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July 22, 2012 - Island Show

Additional writeups, email to epswrestling@googlemail.com

The PSPW ladies put on a show for the Island Retreat... Let's get straight to it...

Match 1

Submission match

Yvgenia Diordychuk v. Zdenka

The curtain jerker is hot dark haired 5-6 108 Yevgeniya.  She has the blonde 5-6 105 slut in her sights.  It's a submission only match.  The closest Zdenka gets is a spinning heel kick followed by a deep camel clutch. Yev catches her early and often with painful holds and blows and some in the crowd suspect she might be playing with the blonde as she gets away easy but is always reeled in again. Zdenka eventually, after having her ass kicked for ten minutes, gets lifted into a rope crucifix and has her jaw and titties rattled and squashed.  There's posing and smack before Yev drops her driver and it's into a face sit and fisting submission win. Zdenka left a mess as Yev celebrates.

Winner : Yvgenia Diordychuk forces a submission from Zdenka

Match 2


Jenna Presley v. Summer Cummings

Summer Cummings thinks she has the edge in height, weight and experience over Jenna Presley.  But Jenna has prepared well and knows Summer loves to take women to the ground and smother them with her huge tits.  So Jenna preps keeping control on the ground and escaping.  They start true to a sexfight and kiss and squeeze ass for the highlights before getting down to it.  Summer is aggressive and true to form gets Jenna on her back.  But Jenna has her legs locked round Summer and squeezes her way from the smother.  She works her self up onto Summer's back and soon has her own head scissors on.  She spins it to a reverse fig 4 face sit and works her hands inside Summers leg guard and is soon drubbing her pussy and clit and squeezing Summer's huge tits.  This has Summer losing control and although she gets her head up to eat Jenna's pussy, the dual pussy and tit attack has her coming and being pinned as her head spins from her massive girlgasm. Jenna leads the defeated Summer from the ring by her hair, claiming her reward cavegirl style.

Winner : Jenna Presley fucks and defeats Summer Cummings

Match 3

Knockout Match

Katerina Stankova v. Candice Michelle

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Katerina Stankova knocks out Candice Michelle

Match 4

Striptease Match

Tylene Buck v. Michelle Marsh

As Tylene enters the ring in her tight too small yellow bikini fireworks go off at the corners ramp. Moving towards the ring she waves, blows kisses to and embraces members of the crowd. Michelle Marsh waits for her in erotic purple lingere.   Tylene is an amazing athlete who loves to fight, she enjoys to strip off her opponents and bang them, she is good in all kinds of matches, she hates crybabies who can't take a little punishment.. She loves this business, and has a huge crowd following. Michelle is a good looking GND with a FF rack who spends almost all of her time losing. She's always ready to blubber if her big tits are worked over too much or she's treated too roughly.  A perfect match up.

Tylene plays with Michelle as the crowd witness an old fashioned ass kicking.  Sure Michelle has a few hopeful spots but other than that it's ten relentless minutes of getting ass kicked and stripped. To set up her finisher Tylene she has her opponents on her back on the canvas and locks legs in a figure-4. Tylene makes her scream then sets her for a giant swing, but instead of releasing her she snaps back, whipping her opponent face and more importantly tits first, devastatingly into the canvas. Holding on to the cloverleaf, she rolls over and straddles her opponent's back to complete the Texas clover leaf. Most women get knocked out by this move and Michelle is no exception.  She is bent unconscious and comes round in the hold.  The crowd the ultra hot domination.  Seeing she's awake to add to the humilation Tylene relases one of her hands and adds a claw to the crotch of her prey while pulling back and arching her opponent's back for a submission in quick order.  Michelle is sobbing but this makes Tylene want to punish her more and boy does she.  She holds the cloverleaf and fingerjams Michelle to a sobbing mess.

The crowd love her mean ass performance and cheer her to the rafters as she leaves.

Winner : Tylene Buck defeats Michelle Marsh

Match 5

Submission Match

Danielle Trixie v. Tanya Danielle

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Danielle Trixie forces a submission from Tanya Danielle

Match 6

Striptease Match

Sunny Leone v. Carmen Electra

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Sunny Leone strips and defeats Carmen Electra

Match 7

Submission Match

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Barbie Griffin forces a submission from Haruka Sanada

Match 8

Submission Match

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Ana Rica forces a submission from Amber Easton

Match 9

Knockout Match

Chaka T watches from her dressing room with a glass of bubbles and Kara and Jaelyn seeing to her every sexual need. She likes what she sees as Milena 5-4, 135 takes Vanessa 5-2, 122 apart, eventually. Vanessa makes Milena suffer in a long torture rack, the Girrrlz huge tits flopping every which way as she was bent.  She's atomic dropped all around the ring before Vanessa drops down in a long face sit. Mielna somehow beats the KO count and comes back.  She gets Vanessa across her knee and bends her back for her, clawing those big fake tits of V's.  Then a powerbomb gets a near KO before she Impaler DDT's Vanessa and hauls her to the ropes to tie her up and tit smother hers.  Milena can do this fat tit torture all day and works over Vanessa long and sexy under her tits before a final Platinum Bust Masher drops V on her huge tits once too often and she's KO'd for good.

Winner : Milena Velba knocks out Vanessa Montagne

Match 10

3 out of 5 Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Saori Hara fucks and defeats Ashlynn Brooke (3 to 1)

Match 11

Hot Tub Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Draw

Match 12


Bedroom Fuck ‘til you Drop Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : The Angel and the Plaything fuck and defeat Towering Peaks

Match 13


Handicapped 3 on 1 Smother Pinfall Match

Music playing… *you don’t know that I know you watch me every night* as the song ‘I get off’ by Halestorm plays, the spotlight catches a staggering beauty. *and I just can resist the urge to stand here in the light* Marie-Claude stumbled out from behind the curtains with a shamed look on her pretty face. Kayden’s choice of songs never seemed so right as it did right now.

Kayden Kross dug her stiletto heel into Marie-Claude , forcing her to stumble and staggering the beauty before firmly catching her by her short hair and dragging her slowly to the ring, doing her best to parade her in front of the crowd. Marie-Claude staggered behind her, stumbling further. Marie-Claude hated the fact that she was becoming used to this behavior. As they approached the ring, Marie-Claude was forced to straddle the middle rope, allowing her owner to slip in, all the while the rope sank into Marie-Claude ’s pussy and it didn’t help that Kayden shook the rope before letting her slave stand.

“Now slave, last week I set you up against two girls and you won. That was very good.” Kayden smiled wickedly as she cupped Marie-Claude ’s right tit in her hand, flicking her nipple with her nail. “So I signed you up for a little bit of a different kind of match this week, not quite so dangerous as a knockout match, something a little softer for you.”

Kayden slipped out through the ropes as Marie-Claude looked at the rampway and there was a calm silence as Marie-Claude looked unimpressed with the blonde stepping out. The 100 pound, five foot nothing Hannah Claydon stood at the top of the ramp wearing a pair of lacy white panties. The announcer began, “The following match is a one fall match to be won only with a smother pinfall...”

Marie-Claude looked over at Kayden with a curious look on her face that fell as Ewa Sonnet and Daphne Rosen stepped out to join Hannah and the announcer continued, “...in this three on one handicap match!”

Marie-Claude looked at the busty trio slowly walking down to the ring and glared at Kayden. The ring was soon surrounded by the trio. Marie-Claude stood at the ready, looking at them and trying to follow them as they circled around. She might have been able to handle a two on one but was she able to handle them in a three on one? Marie-Claude rushed to the ropes, stomping on Daphne as she entered the ring, then turned and rushed Ewa, slamming into her with a violent spear. Hannah snuck in behind Marie-Claude and as the Canadian beauty was getting off of Ewa, Hannah rushed her, driving a running knee to the back of Marie-Claude’s head, knocking her senseless.

What happen for the next five minutes would prove that no girl in the league could be taken for granted. Marie-Claude staggered to her feet, stumbling about punch drunk. Ewa gripped Marie-Claude’s hair tightly, rattling her around before Daphne buried her knee into the blonde’s pussy. Slowly, the Canadian’s knees buckled out from under her, she were slipping from Ewa’s grip only for Hannah to cup her tightly in a beautiful standing breast smother. This gave Kayden an idea and she climbed up onto the ring’s outer apron. “Ladies, I know even you three can do better than that… I have a proposal for my own amusement, whichever one of you smothers her out the best will get to keep her for the next twenty-four hours. And she will do anything you tell her to...”

The three women grinned and then began to gang up on Marie-Claude, Hannah released her standing smother and they started stomping, kicking, clawing and whipping their victim against the corner. The blonde felt herself slipping but there was no time to let Marie-Claude rest and these three knew it. Hannah slipped out through the ropes and walked along the ring apron toward the corner that Marie-Claude was in and, through the outside, Hannah slipped her arms in and under Marie-Claude’s arms trapping her in a full nelson with her back to the corner. The Canadian blonde struggled, trying to fight her way free but Daphne buried her fist into her tummy. The gasping beauty tried to fold forward a bit but Hannah held her up and Ewa stepped in, cupping her own breasts. Soon it was Hannah rubbing Marie-Claude’s face deep into Ewa’s massive cleavage.

Hannah arched back, lifting Marie-Claude up a little bit and the blonde was gasping from Ewa’s assisted breast smother. Daphne then stepped back in and slapped her around a bit to make sure that Marie-Claude was conscious for her. Daphne mounted the bottom rope, slapping Marie-Claude’s face between her tits with a dominant breast battery, the crowd loved it and seconds later, Daphne mounted the second rope with Marie-Claude still trapped in Hannah’s full nelson, pressed forward between Daphne’s thighs, everyone in the crowd thought Daphne was going to have Hannah guide Marie-Claude in to eat her out but just then, Daphne let her feet slip over the middle rope to mount Marie-Claude in what looked like a modified bronco buster but with her legs trapping just under Marie-Claude’s ribs.

Hannah released the full nelson finally and dropped off the apron while Daphne cradled Marie-Claude’s face into her tits, smothering her out. Marie-Claude looked helpless, dangling there, trapped between Daphne’s tits and the ropes. Kayden walked over to Hannah and said, “Oh poor baby you haven’t had your turn yet. Trust me, Marie-Claude panting for breath and licking on your tits is something you don’t want to miss.” Kayden looked up at Daphne and said it was Hannah’s turn. Hannah climbed into the ring as Daphne dismounted the blonde. Marie-Claude was clearly out as she tumbled to the mat and Hannah knelt down next to her to deliver a ringing slap to the face that jolted the Canadian awake with a squeal.

Daphne and Ewa walked over to Hannah and the tiny blonde guided them into what she wanted done. Hannah climbed to the top rope, waving at the crowd, this was her first time trying this and it might be her
last. Ewa and Daphne scooped Marie-Claude off her feet and lifted the conquered blonde over their shoulders, her eyes gazing at the lights. Marie-Claude dangled there, almost lifeless in a dazed state as they walked her over to the corner. Hannah gripped the top ropes as she leaned forward, letting her tits rest over Marie-Claude’s face. Softly Marie-Claude sucked for air and Hannah smiled over her shoulder at Kayden as she admitted “This does feel good.” Slowly, Ewa and Daphne lifted her higher and Hannah released the ropes and cradled the back of Marie-Claude’s head shouting “Geronimo!” the two busty brunettes’ released Marie-Claude as Hannah dropped with her, slamming hard to the mat. The falling impact left Marie-Claude out cold again and the referee rushed in to make a count, but Hannah rolled off cupping her tits, panting for air, it wasn’t the smartest thing to do but by all the cheers in the crowd it had to be one of the most amazing moves they had seen tonight. Kayden walked along ringside and started telling the girls “Come on, I don’t impress that easily look how’s about you each show me what you can do to this bitch?”

Daphne stood along the ropes. “Really you’re not that impressed?” Daphne’s tits rested on the top rope. Ewa, however, didn’t have to be told twice, she was enjoying herself and the cheers of the crowd were a welcome plus. The referee stood back and watched as Ewa dragged Marie-Claude to her feet by her short hair and then slapped the Canadian repeatedly in the face with her tits until she was somewhat alert. As Marie-Claude staggered about, Ewa whipped her into a corner. Marie-Claude’s back slammed hard against the top turnbuckle and right when she was about to stumble out, Ewa land against her in a splash that hit boobs to face first. Ewa kept Marie-Claude firmly between her cleavage, twisting side to side with another humiliating titty slap, before slipping her arms around Marie-Claude and tightening around her ribs. She snapped the blonde side to side like she were a rag doll. Marie-Claude’s hands pawed and raked down along Ewa’s back but before long Marie-Claude was simply dangling from her arms. Ewa smiled at Kayden and took a few steps around the ring, parading her for Kayden’s amusement. Kayden clapped her hands a few times then said “Well it wasn’t much style but it was effective.”

Ewa carried the blonde over and just dumped Marie-Claude in front of Daphne’s feet. “What’s the matter Daphne? A little worried this bitch might start fighting back? Look at her, she’s done, and even if she were to try something we can do this to her again.” Ewa’s heel pressed and ground against her pussy, slowly bringing Marie-Claude back awake, then a violent stomped caused Marie-Claude to roll about cradling and massaging her pussy as her feet kicked across the mat, then Ewa backed up to a corner and gestured for Daphne to give it a try. Daphne backed away also, allowing Marie-Claude to get to all fours before rushing in and kicking her swaying tit with a vicious punt.

Marie-Claude screamed and started to crawl away but Daphne moved around to stand in front of her. The blonde turned around and started to sit up when Daphne made herself felt with a low dropkick to the back of the head. Marie-Claude tumbled against the middle rope, dangling there in front of Kayden. Marie-Claude was being strangled against the middle rope and Daphne wasn’t about to take any chances as she straddled her back and bounced up and down. The moment Marie-Claude stopped showing any signs of resistance, Daphne backed away. Marie-Claude clung to the ropes for a few seconds before she slipped down. Marie-Claude’s hands clutched her throat as she gasped for air and Daphne was ready to display what she could do in hopes of taking Marie-Claude for the night. Marie-Claude was dragged to her feet yet again, turned around, and leaned back against the ropes, Daphne reached around her, securing the blonde’s hands behind her as she slammed knee after knee into Marie-Claude’s ribs and belly. The Canadian beauty could barely stand and Daphne smiled, then looped Marie-Claude’s arms over the top rope. Marie-Claude’s face was once again trapped in Daphne’s cleavage as Daphne leaned forward pressing into Marie-Claude and trying her best to weigh the blonde down as she reached over top and pulled, yanking the middle rope up and trapping Marie-Claude in the tangled ropes.

Marie-Claude dangled from the ropes, her legs seemed spent and would not hold her up, the crowd chanted out her destruction as she whimpered and moaned. Daphne buried her fist deep into Marie’s right tit, then a savage uppercut sent Marie-Claude’s left tit slapping against her face. A quick right-left one-two combo hit the breasts and then Daphne put everything she had into a right hook against the side of Marie-Claude’s tits that sent them smacking and slapping into each other. Marie-Claude was about ready to cry, all should could do was struggle through it as Daphne delayed her smother to simply beat her, every second in this ring felt like torture. Daphne’s palm smacked hard across Marie-Claude’s tit and she watched it sway for a second before cradling the blonde between her heaving breasts with one arm, all the while pawing and squeezing at Marie-Claude tits with the other. The blonde’s moans and whimpers were muffled between Daphne’s tits until they stopped and her entire body went limp. Daphne smiled and stepped back with a smirk, leaving Marie-Claude hanging by the arms from the tangled ropes, she glanced over at Hannah and said, “Beat that!”

Hannah’s turn finally came again and the petite blonde walked up behind Daphne, who was walking away and posing for Kayden. Hannah stepped onto the bottom ropes next to the KOed blonde and worked at untangling the ropes until Marie-Claude was freed and crumpled to the mat. Hannah straddled the blonde and took each of Marie-Claude’s nipples between a thumb and forefinger then squeezed and twisted. The Canadian started awake with a scream from the tit torture and Hannah grinned, “Good, I want you awake for this.” Hannah quickly stood and scooped Marie-Claude off the mat with a purpose, she demonstrated more strength than anyone would have expected as she lifted her over her shoulder and rushed the corner, slamming Marie-Claude’s lower back into the turnbuckle and flipping her upside down, locking Marie-Claude’s ankles along the top turnbuckle and hanging her up in a tree of woe.

Marie-Claude dangled there upside down and Hannah’s heel pressed and ground into Marie-Claude’s tit, pressing it nearly flat. Marie-Claude couldn’t take anymore punishment and she clearly started crying out from tity punishment. Hannah laughed and teased as she couldn’t help but notice she was the one who made Marie-Claude finally cry out loud. “Oh poor baby, let mommy make it better.” She knelt down in front of the inverted Marie-Claude and cradled her head as she pressed a tit against her mouth. Marie-Claude sobbed and reflexively suckled on the tit, moaning softly as the blood rushed to her head. Hannah held her like this until she felt a soft shallow breath. Marie-Claude was out cold again and Daphne and Ewa thought it was time that Kayden chose who was going home with Marie-Claude. Daphne and Ewa unhooked the blonde’s legs and dragged her to the middle of the ring.

Kayden called out from the side, “Wake her back up girls.” and Daphne took hold of one arm, Hannah took the other and they pulled Marie-Claude up to her knees for Ewa to slap her face back into wakefulness. “Marie-Claude,” Kayden asked, “Who did it better?” The only response was a moan and a choked off sob. “Hit her again Ewa.”

Ewa reared back and left a big red handprint on the blonde’s face, “Who smothered you best Marie-Claude?” The sob in response this time wasn’t choked back and Marie-Claude’s eyes leaked tears. “Oh, you useless bitch... I’ll answer for you. Hannah Claydon, congratulations, you get to take this blubbering bimbo home with you for the next twenty-four hours.” Daphne and Ewa looked disappointed and Hannah beamed in delight. Kayden continued, “Marie-Claude, you will do every single thing that Hannah tells you to do until she brings you back to me. Do you understand?”

Marie-Claude looked glassy eyed as she cried.

“Do you understand!”

Marie-Claude nodded and mumbled around her crying, “...yes...”

Kayden smiled and nodded, “Alright Hannah, you still have to finish the match.” Hannah grinned and kicked Marie-Claude right in the ribs and then hit a knee to the forehead that knocked Marie-Claude onto her back. Hannah dropped down over her and twined her legs into Marie-Claude’s, spreading them apart in a painful grapevine move, then ever so slowly, Hannah lowered her breasts over Marie-Claude’s face, wetting them with her tears as she applied a beautiful grapevine smother for the five count and the win. After the bell, Hannah rolled to her feet and grabbed the crying Marie-Claude by the hair and the mighty mite dragged her temporary slave out of the ring to crawl up the aisle and into the next 24 hours.

Winner : Daphne Rosen, Ewa Sonnet and Hannah Claydon defeat Marie-Claude Bourbonnais 

Match 14

Striptease match

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Kagney Linn Carter strips and defeats Jenny Poussin

Match 15

Volleyball Match

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Kokomi Sakura defeats Tiffany Taylor

Match 16

Bikini Striptease Breast Smother Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Shya Stylez strips, fucks and smothers Bobbi Billard

Match 17

Bikini striptease match

Bea and Rachel serve up the nastiest striptease tit smother match you could want. They claw and twist and slap and scratch each others mammoth mammaries back and forth for the full length of the match. As nasty as Bea gets Rachel does too. They are tit fighting experts and use their own big tits effectivley and often to smother and choke and humiliate.  They're still fighting at the end a draw is called.  They take their fight outside and are broken up by officials after a couple of minutes.  They are dragged away kicking and screaming and demanding revenge.

Winner : Draw

Match 18

Scream my Name Bedroom Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Jena Ricci fucks and forces Sophie Dee to scram her name

Match 19

Pinfall match

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Linsey Dawn Mckenzie pins Got Gisele

Match 20


Fucked Sex on the Beach Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Bitch-Breaking Bitches fuck and defeat Currvalicious

Match 21

Loser Worships Winners Ass Thong Bikini Submisison Smother Match

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Phoenix Marie defeats Kelly Divine

Match 22


Totally fucked Sex on the Beach Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Draw

Match 23

Brawl in the Pool

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Nikki Nova defeats Veronica Zemanova

Match 24



Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Lexxi Tyler and Nikki Benz fuck and defeat Jaelyn Fox and Kara Novak

Match 25

Battle of the Bodies Bikini Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Jodie Marsh fucks and defeats Theresa Correa

Match 26

Hog-tied and Milked Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : April Arriksen defeats Minka

Match 28

Striptease Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Jewels Jade strips, fucks and defeats Petra Morgan

Match 29

Pool of Pleasure Fuck ‘til you drop Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Maria Ozawa fucks and defeats Aria Giovanni

Match 30

Battle of the Amazons Fuck 'til you Drop Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Krisztina Sereny fucks and defeats Melissa Detwiller

Match 31

Bubble Bath Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Nichole Van Croft fucks and defeats Francine Dee

Duchess of Desire Title Match

Bedroom best of ten orgasms sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Draw

Jenna Jameson remains Duchess of Desire

Duchess of Decadence Title Match

Submission in the Pool

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Marzia Prince forces a submission from Nina Mercedez

Marzia Prince remains Duchess of Decadence

Queen's Regent Title Match

Sexfight on the Beach

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Darlene Silva fucks and defeats Taylor Wayne

Darlene Silva remains Queen's Regent

Special Event

Special Ref:

Bedroom Bondage Sexfight.

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Audrey Bitoni fucks and defeats Erin Ellington

Queen of the Ring Title Match

Hot Tub Sexfight

Match writeup to go here. Send a match writeup to epswrestling@googlemail.com

Winner : Bianca Beauchamp pins Gianna Michaels

Bianca Beauchamp remains Queen of the Ring

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