hell yeah!” Laura grinned in approval. “Now that’s what I’m talking about! Fucking sweet hottie! Come to momma, girlie, I’m gonna tear that pussy up!” Britney seemed a bit intimidated by Laura’s enthusiasm so Julia had to give her a shove to get her moving, but the blonde seemed to warm to the task as Laura embraced her and kissed her forcefully. After several minutes of tongue wrestling and mutual full-body groping Laura looked at Britney and purred, “Those fat cats want to see us spewing our spunk so let’s give them the real deal. No messing around trying to cunt block each other, I say we start by eating each other out and then get down to some hardcore bumping and grinding clit-to-clit. How about it, Sweet Cheeks?”

“Alright,” Britney agreed.

Together they got down on their knees but it was Laura who pushed Britney down onto her back and took the top position. She mounted Britney in a 69 position and lowered her pussy onto the blonde’s face as she looked the woman’s pussy over hungrily. “Damn if I don’t love a smooth bare cunt!” Then she dove in and drove her tongue deep into Britney’s snatch. Both women knew what they were doing and went to work eagerly but Laura knew the secret to winning a pussy eating contest: Keep your opponent moaning and squealing in delight and she’ll have less time to do any licking of her own. Laura would have preferred to sink her teeth into the blonde’s tender pink folds but since that wasn’t allowed in this match she used all of her considerable skill to tongue Britney into ecstasy. Her strategy worked beautifully. Britney writhed and moaned in delirious pleasure. Distracted by her own building excitement she spent more time gasping and babbling about how much she was enjoying it than she did lapping at the pussy hovering over her face. It was only after Britney had come three times to Laura’s one that the blonde realized she was falling behind and tried to focus on the task at hand, but by then half of the match was over and Laura turned around to mount her missionary style.

“What I wouldn’t give for a strap-on right now so I could plow your slit good and proper,” Laura moaned as she ground her clit hard against Britney’s. “You’ve got such a sweet fucking pussy, baby! Feel how hard I am? You’ve got my clitter in a fucking rage! God damn it I’m gonna fuck you all day!” Laura’s trash talk was part of her strategy as well; engage a woman’s feelings and imagination and her body will follow. ‘Like a lamb to the slaughter,’ Laura thought to herself with a satisfied smile.

Laura couldn’t keep herself from coming a few times. It was inevitable; with all the direct clit-on-clit stimulation even her best tricks to delay orgasm weren’t enough. But they didn’t compare in number or intensity to the orgasms Britney experienced. The blonde bucked wildly each time she sprayed her juices against the brunette’s unyielding mound until she was flopping uncontrollably like a fish out of water. At last a bell sounded and Julia announced, “Time’s up!” The manager moved over to stand beside the two women as Laura rose up onto her knees between Britney’s splayed legs. She looked down at the blonde and smiled wickedly. “Your pretty little ass is mine now!”

“She’s right,” Julia informed Britney casually. “You came triple the number of times she did, in fact. Laura is the winner as well as the newest member of the PSPW’s elite free agent division.” Julia smiled at Laura and said, “Congratulations, my dear, and enjoy your prize!”

“Let’s get you home, bitch,” Laura told Britney, “so I can take my time splitting you open!”

Minutes later Laura was dressed and leading Britney towards the door when she stopped and looked back at Julia. “Oh by the way,” she called out, “I want to make a challenge immediately.”

“Free agents don’t normally make challenges,” Julia pointed out.

“Do it anyway,” Laura said. Then she named the woman she wanted to face.

“Are you sure about that?” Julia asked hesitantly. “That’s a tall order for your very first match.”

“Out with the old and in with the new,” Laura smirked. “There’s a new heel in town and I want everyone to know it!”

Julia waited to see if there would be an objection from the unseen directors but when there was none she nodded her head. “Very well, I’ll deliver the challenge myself.” Once Laura was gone Julia muttered, “I wouldn’t miss the look on her face when I tell her for the world!”

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